Why not Conroy?

Now, we all know, habs fans or not, Montreal desperately needs that center n.2 to back up Koivu. We also know that Gainey likes the idea of a big, right handed center. A veteran center who is a good two way player, could help youngsters. We also know the Kings are probably looking to get younger up front. You do the math…The first name that comes to mind that fits perfectly is Craig Conroy. The guy has experience, already made it to the finals, produces very well, gives it all every game, the player the habs fans would love to see wearing the ”bleu-blanc-rouge” jersey. Yes I know, we’re all looking for the superstar to bring us to the stanley cup. Yes I know, most of the habs fans want to get a frenchie. But all this is good for the old NHL. Is Rod Brind’amour a superstar? Nope, but probably one of the most useful players in the game, and he’s one of the reasons why the canes won the cup last season with him as their center n.2. I am NOT comparing the two players, but just eliminating this idea that a team needs a bunch of superstars to win the cup. So, back to reality, Conroy counts for 2.4M on the cap. How would Montreal fit him in there? Of course, we have to include the name of youngster alexander perezhogin who I think would fit nice in LA’s group of youngsters such as camalerri, frolov,….In the best of scenario’s, another obvious name is Sheldon Souray who according to various rumors, wants to be closer to his daughter who is in LA. But with the quality and depth of defensemen the Kings have, for now and for the future, I don’t know how much of an option Souray really is. So, the other 1.7M? Well , there are other options such as Bonk(just to even a little the cap) and probably another young player but the rest is up to you. Personally, I love the idea of Conroy back in Montreal, i think it would make the Habs one of the most dangerous groups of forwards in the East, maybe even league.
P.S: This is NOT a rumor, it’s pure speculation based on what seems obvious!