Why Jay-Bo, I say go cheap

I know Jay Bowmeester is a very very good and complete D-man. But for teams interested, he is going to cost an arm and a leg. You are looking at a 1st round pick, a high end prospect, and a decent roster player. So if the Habs are interested it would cost them a 1st, someone like Pacioretty or Maxwell, and a Higgins or S.Kostitsyn. That is a high price to pay for a guy who could walk at the end of the season. Montreal also has to sign Komisarek long term and he will cost cost between 4-5 million per. To sign Bowmeester long term will cost over 6 million per, and with Markov, Hamrlik, soon to be Komisarek making over 5 million, The habs can’t afford Bowmeester long term.

Here is a list of D-man that I’m sure could be had at a good price

Garnet Exelby – 1.400 000 a year
Radek Martinek – 1.500 000 a year
Kurt Sauer – 1.750 000 a year
James Vandermeer – 2.300 000 a year
Greg DeVries – 2.500 000 a year
Brent Sopel – 2.333 333 a year
Ruslan Salei – 3.025 000 a year

Out of all of those guys, the one that I would make a deal for is Exelby. He’s a good, tough stay at home guy. I think he could be had quite cheap, maybe something like this

To Montreal for
O’Byrne, Trotter, 3rd round pick

What do you think Habs fans ???

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     I agree we can't afford JBo without giving up Hamrlik and the Cap expected to go down after next season. I think JBo is overrated anyways, he is good but not great. I like Exelby too but that seems alot to give up for him.

  2. LeafsNation91 says:

    Personally, I would chosse Kurt Sauer or Garnet Exelby. I also like Vandermeer, but I doubt a very good Calgary team would trade him away. Scratch all the European players because they have had a history on being on bad teams, and DeVries is a hit or miss.

    If I was Montreal though, they need an offensive/defensive top pairing defenceman so why not got to Colorado. They have had a HISTORY of trading together. Ex. ROY, Abescier, etc. I would try and pick up John-Michel Liles, he's good offensively, solid defensively, and has a french sounding name for an American. What else does Montreal need, so why not him?

  3. Classic says:

    Mike Van Ryn.

  4. ghozzt says:

    Montreal needs a LOT of luck to get what they need. They somehow need to find a cheap, top 4 offensive-minded defensemen that can produce maybe 40+ points and help on the power-play. 

    Anything they can trade for now that has potential like Bouwmeester is either on the last year of their deal or cost a lot of $$$ and with the cap space, they can't afford it. They also cant give up top prospects like that.

    They need to get a top 4 defensemen, max 3 million a year and if possible not on the last year of his contract for as little as Higgins and O'Byrne…not an easy task for Gainey. So he'll need a LOT of luck and find some hidden gem somewhere or "steal" one in a trade from an unsuspecting general manager.

  5. Plekanec says:

     If the Habs want to take a run at the cup, they will need Boowmeester! The guys you have on your list will take you a little deeper in the playoffs but wont make you a contender like   "JayBoo" would!

     This is the year Gainey said they would make a run for it so If Gainey isn't able to land a 4th or better dmen, I think they should be sellers at the deadline! Cause even though I'm an habs fan myself, I don't think that without that 4th dman they actualy have a chance to compete with offensive power house like Boston, Pits, San Jose or Detroit and Beside do we really want to lose UFAs for nothing(remember Souray).

      Also this year is Gainey 's last year to make a run at the cup for a while  since all these guys are becoming UFAs or RFAs at the end of the year Higgins, Komo, Plek, Koivu, Latends, Kovalev,Tangay, Dandenault, Brisebois, Bouillon , D'agostini, Begin and Kostopoulos. With most of these guys getting a raise I doubt Gainey would be able to sign half of them.

     As most of us know Bouillon, Begin, And Dandenault will be let go of unless a miracle! I wouldn't be surprised if they resign Kostopoulos as they seem to love that guy in Montreal, Latendresse and D'agostini will also most likely be resigned, Kovalev and plekanek will most likely be resign and with a slight raise, as for Koivu Higgins and Tangay, who knows when healthy very good at both end of the ice but all 3 players are very delicate and Koivu and Higgins have been in trade rumors as long as I can remember and the team seems to play better without Koivu or Higgins in the line-up, don't get me wrong I love Higgins but nothing seems to work for him in Montreal! which bring us to Komisarek who will get one of NHL biggest raise in the off-season, i could see himm making close to 5 millions/year easy!

     Will have to wait and see who Gainey will keep and let go of and then maybe we will be able to afford Boowmeester!

  6. pezzz says:

    good points Plek, but I think that if Gainey is a seller at the deadline, he will be rip-off by non-knowledgable Hab fans. You know, the fans for whom Bouillon is a solid #1.

    But I'm not sure that Komisarek will get 5 millions. Regehr signed at 4, and he's the best defensive-minded d-man of the NHL. If he gets 5 millions, it's gonna be on the UFA market.

    If he resigns with the Habs during the season, I think he will get Brooks Orpik kind of money (3.750).

  7. Bure96 says:

    Interesting fact:

    Mark Streit is 1st in defensemen scoring. Could they ever use him right now. Even at 4.5 million a year he's not bad, because he puts up so many points.

  8. TheHAB_89 says:

    Ya and imagine if Mark Streit was playing for mtl he would put up even more points cause  NYI suck.

  9. pezzz says:

    they could’ve resigned him for 2 millions. imagine….

  10. ranger_fan says:

    Here's the thing, Exelby isn't going anywhere right now. Waddell wants experience to his blue line and not youth.

    One thing that many fans don't realize is that this years NHL offseason will for the most part be dead. Many teams will try to get rid of high priced, long term players for next to nothing hoping there will be a taker. If you look at MLBs offseason, there was one team (lets say who had cap space) and they got who they wanted. Many of the larger payroll teams will have no space and players like Gaborik and Hossa won't get what they want, unless Hossa takes another discount to stay in Detroit.

    Cheap players aren't going anywhere and players whos contract expires at the end of the year may fetch MORE than those players who won't come off the books. Kaberle is certainly an exception because he is long term at a friendly salary, all things considered – and Exelby because 1.3978974875 or whatever it is will also be a minimal cap hit for a second pairing defenseman. And you give up a young defenseman whos potential IMO isn't exelby, a 3rd round pick and who the hell is Trotter? Brock? The guy who you just signed last year as an undrafted project? Do you really think Atlanta wants a project for a proven player?

  11. ranger_fan says:

    Always a treat reading your post Plek, you always keep me busy replying.

    First off, you don't sell when you are a contender. Kovalev could snap out, and Tanguay might find the right chemistry, etc. Things can happen.

    Secondly, you have a tremendous system, not one that is depleted. Why would you eliminate yourself from contention to make a strong system a little stronger? You want to trade proven talent for picks? Everyone here on this website is waaaaay to concerned with draft choices. Everyone looks at prospects on where they were drafted, or everyone here covets first rounders. Look at Detroit, its not where you draft but how well.

    Secondly Bowmeester guarantees you nothing. Will you be able to resign him? Money won't be an issue with all the potential $$ coming off the books, but Montreal hasn't been able to attract many people lately…

    And third, if you are afraid of Boston, I just have to laugh at you. Boston, really? Remember the last time Boston was in the first seed? Hell when is the last time the Bruins even beat you in the post season? Sure they came close last year, but that was shaky goaltending. May be you want to get a playoff experienced goalie and not Denis/Halak as your backup tender.

  12. ranger_fan says:

    Oh btw, I'll give you a 4th round pick to take Kalinin and to stop with these EA sports like trades

  13. drive425 says:

    I really dont think any of the D would make an impact here except for Excelby and even him wouldnt really fit on our team.
    I think you might be forgetting a few key dmen that would really help us.

    my list is as follows:
    Stephane Robidas 1.5M UFA and knows carbo well
    Shneider 5.5M but he will probably reitre at end of season and he can really help on the pp IF he stays healthy (in return, 2nd round pick and Fischer)
    Backman 3.4M solid D and only would have to give a 2nd or 3rd rounder
    Leopold 1.5M and can also help on PP in return Halak

    Out of all of these i would try and get Shneider first.

  14. lafleur10 says:

    no we couldn't have! he wanted 4-5 million a season and got it and we weren't going to commit that kind of money for that long to a 32 year old streit! also we wanted to play defenceman and the islanders guarannteed that he would play defence only,as where we couldn't and and he would've still seen some time as a fourth line forward,except when we were on the p.p. where we would only see time on defence!

  15. pezzz says:

    In the first game of the year between the Habs and the Isles, Streit stated, in an interview with RDS, that if the Habs would've offered him 2 millions during the season, he would've taken it. period.

  16. lafleur10 says:

    he said that so ,he wouldn't have looked like a villan to habs fans,but as i said he told his agent that he wanted to play defence only and not forward sometimes and defence sometimes,the islanders guaranteed that and also were willing to commit that kind of money when gainey wasn't!

  17. lafleur10 says:

    alos pezz,your a flames fan right? what is the chances the flames trade aucoin ? i like him and i think he could really help us(the habs) with that cannon from the point he's streit but better!

  18. ranger_fan says:

    I really don't think you want Christian Backman. He makes some game changing careless mistakes a little too often.

  19. Rickler says:

    A defender who is a free agent at the end of the year and someone who would be a huge upgrade over Exelby is Niclas Havelid. I love Exelby's style of play, but that bang and crash style often catches him out of position and Havelid is a much more well-rounded player who is VERY underrated.
    I think the Habs need some stability on the back end and Havelid could supply exactly that.
    Although I think either Havelid/Exelby would be a nice addition at a reasonable price, I believe Havelid would be the smarter choice and would address Montreal's needs more accurately.

  20. Rickler says:

    Yeah, I like Aucoin… Good Grit and leadership, but he's on the tail end of his career and his skating is suspect on many nights. Not to say he'd be a bad addition but Calgary would certainly want a roster player in return so I just don't see it making sense for both sides.

  21. Rickler says:

    Yeah… I'm not a fan of Backman at all.
    Schneider could be worth considering…. They could put him and Briesbois on a pairing and make like '93. – Hah.  He's a solid option for sure.
    It will be interesting to see what kind of moves Gainey makes in '09, there is no doubt he'll make a splash but my guess is, it'll be on deadline day.

  22. pezzz says:

    you're right about the defense thing.

  23. pezzz says:

    Aucoin would be a good fit for the Habs, but I doubt the Flames will let him go. Calgary are one of the hottest team of the NHL right now, and they're looking more and more like a true contender. So they won't move him now.

    If they trade for Bouwmeester though, Aucoin will likely be moved, but he'll likely end up in Florida too as a salary shed so…

  24. TheHAB_89 says:

    I think columbus would like a proven center for Backman instead of a pick.

  25. Kramer says:

    Okay, you wanna get Jay-Bo?  This is how you get him.  Foremost, you gotta grease Florida owners with kickback payments under the table, and have a little something extra just in case the league starts snooping around.

    And then of course is the union, send a little more their way in a blank white envelope.  To get the good players, you gotta pay a little "extra".

    Now, you wanna play it cheap, you're gonna get Andy Wozniewski.

  26. lafleur10 says:

    your probably right! i doubt we'd have the cap space to obtain aucoin,i think he makes 4million a season! if we did we'd have to shed  some  salary first!

  27. prospectiv says:

    Your evaluation is completely wrong.  If we would need a stay at home D, Mr. +17 Josh Georges is perfect in that role.  Exelby may be a very good physical D, but wouldnt help the 25th power play in the league.

    Sometimes people in this site don't even think before they make suggestions…

    If Bouwmeester comes in, Hamrlik will have to be traded if the Habs want to sign him.  And there is no question he'd make an incredible upgrade even though I like Hammer a lot.

    The best top 4 in the league :

    Markov  –  Komisarek
    Georges – Bouwmeester

  28. beatles24 says:

    I agree with you, if you can't sign Jay Bowmeester before the deal is complete for many years…don't make the deal for young prospects.

    There's others defense available

    #1….Tomas Kaberle (4.25 M to the end of 2011)…he's hot in Montreal.
    #2….Matthew Schneider who will make the power play better for at least
               this year..the reason, he will cost not so much.
    #3….Lubomir Visnovsky…A great Power specialist..one of my favorite
             …but will not be trade if the Oilers be in the race for the series
    #4….Marc-André Bergeron…only for the power Play

    Or make a deal for Mark Streit to come back in Montreal..to repair the
             Habs error to not sign him before the end of the season last year.

  29. ThunderFan74 says:

    i say marek zidlicky hes is affordable and is known as an offensive type player hes in the rough right now so i wouldnt be surprised if we got him but yeah mark streit is tearing it up on the powerplay in n.y ouch that hurts and bob only had to give him what he wanted and we wouold be in good shape right now probably first on the powerplay with his 20 points

  30. pezzz says:

    it will be a heck of a top 4, but not the best.




  31. prospectiv says:

    Hard to beat the Red Wings top 4 and Chicago's one is definitly in there even though they lack full maturity.  San Jose D has been a surprise to me but they are coming back to reality : Blake is old and Ehroff overated. 

    Don't count out the Ducks :

    Niedermayer – Pronger
    Beauchemin – Hedican

    and Pittsburgh :

    Gonchar – Whitney
    Letang – Orpik – Goligoski – Boucher (pick your favorite!)

  32. mojo19 says:

    He'd fit that role for Montreal and he's pretty smart on the PP

  33. knucklesnilan30 says:

    We're not going to get J-Bo so let's just forget about it.  No way will Gainey give up what they will want.  Besides Habs don't do the "rent a player" thing, IT RARELY WORKS.
    That being said we do need another quality D and we do have a good pile of them coming in the next few years (Webber,Subban,Fischer,Emelin and don't give up on Valentenko) so giving up one for a veteran D is what we need to do and soon.
    Just a suggestion for this website, could you update the Habs prospect list.
    Almost everyone on the list is already playing with the Habs and Dannis & Locke are no longer in the system.

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