Why go crazy this year?

With all the talk of the Leafs throwing money around like drunken sailors hitting port for the first time in six months I just want to try and throw a little tidbit for you to ponder.

The Leafs are apparently looking to land a player like Drury or Gomez for around 7 million as a replacement for Mats when he decides to hang em up. To me this would be a mistake, while both are exceptional players the 7 million price tag screams franchise player which both (in my humble opinion ) are not. The Leafs would be best suited going after much more affordable avenues such as Kariya at four to four and a half, then add maybe Todd White for anywhere between two or three million. Two great players for the price of one Drury or Gomez. With the adition of Toskala this should make the Leafs a playoff contender.

Next summer Joe Thornton could and should hit the market. This is where Leaf management needs to go all out and sign the native of Ontario, Mats five million will be off the books giving them 5 million to direct Thorntons way and with a little luck Kubina and Mcabe have stellar years making them very enticing trade bait for teams in a league with a drought of quality top four defencemen, freeing up another 5 mil. which gives you 10 million to play with next summer(assuming the cap stays the same). Thornton for 6 or 7 million 3 or 4 million to try and sign Mats to a home team discount which he might be inclined to take if they sign Thornton and make themselves a contender for a chance to fulfill his dream of winning a stanley cup in Toronto. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

You’re thoughts?