Why the NHL has to smarten up until its too late

The NHL is heading into a lockout and unless it makes some MAJOR changes the NHL may go under.With a lockout casting a shadow over the entire NHL the Stanley Cup playoffs have lost much of its luster in not only the U.S but even Canada. The NHL has some problems that need fixing and here are some ways to fix them. I will first name the problem and then present a possible solution to fixing a problem. I realize that this is all very extreme but if the NHL were maybe able to adopt a few of these things they just might be able to save this league.


SOLUTION: While there is no clear cut way of fixing this problem one thing the NHL could do after its television contract is up with Disney (ABC/ESPN) is totally gt away from this network. ABC and ESPN cover all major sports while networks like CBS (football and golf) and NBC (arena football and golf) basically have no sports programming throughout the day. If the NHL were to switch over to one of these networks for less money it would help. The network would promote the sport more instead of pushing it to the back of other sports. In the short term it might hurt a bit to take less money but in the long term it would help build a better television market.


SOLUTION: Owners have been crying foul about how much money they are losing but in a way they have dug themselves into this hole but instead of the players union accusing owership of all wrong doings why don’t they actually TRY and help out with the situation. Many teams are clearly losing money in the NHL while probably only 1/3 are making money and i’m sure they are the usual suspects. Salary cap and revenue sharing are a MUST if the NHL is to succed. A team salary cap should be set at 45 million dollars with 2 marquee player exceptions allowed. These marquee player exceptions would not fall under the cap but could not make more then 5 million a year including bonuses. The revenue sharing would also be essential but a team should have to qualify for revenue sharing instead of automacially receiving it. In order to qualify a team should have average attendence above 16,000 or something like that so that some teams just don’t get by on a free pass and get free cash from other teams.


SOLUTION: Many blame it on th goaltenders excess amount of equipment which I kind of agree on but todays bread of goaltenders will adapt regardless of what you do to their equipment so trying to change that will be useless. Instead the NHL should do one of two things, go to FOUR ON FOUR or get RID OF CENTRE ICE. Both ways make sense and would open up the game for th better. Going back to the one ref system would also be good as it would set the tone of a game instead of having refs give teams even up calls because the other ref made a mistake and as much as it pains me to say this. Ban fighting from only being a 5 minute major and increase it to a automatic game misconduct. This would settle down a lot of the dirty play and would smarten players up for the better.


Just like the CHL the NHL should divide itself into 3 leagues with 10 teams each.

NHL North: Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton, Calgary, Halifax, Seattle

NHL South: New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, St.Louis, Philladelphia, Boston

NHL Europe: Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Helsinki, Stockholm, Minsk (Belarus), Bratislava (Slovakia), Zurich (Switzerland), Riga (Latvia)

This way the NHL would become a truely international affair and no sport could claim to have a over seas league such as this one.

The Stanley Cup is played for by the winnner of each team as well as the host team in a round robin tourny followed by a playoff for the cup. Its a interesting idea but its just a dream.

Haha anyways i’d love to hear what you guys think.

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