Why Leaf fans will never be happy…

Leaf fans will never be happy and here’s why.

The boo’ing of McCabe through a good chunk of the season made me watch him closer than ever before, I came to the conclusion that he’s actually been playing extremely (well maybe not extremely but”very”) well, if he didn’t have the microscope of his contract over him leaf fans would notice it but instead they cheer only if he scores and boo whenever he messes up (and every player in the NHL messes up). He had 57 points and up until the last couple of weeks he was as high as a +9.

But McCabe’s direct stats are not the point of my article so let me get to it.

McCabe is paid 5+Million a year and the fans will boo him whenever he messes up because “he’s not earning his money” or “he sucks and doesn’t deserve 5+ Million” even thought he finished 10th in defensmen scoring and 2 points shy of 6th and if you actually watched him (not just the highlights on sportsnet when he makes a mistake) you would’ve seen him play very well. Don’t believe me? Go and watch some clips from the Washington @ Toronto game about a month back and watch him cover Ovechkin.

Raycroft is paid 2 Million a year (which is the 23rd highest paid goalie in the league) and the Leafs got exactly that…he performed exactly according to his salarie. But yet you still boo him.

So which is it Leaf fans, you contradict yourselves here, you boo McCabe because “he doesn’t earn his contract” but when Raycroft earns EXACTLY his contract you boo him too…..he’s not being paid McCabe money and he isn’t pretending to be, he doesn’t brag about himself and doesn’t pretend to be a top notch goaltender, but you still boo him.

Admit it once and for all, no matter what happens; if Raycroft doesn’t perform like Cujo or Belfour did then you will boo him. And as long as McCabe is under this contract, no matter how good he plays you will boo him whenever he screws up. That’s so fair of you. If you took the time to watch an Ottawa game you’d see Reddan screw up too, or if you watch a Pittsburgh game you’d see Gonchar screw up too, probably more than McCabe but Gonchar did not get boo’d even once this season….NOT ONCE!!!!

McCabe is overpaid so you boo him. Raycroft is paid perfectly to his performance but you boo him. How impossible you are to please, anything short of Cujo or a stanley cup and you will boo, sometimes I wonder why I allow myself to be associated with Leaf fans, I am one myself but often when I see the idiots (you know, the ones who cheer like they won the cup and point in the face of any opposing fan at the bars, just to rub it in their face) I think “am I really lumped in with these idiots?”

So let me ask you, “are you one of these idiots?”

Oh and there’s no need to say “if you don’t like the way Leaf fans are than don’t be a leaf fan” because I’m as strong a Leaf fan as you’ll ever see but I am also a realistic Leaf fan…it is just my beliefe that 90% of Leaf fans aren’t realistic.

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  1. flamingsenator says:

    i was expecting that also….but hats off for a descent article

  2. Aetherial says:

    Nobody is making you read them.

    Face it the Leafs have more fans and more haters than any team in the league, including the Habs.

    Therefore = more attention.

    Toronto is the center of the hockey universe, so too bad.

  3. flamingsenator says:

    id pay kabby about those lines tho…..wats he making…..5 mil?…..yea hes a fantastic offfensive d…..my favorate leaf for sure

  4. Aetherial says:

    Sorry but this is a load of crap.

    I would have been happy if the leafs went 10-72 this year…

    as long as I saw some progress and some hope on the horizon.

    What Ferguson has done is signed 2 horrible contracts on D costing the team almost 1/4 of their cap space.

    Then he traded away arguably the best goalie prospect in the world for a goalie who isn't as good as most team's backups.

    Then he signed Tucker, tied up more cap space in a guy who is likely never to be this good again (just like McCabe).

    THEN he traded Bell and Second round pick for NOTHING. Yes, NOTHING.

    THAT is reality.

    and more reality is that the Leafs will be in this position until Ferguson's brutal mistakes and Ferguson himself is gone.

    4 years from now… we can *START* rebuilding. 10 years from now we might have a contender.

    No, I am not happy, but it would not have taken much… just some understanding of the cap and some wise decisions.

    No I don't have the benefit of hindsight I was of the opinion that the signings and the goalie trade were bad all along.

  5. flamingsenator says:


    wellwood and kab have matured alot…

    jfj is building with wat he has……sorry he didnt get crosby to build around

    goood points man

  6. flamingsenator says:

    it was still a bad trade tho…..id rather choke in the playoffs than not make it at all

  7. flamingsenator says:

    YOU would have been happy with a 10-72 season….but most people wouldnt

    jfj WILL get rid of kubina…the price for dmen these days will et him moved

    tucker had to stay….but it should have been a 1 year contract to see if he can repeat this season

    i totally agree with raycroft…..rask should have stayed…

    however…..sundin will take a paycut t stay wit the leafs….hes never gonna leave the organization….that will open up space

    the leafs got caught is all……bad drafting during the pre-lockout era had come to bite them in the bum is all……….detroit fell back on zet and dats to lead the team….the aves didnt make it this year…..but did well since they had rookies…stastny and woolski they didnt reasonable.

    no worries….this team has light………wellwood for example…..surprised me this year…..steen is alright….not a second commin of sundin…but is not BAD.

  8. JuicemaN says:

    Thanks man, much appreciated.

    Glad to see there's some realistic fans around here.

  9. 92-93 says:

    in 4 years we start rebuilding.

    i know what you mean when you say that, but its a 'little' off IMO. its an overstatement i know, but clearly the leafs are taking the steps necessary to restock their farm system now and have been doing so for a little while now.

    if you mean rebuild as a huge firesale, fine. but its wholly inaccurate to suggest that there is not an effort already underway to develop and draft prospects. now, could this process be faster – certainly (hence our calls for Tucker and McCabe to be traded at the deadline these past 2 seasons).

    oh, and i've been watching the Marlies lately and Robbie Earl is really starting to impress me. I would love to see this kid alongside Tlusty with the Marlies next year.

    do you think the Leafs have a shot at either Esposito or Gillies at the #13 spot?

  10. bestever says:

    hey toronto fans

    would you prefer an intoxicated ed belfour or a sober andrew raycroft

  11. flamingsenator says:

    dont say sorry :p

  12. Jrugges2 says:

    You also did miss the playoffs by a point and most didn't even consider the leafs as a playoff contender. That's an accomplishment there.

  13. JuicemaN says:

    I've come to the realization that Leafy just types what will piss people off, there's no way anybody is as dumb and irrational as Leafy.

  14. JuicemaN says:

    LOL – sober Raycroft…Belfour is done and he's starting to look like a Cartoon character when they get hit in the face with a frying pan.

  15. JuicemaN says:

    Your point has nothing to do with my article.

    But thanks for being a typical anti-leaf fan and pointing out the obvious as always.

    But hey, last year we missed the playoffs by two points, and this year we msised by one, next year WE'RE IN!

  16. bestever says:

    its too bad because he is hall of fame worthy.by the way his greatest feat ever accomplished was winning the stanley cup because he got to drink some booze from it

  17. Marky2Fresh says:

    That's not really the point, the point is Rask could be a franchise goalie, even if he doesn't live up to it he will still be an average goalie.  Raycroft is an average goalie.

  18. Marky2Fresh says:

    Ohh a + 3, awesome.  Marek Malik is a + 32, guess that makes him super awesome. 

    Are you really going to sit there and say McCabe is a better player at that price than Chara is at his? 

  19. the_word says:

    How about Danny Healty giving JFJ a ride home in his new car instead?

  20. Visco says:

    You guys are bad.  I think its hilarious that Eddie is considered a booze hound.  Eddie probably has a problem that when he drinks he gets rowdy but thats not a huge thing.  There are lots of guys like that in this world.   The Heatley thing was pretty funny too, I laughed.  But I still have to think of Snyder and Heatley and I feel bad for both (And obviously those close to Snyder).  I'd rather have Eddie a few years back when he was able to play a full year and didn't have (bad) back problems.  But now I'd take Raycroft and I still think like the rest of the guys on the team, he is growing.  Remember Kaberle was a bum in TO till after the lockout, I recall everyone calling him a ***** and to move him.  Well just like defence, most goalies need time to develop.  So best of luck to him.

  21. Visco says:

    Or we miss it by none and get beat out by less wins.  Im just kidding though I hope we are in next year.  I guess its a time to joke about it now since we had a few days to let it set in.  I see good things for these boys in the future.  JFJ may seem like an idiot right now but lets wait 3 more years to judge him.

  22. JuicemaN says:

    I'm glad I missed people saying Kaberle was a bum before the lockout because I've thought he was good as long as I can remember. I never thought he was a bum.

    Raycroft will be fine, he's young and has only played 2 full seasons in the NHL, you don't become a permanent superstar in 2 seasons, no goalie has ever done that.

    giguere – great one season adn crash the season after that and is back to being good – but took more than 2 seasons
    cam ward – look at him this year, worse than raycroft
    gerber – garbage this year

    all goalies go through slumps and raycroft is still coming into his own.

  23. tucksfan says:

    i agree with the article. mccabe is good on th pp, and does play good defense when they need it. the only way the fans will not boo mccabe with his contract is if he plays like lindstrom or neidermayer or pronger.even look at montreal they praise souray because of his ppg's. but look at how many times he diflects the puck into his own net. mccabe is a hell of alot better defensmen then souray offensivly and defensivly cuz even 5 on 5 souray does not get the job done. and raycroft, ya sure he didnt have the best gaa or sv% but he set a team record in road wins and tied team record for wins.  so leafs fans should forget about eddie and cujo and start chantting rayzor.

  24. tucksfan says:

    also every one cuts JFJ about the mccabe and kubina deals. ya hes overpaid and lost alot of trades but look at the little signings that have turned out to be big….. john pohl, bataglia, and deveraux

  25. Enigma says:

    Either way they didn't make the playoffs.

  26. Enigma says:

    If people wanted to just get the game over with then why would anyone in their right mind pay what they're paying to see the game ?

    it's not like leaf fans boo as soon as they step on the ice. They'll boo if the team is playing a game full of mistakes i.e. not being able to get the powerplay going, too many give-aways, a soft goal by raycroft in an important game, coughing up a 4 to 1 lead against Buffalo. Come on i'm supposed to cheer for that crap?…. Last I checked if you have a 4 to 1 lead at any point then the team should win accordingly.

    I never expected Andrew to steal a game for the leafs but what i did expect was for him not give up the occasional momentum draining soft goal (ex. the goal on the glove side against montreal) that's why I would've booed had I been there.

    When McCabe scores a goal to win the hockey game i'll cheer.
    When McCabe is a minus 5 against the New York Rangers i'll boo, it does not mean I want him to leave the team, it could simply mean, "damn i game to watch one hockey game this year and that's what I got from our supposed best defenseman?"

    Sundin didn't exactly light up the lamp in the final few games towards a playoff run yet I never heard any leaf fan boo him specifically when he touched the puck….why is that? because he's been hear for a while and has established himself as a respected leader of the team and someone who works hard on the ice.

    This team according to John Ferguson Jr. was expected to make the playoffs. John specifically mentioned Raycroft as the gaolie to lead them into the playoffs. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN so how did he or the team play "accordingly" if the one in charge of evaluating talent said that they would make the playoffs and didn't.

    As far as the baseball comparison goes i would've given you nhl examples but i don't know enough of other teams fans to say anything, so i wont pretent to, however, i am sure that there is a lot of examples out there.

  27. Enigma says:

    that's why i boo, because the one in charge (JFJ) put those expectations upon me. If his product doesn't deliver I will BOO. 

    IF John had told me at the beginning of the season the leafs will be in a rebuilding mode then I would be a lot more forgiving and i am sure that many of the leaf fans that attend the games would be too. Most of them went through the ballard years for goodness sake.

  28. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I completely agree with you, I may not be the perfect fan, I'll quit watching a game if we're down by 5 goals I'm not very patient, on the odd night where Rayzor lets in 6 goals on 10 shots I'll boo just because that's not a 2 million dollar goalie. I don't expect him to be an eagle or a cujo but on those nights where he plays like an ahl backup I'm going to boo. But when he plays like a 2 million dollar guy even if it comes to a loss he plays like hes expected. I for one have never booed McCabe, I mock him night in and night out just because I've never been a fan of him and its just fun to do but I would do that regardless of what team hes on?

  29. BieksaForMVP says:

    He's like 11 years old, and even said it himself lol.

  30. the_purolator_guy says:

    I think the leafs should start the offseason from changing their name from" the maple leafs" to the toronto " 5 on 3's" cause it's the only way they win hockey games, especially at home.  Talk about leading the league in "convienient powerplayes" u know in inportant games like last tuesday in philly when a penatly was called that tsn couldnt even find and even worse against the habs on saturday night with 2 consecutive 5 on 3's that guaranteed a leaf victory.  But justice was served on sunday so its all good.

    Don't worry i;m not a disgruntled habs fan, i'm a hockey fan who watches all kinds of games involving all the teams ( nhl package).  I just notice how the leafs always get timely powerplays when they need a goal, mainly at home where they rank #1 in powerplay oppurtunities and #1 overall in the league in overtime powerplays and 5 on 3 oppurtunities.  I've also noticed that nearly 40% of nhl refs come from ontario, so on any given night there is a very good chance that one of the two refs in the game is a homer or possibly both of them.

    Ah well its still nice to hear the homers cry on cbc, tsn and sportsnet and i've got only 3 words to say to the worst fans in hockey.


  31. the_purolator_guy says:


  32. Hoondog2 says:


  33. lukeleim says:

    I know Esposito has dropped quiet a bit in the 2007 draft rankings but I still believe he'll be picked in the top 10 for sure. This year's draft is not deep. I think maybe trading up in the draft rankings or for a young player already established in the league would be their best option.

  34. lukeleim says:

    I agree… with everything. John Ferguson Jr. has to go.

  35. lukeleim says:

    To all the Andrew Raycroft supporters. Can you think of a starting goaltender in the National Hockey league worse than Raycroft? I personally cannot think of one. Some close ones I suppose…
    Tim Thomas
    Curtis Joseph
    Ed Belfour
    But I'd still rather have them as the Leafs no. 1 over Andrew Raycroft.

    All I've heard this season is, "Raycroft didn't have a chance on that one", or "you can't blame that one of Raycroft"
    If I hear "you can't blame that goal on Raycroft" one more time…

  36. Aetherial says:

    I think they will miss esposito by about 2 or 3 picks… I think they will get the Russian kid, I forget his name off hand.

  37. Aetherial says:

    No, it isn't.

    You see, that is the problem. Everyone *thinks* that is an accomplishment.

    It means nothing except… that is where we are doomed to be.

    There are some *decent* young kids, who will get better, BUT, if they were future "superstars" we would have seen it already. They aren't.

    Missing the playoffs by one point is great, IF you have hope of improvement. The way they have screwed themselves against the cap leaves me with no hope of that whatsoever.

  38. Hoondog2 says:

    Wow, you upset about be knocked out of playoff contention by the Leafs, or what?

    Funny, when i watch the Leaf games i'm amazed at the untimely penalties against the Leafs.

    Habs, Toronto-maybe Begin shouldn't be pulling out the golf swing before the game is even over (4 min.), maybe Koivu shouldn't trip guys.

  39. Enigma says:

    yea but the big ones hurt the team more. McCabe and Kubina take up a lot of cap room and that makes it harder to improve in other areas. 3rd to 4th line guys are a dime a dozen in the nhl, guys like pohl, deveraux and battaglia can all be replaced a lot easier then a 5.5 million dollar player.

  40. Toonces99 says:

    Goof…..bitter are we……

  41. hockeyhead says:

    he's been 11 for quite a few years now.  i think he is in a black hole or something.

    or maybe he is bart simpson.

  42. hockeyhead says:

    as a bruins fan let me say this….thanks for rask.

    rayzor is not a team guy.  he is too laid back.  and he will be out of a job when pogge comes up.

    razors last year in boston really pissed me off.  he didnt get along with the other goalies and he *****ed about the coach.  but when he got ice time he wasnt even there.

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