Why the Leafs WON'T make the playoffs

I still contend that had Allison, Lindros, Sundin,Belfour, and the ilk not had their injury troubles, they would have placed 5th or so, well that, and they coulda used O’neill on the top line… can’t score really when Domi and Kilger are your line mates… unless you’re Eric Lindros. Anyways, This years team, on paper, is much better then last years team, and now my prediction is 6 spots lower then last years prediction, and 1 spot lower then where they placed last year. Why do I not be-Leaf? Why do I, the person renound across the internet for being the biggest Leaf homer around, not beleaf the Leafs can even get into the playoffs?John Ferguson has ruined this team.

First of all, Paul Maurice. He’s not a new-NHL coach. Does anyone remember the Pre-Laviolette Hurricanes? They hooked, they grabbed, and they had incredible problems, other then O’neill and Francis, producing offense. Now O’neill is Francis-less, and he can’t produce the way he used to.

The defense…… wow………. McCabe is certainly the most over rated and over paid defenseman in the league. Even moreso then Zdeno Chara… the Leafs signed McCabe for five years at 5.75, eating up a huge ammount of cap space. Then there’s Pavel Kubina at a huge 5 million for a -16 defenseman, and Gill, the 2.1 million dollar pilon. The only deal for a defenseman I’d even possibley do over is Tomas Kaberle at 4.25.

The acquisition of Mike Peca is also questionable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Peca fan, I was excited to see he’d be a Leaf, but people forgot about his terrible regular season, because of his great playoffs, it rose his stock, and his price.

Jeff O’neill can score 20-30 goals IF he plays with Sundin, but you gotta figure, Steen, Ponikarovsky, Antropov, Tucker, and O’neill are all dependant on Sundin, and only produce with Sundin, with the exception of Tucker, who just only produces 30 goals with Sundin. Yes, he didn’t score 30 this year, but he was hurt a bunch of games, he easily woulda had thirty had he played the hole year.

I’m not even gonna touch on Raycroft, the most rediculous acquisition all summer, when Manny Legace could be had at 1.6

What will the Leafs lines be next year?










Theonly thing I can really see the Leafs have going for them are their defensive prospects. If Kubina, McCabe, and Gill weren’t so expensive, I’d suggest we keep up Bell, Harrison, White, Colaiacovo, and Wozniewsky. I’d rather those five then a team of McCabe, Gill, Kubina, and two of them.