Why it is time for Mats Sundin's tenure in Toronto to come to an end

It has been the most debated topic in Leaf Nation since the end of the lockout. Does Mats Sundin fit into the future of the Toronto Maple Leafs? The simple answer is no. The aim of a hockey team is to win, and we won’t win under Mats Sundin.
There is a telling stat I found today. The Toronto Maple Leafs went 36-39 with Mats Sundin in the lineup, and 4-3 without him. We’ve seen the nosedives the Maple Leafs have taken when players like Eric Lindros, Mike Peca, and Darcy Tucker have gone down with injuries, yet historically, from the eye injury in 2006, to the times where guys like McCauley and Corson stepped up in 2002 and 2003, the Maple Leafs have played better when Mats Sundin has been out of the lineup.

His “clutch” play has even dropped off. He had three game winning goals last year, in 75 games, and Darcy Tucker had six in 56. Jeff O’Neill had more goals per minute than Sundin, and he had the eighth worst plus-minus on the Maple Leafs, although, I won’t hold that against him too much, Tucker had the worst.

Sundin has become even more predictable than McCabe with that stupid slap shot. He had the eleventh best shooting percentage on the team, getting beaten out by Perreault, Tucker, Antropov, Battaglia, Pohl, O’Neill, Wellwood, Ponikarovsky, Kilger, and Kaberle.

Sundin takes up so much money that the team HAS to be centered around him. Instead of Sundin, we could have two guys the level (or price) of Darcy Tucker.

There are so many reasons Sundin isn’t right for this team, all you have to do is watch.

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  1. sufferingleaf says:

    That's a funny one!!!!!!!!! I dont want Recchi, Roberts, Sundin, Steen and Hedin. I want players who will help Leafs win a cup NONE of those will.   

  2. sufferingleaf says:

    Stop whining!!!!!!! you still sore about the Gretzky non call. Islanders got into the playoffs because there top guys produced botton line ours did not!!!!!! One goal in 20 games pathetic everyone else on the team had more goals they produced our $7mil   man chocked as usual. Same as last year two biggest games against Montreal nothing!!!!!!! Poni and Antro both were more productive than him!!!!!!

  3. sufferingleaf says:

    Yes and MLSE is stupid enough to listen and not to trade him to get better that is why we havent won a cup in 40 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peca4PM says:

    Im not gonna be an idiot and say Peca is a better talent than Sundin, but…..he brings it every shift……hes always in position(unlike Sundin), he hustlkes more than mats, he hits more thasn mats, the PK dramatically dropped when peca left, the team dramatically dropped in the standings when he left, which is something that has never happened when mats is injured……if Peca floated around and didnt play D…he could prolly put up 60 points as well……

  5. Glucker says:

    ok, i wasnt talking about the gretzky non call you idiot, i was talking about Fraser taking back the GWG against the islanders for NO reason, giving them the 1 point they snuck in with.

    and the fact that sundin was second in the league for ppg in those last 20 games… kinda kills your idiotic tired theory that sundin cant produce

    (btw, sundin stopped scoring after his goal was taken back by fraser… coincidence?)

  6. mojo19 says:

    Guys like Briere and Gomez or whatever guys you named are worse than Sundin, everyone knows that, speed isn't anything, Lecavalier even said his least favourite player to play against is Sundin because its so tough to take him down low.

    And here's the thing: You can either A) Resign Sundin for a three year deal which he would go for and this would be a lock. Or B) Don't sign him, try to sign Briere only to have him and all the other marquee guys sign elsewhere, and get stuck with no one, because there's no guarantee any of those guys would come to Toronto, but resigning Sundin (another top calibre player) is a guarantee.

  7. mojo19 says:

    I think Wellwood's got to be the 2nd line centre behind Mats. He's just a lot better at centre

  8. mojo19 says:

    true, look at the St.Louis blues!

  9. Scottman75 says:

    Smyth didn't do anything for the Islanders, their backup goalie and the young guys did all the work.

    He played aweful down the stretch, were you not watching?

    If NJ had won the last game of the year, Garth Snow would have looked like a complete baffoon, now he only looks like a slight baffoon.

  10. BruMagnus says:

    Hmm let's see, could the name be Bru Magnus, a SWEDISH NAME? Oh hey, isn't some captain of the Leafs Swedish as well?

    Saying you should 'let' a player retire due to sentimentality is just terrible, terrible business. If that's how Leafs management works things, there's little wonder the franchise of the past 40 years is so pathetic and unsuccessful.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Actually that's where you're wrong (as usual) BruMagnus. The Maple leafs organization has always treated its star players very poorly. Trading Sittler away at the end of his career to the hated Flyers, where he played 3rd line and was shipped out to the league worst Red Wings. Trading Salming away to the league worst Red Wings, the whole Dave Keon thing. It would be nice to get away from the Harold Ballard ways and treat the franchise's all time best player with the same amount of class he has treated the organization. So if he wants to stay, let him stay, its not like the few million dollars in cap space is going to help us win a cup. Sundin could help more than trying to land Gomez for example.

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Poni and antropov were productive BECAUSE of him. The isles made it in because thay were in a far easier division.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Minor news, maybe i'm the last to find out, but Westrum has agreed o playin sweeden. this alters my plan slightly

    Kubina to Columbus for Foote

    Send to the Columbia Inferno:

    Sundin 2 years 5.5 mil per
    White 3 years 1 mil
    Colaiacovo 3 years 1 mil
    Kronwall 1 year 2 way
    Harrison 1 year 2 way
    Antropov 3 years 1.5 mil per
    Poni 3 years 1.5 mil per
    Battaglia 750K 1 year
    Devereaux 750K 1 year
    Peca 1.5 mil 1 year
    Williams 3 years 2 way

    Let Walk:

    B. Boucher 1 year 2 way deal (competition for Pogge in AHL)
    Garon 1 year 2 mil (competition for Raycroft in NHL)
    Morozov 1 year 3 mil

    Wellwood 5 years, averages to 2.5 mil per season
    Steen 5 years, averages to 2.0 mil per season
    Stajan 5 years, averages to 1.5 mil per season

    Total cap hit: 48 mil









  14. LeafsLegacy says:

    Ummm, wow! The heart and only soul of this team. Although being quiet and despite his age, he is still a very very good leader. Hes the most consistent player Ive ever seen play. What is this record crap your displaying, are you saying Sundin is the only leaf player??? are you saying Sundin is the whole team???? You must of been shakin as a child, cause this is the most idotic assumption I have ever read, because buddy this is a team game, not Sundin's game!

    There are so many reasons you are not right for this website, all you have to do is read is stupid articles.

  15. Scottman75 says:


    Thanks for seeing my point Mojo!!!!

    Let's have the potential Greatest Leaf Ever (Statistically) retire in his Blue & White! 

    Again BruMagnus, Sundin could be 45 Years old and still be producing better than 3/4 of the team. 

    I am sure that you have already seen my Caveat that the Sundin camp does not demand big salary in the twilight of his career or than I would actually agree with you and trade him.  I do NOT however, see Sundin demanding outrageous amounts of $$$ anytime soon.

  16. Scottman75 says:

    Seeing you put Boucher on there just scared the crap out of me.  That guy has nothing to offer Pogge except the sunburn on his neck.

  17. mojo19 says:

    the rumors were that he'd sign a 3 year deal worth around 10 mil. If this is true I'd take sundin at 3.33 mil a year and I think any team in the league would want that.

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