Why Komisarek should be given a chance on Mtl's PP

Ok, now I know for a FACT that anyone who reads this article will call me a delusionist but hear me out. Mike Komisarek is only 25 years old and entering his 4th full NHL season, and that’s not including his 21 game effort in 02-03. I believe that Komisarek could emerge as Montreals best PP point man if they actually gave him a shot at it. Here’s my reasoning. Sheldon Souray didn’t become a PP specialist until 03-04. Before that, He was a grinding 5th defenceman on Montreal and NJ. Despite what everyone thinks of Souray, he actually isn’t all that bad defensively, he’s just a bit bad in one on one situations. Now, here’s what Souray’s done before he became a PP QB:

1997-98-NJ 60GP 3G 8A 11PTS +18
1998-99-NJ 70 1 7 8 +5
1999-00-NJ 52 0 8 8 -6
Mtl 19 3 0 3 +7
2000-01-Mtl 52 3 8 11 -11
2001-02-Mtl 34 3 5 8 -5

Truth is, Souray didn’t score more then 9 goals in any season in his hockey career. He also didn’t have his famous point shot until after his surgery, when he was working out to regain his health. Here is what Komisarek has done since he entered the NHL:

2002-03-Mtl 21GP 0G 1A 1PTS -6
2003-04-Mtl 46 0 4 4 +4
2005-06-Mtl 71 2 4 6 -1
2006-07-Mtl 82 4 15 19 +7

Now, compare those, and after 4 years, both players have similar numbers. Last year was a breakout year for Komisarek, much like Sourays 4th year was his breakout year. I know Souray’s stats don’t really show he was having a breakout year, but he did and if u look at his next season’s stats, he was on pace to destroy his previous career high in points and goals. Komisarek also scored 11 goals in university, which has to mean he has some kind of point shot. I’m not saying Komisarek will be the NEXT Souray but if he were to work on point shots and was given actual PP time, Komisarek could put up about 10-15 goals a year and he isn’t a liability on D, so if a team mate were to cough the puck up, he could get back and because he is Montreal’s best 1-1 guy, their wouldn’t be much to worry about. I know for a fact certain people on this site will blast this article to bits but, you know what, it’s my opinion, it’s a terrific plan that could potentially have incredible results and with very little to risk.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i think the habs should definetly do it. put komi as the PP QB. it just means one less team the leafs have to fight for a playoff spot.

  2. loco42 says:

    Well put. As a Hab’s fan, I agree, 100% with what you said. I can’t wait for the first Mtl-Tor match next season.

  3. loco42 says:

    Agreed, you shouldn’t attack all Habs fan for one guy commenting. He never said “On behalf of Habs fan”. I also remember a Leafs fan on a previous Montreal thread saying stuff about jizz poutines and stuff like that. He was an idiot. Anyway, I think it’ll be again be tight between Montreal and Toronto. Gotta be objective…

  4. loco42 says:

    HockeyLogic, relax dude. I’m a habs fan like you, but do not go to their level. Let them say what they gotta say. It’s there way of expressing themselves. This site is turing into a soap opera. Let’s talk some serious hockey. At the base, everyone, we are all hockey fans. We all suffered during the lock-out, no matter what team we voted for. Lrt’s just wait for a new season and talk rumors and trade talks until then.

  5. sanj91 says:

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  6. habsrock99 says:

    no matter who the Habs use on the PP, well, except Bouillon, it's gonna be the Habs, Leafs, Sabres and believe it or not, the Flyers. Habs, thus far, are good depth wise but that doesn't always turn into results. Leafs may have gotten the goalie in Toskala, but he's unproven over a full season. Sabres are just too young to compete with Ottawa for the division title and Philly just bought their team, much like the Rangers did, and once again, Philly will realize that the Rangers philosophy is the wrong one. And also, Biron is also unproven as a #1. In his only season as a #1, he was only 3 games above .500 with the Sabres.

  7. PaulK123 says:

    your such a *****ing racist prick. I don't *****ing watch pokemon or any of the anime shit. Hell, I barely even *****ing watch cartoons apart from south park. I don't play *****ing dungeons and dragons and I think your insecure about your own identity and are trying to draw attention away fromit? What's wrong, you get picked on in school? I'm not going to stoop down to your level and be a prick, your only giving all Habs fans a bad name.

  8. PaulK123 says:

     Sorry about my earlier ignorance, I would like to apologize to all Habs fans for being a prick about this, I posted something stupid without backing it up. i would also like to apologize to my fellow Leafs fans for giving us a bad reputation in this stupid and pointless argument, which I caused.

  9. TheCanadianHozer says:

    The fact that every third post is about the Habs just goes to show how passionate and interested Habs fans are about their team.

    With good goaltending Montreal could fight for the 6-8th spot (depending on how many "flukes/outbreaks" that certain teams have). Enough of this Toronto-Montreal posturing bullshit, come on guys we should have some class. Edmonton and Calgary do it right, have a good competition but don't let 12 year old kids come on and start arguing. Can somebody PLEASE set up a sight with manditory age check?

  10. loco42 says:

    Alright, I like that. I’d like to apologize for being a little hash with you, if I was. LEt’s wait for the season to start in order to bash each other 😛

  11. GoLeafs13 says:

    Montreal Canadiens suck!!

  12. loco42 says:

    dude, what a worthless comment…

  13. Scotty90 says:

    First time here…….. I  agree that Komi has to be given a chance to prove himself on the pp. they have to give him a fair chance however, can't give up on him if there are no results after a couple of games. Once his confidence builds the rest will take care of itself. Actually I wouldn"t mind seeing him up front during a pp….. imagine him creating traffic in the crease.

  14. habsgod says:

    you sound like a make me laughs fan and if you are !!! well ………..i'm sorry i feel for you!!! i really do!!! just remember when the habs land john tavares and he comes in to a deep organization and leads us to our 11th cup before the make me laughs last one in 1967!!!! then we'll talk!!! remember the habs are and always will be the most important franchise and the winningest franchise in theN.H.L.  also we have  a brigth future and a deep farm team not a team or farm team as thin aswendel clarke's towel for toller cranstan can only see!!!!  komisarek should be given evey chance on the pp his numbers were decent last season and would only improve!!!btw!!!

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