Why Leaf fans will never be happy…

Leaf fans will never be happy and here’s why.

The boo’ing of McCabe through a good chunk of the season made me watch him closer than ever before, I came to the conclusion that he’s actually been playing extremely (well maybe not extremely but”very”) well, if he didn’t have the microscope of his contract over him leaf fans would notice it but instead they cheer only if he scores and boo whenever he messes up (and every player in the NHL messes up). He had 57 points and up until the last couple of weeks he was as high as a +9.

But McCabe’s direct stats are not the point of my article so let me get to it.

McCabe is paid 5+Million a year and the fans will boo him whenever he messes up because “he’s not earning his money” or “he sucks and doesn’t deserve 5+ Million” even thought he finished 10th in defensmen scoring and 2 points shy of 6th and if you actually watched him (not just the highlights on sportsnet when he makes a mistake) you would’ve seen him play very well. Don’t believe me? Go and watch some clips from the Washington @ Toronto game about a month back and watch him cover Ovechkin.

Raycroft is paid 2 Million a year (which is the 23rd highest paid goalie in the league) and the Leafs got exactly that…he performed exactly according to his salarie. But yet you still boo him.

So which is it Leaf fans, you contradict yourselves here, you boo McCabe because “he doesn’t earn his contract” but when Raycroft earns EXACTLY his contract you boo him too…..he’s not being paid McCabe money and he isn’t pretending to be, he doesn’t brag about himself and doesn’t pretend to be a top notch goaltender, but you still boo him.

Admit it once and for all, no matter what happens; if Raycroft doesn’t perform like Cujo or Belfour did then you will boo him. And as long as McCabe is under this contract, no matter how good he plays you will boo him whenever he screws up. That’s so fair of you. If you took the time to watch an Ottawa game you’d see Reddan screw up too, or if you watch a Pittsburgh game you’d see Gonchar screw up too, probably more than McCabe but Gonchar did not get boo’d even once this season….NOT ONCE!!!!

McCabe is overpaid so you boo him. Raycroft is paid perfectly to his performance but you boo him. How impossible you are to please, anything short of Cujo or a stanley cup and you will boo, sometimes I wonder why I allow myself to be associated with Leaf fans, I am one myself but often when I see the idiots (you know, the ones who cheer like they won the cup and point in the face of any opposing fan at the bars, just to rub it in their face) I think “am I really lumped in with these idiots?”

So let me ask you, “are you one of these idiots?”

Oh and there’s no need to say “if you don’t like the way Leaf fans are than don’t be a leaf fan” because I’m as strong a Leaf fan as you’ll ever see but I am also a realistic Leaf fan…it is just my beliefe that 90% of Leaf fans aren’t realistic.