Why Should Raycroft Go?

Raycroft to Phoenix, just for a pick?  Way to little, they should wait for this year and see how the tandem do together.

Raycroft after his first year in the blue and white had an under 3 GAA and under a.900 save percentage along with 2 shutouts and 37 wins. Raycroft played very inconsitent for most of the season. He actually never stole a game the closest game that he stole was when they won against Tampa Bay they won 3-2 and Racroft had at least 6 exceptional saves.

I have talked about trading Raycroft in my last article and I only say that because we know he will get traded so im just saying what we can get for him. JFJ should keep this guy he is 28 or turning 28 if he plays 30 games and Toskala plays 52 that will give the TML a very great tandem of the two. The coach of the Leafs played in too many games to the Sub part of the year because they did not have a reliable backup. Raycroft was very fatigued at the end of the year you could see it in the last week or 2 weeks of the season like the ranger game or the NYI game or even the montreal game with the Ryder goal.

If they put Toskala in front he could put up a .910 save percentage and a 2.6 GAA while Raycroft could have .900 Save Percentage and under 3 GAA.
This could help the team alot.