Why the Jackets will win respect

As a lurking Jackets fan I have sat back and watched people bad mouth this team since I began frequenting this site. I believe that this is theyear this will come to an end.

The sophmore slump is over and the Jackets are ready to take on the NHL. After a suprising first year and a disappointing second year, the BJ’s are finally on track to make some waves in this league.

It all started last year with the trading of Ron Tugnutt and Lyle Odelein. While Tugger did wonders for C-town in it’s first year, it’s time to let the young Denis take the reigns and run with them. Denis is a very capable goalie and his numbers will continue to get better as he gets more ice time. However, if he falters, look to see the Bluejackets try to pick up a dependable veteran puckstopper. Odelein was a great captain for the team but as far as I’m concerned was a defensive liability. His absence opend the door for free agent D’men such as Scott LaChance and Luke Richardson. The Jackets D should be much improved just with these additions. Perfect? Not by a long shot, but, improved.

On offense the Jackets traded up to pick Rick Nash as their #1 draft pick and then fianally signed him at the last minute. Nash had six points in 4 preseason games and was second to only Sanderson who had seven points in five games. This kid is going to be good. He scored the first goal of the regular season against Chicago. Andrew Cassels will also add some much needed playmaking ability.

In all, there are 10 fresh faces in the BJ lineup. They will be a much bigger, much more physical team this year. The biggest question I have is with the goaltending. If Denis plays well I can see this team with 80 points at the end of the season. Not enough for a playoff spot in the mighty western conference but not bad. Some may call me a dreamer. So be it.

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  1. amok says:


    Just kidding.

    Seriously though, I’ve been one of the people you mention that constantly bash the Jackets. But I have to admit, Nash looks great and Sanderson might not be washed up after all. The goaltending, as you mentioned, is still a huge question mark. Cassels and Lachance will help, although I believe that for Cassels to be effective he has to be with skilled players. He’s not the type of guy to make things happen on his own. Lachance is solid though. He was really underrated here in Vancouver.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Columbus was playing Chicago. If things get any worse in Chicago they might fall below some of the expansion teams. It’s going to be a very long year for Blackhawk fans.

  2. -Swizz- says:

    columbus is looking quite better from last year…

    denis is a question mark, but he’s got potentional to be a decent starting goalie…

    d- lachance is a very solid d-man…and richardson was a good pickup as well…klesla is gettin better and better….

    scoring – i believe sanderson had his best season wit andrew cassels….they could maybe get things goin again…whitney can score 20+….nash in there…

    they could turn some heads this year…not make the playoffs, but by passin teams like chicago, maybe nashville, or anaheim or some other non-playoff teams..

  3. cecilturtle says:

    I visit this site almost every day… I don’t remember anyone bad mouthing the Blue Jackets? As far as lurking… I had a cousin who used to lurk about, until his exgirlfriend got that restaining order. By the way, you did not mention in your posting, what city do the Blue Jackets play in?

    Anyway, good luck making waves… Your post was very informative – thank you for listing some of the people on the team. LaChance and Richardson are solid d-men. Sanderson and Cassels were 2/3 of one of the best lines in hockey when they played together in Hartford. Cassels got a lot of assists setting up Sanderson, who I think might have scored 40 goals one year with Cassels, as his center. The two have great chemistry together and might be able to go back to their old form playing with a sniper like Whitney? I like Whitney a lot… He could always put the puck in the net – no matter who he played with on this line. I also heard Nash is real smooth under a glass and might be very talented? He looked real good against the Rangers in preseason.

    Hay – if you could get a good year from your goalie Denis… Anything is possible, even the playoffs. Have fun this year watching the kids develop. Hockey can be fun when there are no expectations. You really learn to appreciate the talent of each hockey player especially the opponents. When a player on your team makes a great move or play, one appreciates it insted of expecting it. This is some thing which makes the game all that much better and only a fan of a expansion team can really know about. Or if you have children and watch them play hockey. Quite often teams with low expectations do very well because the have some thing teams that are supposed to win don’t… Respect for the competition! Good luck, I hope your team comes together as a team and win or lose – brings more fans to the great sport of hockey.

    Cecil Turtle

  4. Glen says:

    Any semi-enlightened hockey fan would know what city the Blue Jackets play in.

  5. cecilturtle says:

    Oh lighten up… Just havin a little fun on Friday. I know it’s Columbus. I just don’t know what state it is in? It seems like every state has a city named Columbus. I know it’s some where between New York and California. Anyway, where is it writen that geography is the measuring stick for hockey enlightenment?

    Cecil Turtle

  6. MantaRay says:

    The addition of Richards and Lachance and the subtraction of Deron Quint is a huge upgrade for the Jackets.

    They have a good team that was beset by injuries last year. If Sanderson, Whitney and company can stay healthy they could be a sleeper for the playoffs.

  7. Tradedude says:

    Dude! they already have my respect! easy to beat! there ya have it,

  8. PanMan says:

    I’m Canadian and even I know it’s in Ohio . . .

  9. cecilturtle says:

    Wow, I guess they do teach geography in Canadian schools. Unfortunately, the teachers did not teach you what sarcasim is yet. Well maybe you will learn that next year when you enter the 3rd grade. F/Y/I this is another example of sarcasm. Well maybe not in your case!

    Cecil Turtle

  10. PanMan says:

    Fair enough, but I heard too many cases of “dumb Americans” so I didn’t know what to assume . . .

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