Why Should Raycroft Go?

Raycroft to Phoenix, just for a pick?  Way to little, they should wait for this year and see how the tandem do together.

Raycroft after his first year in the blue and white had an under 3 GAA and under a.900 save percentage along with 2 shutouts and 37 wins. Raycroft played very inconsitent for most of the season. He actually never stole a game the closest game that he stole was when they won against Tampa Bay they won 3-2 and Racroft had at least 6 exceptional saves.

I have talked about trading Raycroft in my last article and I only say that because we know he will get traded so im just saying what we can get for him. JFJ should keep this guy he is 28 or turning 28 if he plays 30 games and Toskala plays 52 that will give the TML a very great tandem of the two. The coach of the Leafs played in too many games to the Sub part of the year because they did not have a reliable backup. Raycroft was very fatigued at the end of the year you could see it in the last week or 2 weeks of the season like the ranger game or the NYI game or even the montreal game with the Ryder goal.

If they put Toskala in front he could put up a .910 save percentage and a 2.6 GAA while Raycroft could have .900 Save Percentage and under 3 GAA.
This could help the team alot.

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  1. Nevyn says:

    I agree but for a different reason. I see no worthwhile use for the cap room we'd get by dumping Raycroft. The same applies for Kubina and McCabe.  If you get a good offer of up and coming talent that you can't pass up (more likely at the trade deadline), great.  But dumping the contract so you can give another bad contract to a player like Yashin? No thanks.

  2. Matty_G says:

    I agree that it's too early to move him, especially before we know what Toskala can do. Toskala could  also suffer from burnout near the end of the season if we keep him in too long (not to mention the playoffs, if we get there).

  3. andrizle says:

    2 mill is way to expensive for a back-up goalie who has nothing positive to offer. Yashin would be a steal if the leafs could get him for 3 mill. Hes exceptionally talented and people can't just say that he has a bad attitude as they've never met the guy.

  4. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Yashin has played for two teams, the Islanders and the Senators, which have no heart, and have play a system-like game of hockey, which revolves more around skill and nothing around heart. That is why Anaheim won this year. You have to be gritty and have heart (the whole team does), and Yashin has never experienced this. Perhaps this will light a fire under his ass, but regardless, he will put up 60-70 points guaranteed, so well worth the money. And as for Raycroft. There's no potential, hearth, or grit there, so let him go. He is truly a waste of 2 mil, as well as the air that he breathes.

  5. leafmeister says:

    I dont even want Yashin I want Peca. Our penalty kill was shit when he was injured and was awesome when he was healthy. He could seriously help us. Yashin would be alright and he could not help not getting some heart with Tucker and Sundin in the room but goal scoring is no longer a problem.

  6. brianc689 says:

    i agree that we should keep raycroft for one more year or at least until the trade deadline…the toskala/raycroft combo could be deadly because the competition will up both of their games….and all the people that say "2 million is too much for a back up" are just stupid, OUR STARTER IS MAKING 1.4!how many teams can say they have two rotating goalies making 3.4 mil combined…just keep him until his value is higher

  7. LEAFS877 says:

    Why not use the cap space to get Peca. I wouldn't consider that a bad contract. Dump Razor and Kubina for prospects, so we can get Peca. If Yashin wants more than 2.5 forget it.

  8. SensAndHabsSuck says:

    Next year when Toskala makes 4 million he is maing 1.4 this year but 4 million next year the two Raycroft and Toskala are combined for 6 million as much as Loungo is making alone and along with there backup its about 7 million os its not much.

  9. SensAndHabsSuck says:

    Next year when Toskala makes 4 million he is maing 1.4 this year but 4 million next year the two Raycroft and Toskala are combined for 6 million as much as Loungo is making alone and along with there backup its about 7 million os its not much.

  10. k-well4ever42 says:

    Raycroft needs to go and it needs to happen asap. There is no point in keeping him for a while at the beginning of the season. Sure, it's possible that his play might raise his trade value. On the other hand, he might play like garbage again and decrease his value. Furthermore with his salary gone we could sign Yashin or Peca. The Leafs missed the playoffs by a single point last season. We need to put forth the best team that we can from day one and make every game count if we Leaf fans don't want a repeat of the last two years. For those of you just tunning in, the "best team possible" doesn't ever….. under any circumstances…… in any universe include Raycrap.

  11. Nevyn says:

    Why get Peca if you have to dump 2 players?  Right now we could get diddly squat for either, but they are both younger and more valuable to a franchise than Peca.  Kubina gets dumped on because he didnt live up to his deal. But hey, neither did Peca.

    Don't get me wrong, if you can get good prospects to move these guys thats great. But dumping them for cap room that we would then use on an old player who won't get us anywhere? No thanks.

  12. gilmour_93 says:

    Although i love razor as he is a good goalie but has trouble with the 30 foot flutter shots. I think he should be traded because as somebody said before that 2 mill is way too much for a backup and the leafs could sign a cheap, young goalie for about 1 mil and that would be outstanding. I see the dilemma with clemmenson being our backup seeing as how racine is gone from the marlies and pogge starting every game could be bad for his development as he got lit the ***** up last year

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