Why the leafs are so bad

Why are the leafs bad this year? Tons of reasons. Most people believe it is defense, or were too old, which is true, but in my opinion they are way too slow. Pretty much the only leafs that put on the jets when skating down the ice are kaberel and wellwood. So, here are some moves to help the leafs:

allison, wozniewski


leopold, kobasew

Calgary needs a center now more than ever, we drop one of our slowest players and a so-so prospect for a good d-man and young, fast kobasew. All in all, the leafs get younger faster and better d.

ed belfour


anyone who needs a goalie for the playoffs

Preferably to edmonton for bergeron or staios.


resign mccabe and kaberle at any cost. Resign all the young guys that are becoming free agents.

Do not resign berg, lindors, czerkawski, etc

sign patrik elias and dont settle for gaborik, go for elias

redden or chara would be nice but probably wont happen

so the lineup for next season would be:








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  1. Viller02 says:

    “sign patrik elias and dont settle for gaborik, go for elias”

    Thats quite funny, I can say with 100$ certainty that they wont get any of those players. Calgary would never that trade either.

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