Why the World Hates the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs here in Canada are not only the most loved franchise around but also the most hated. They are even hated in some parts of the States like Long Island and Philadelphia. Why is that? Why does the world hate the Leafs so much? There are several reasons:

1. The Fans – Much of the hatred is centred around Leaf fans. These are the same people who party on the streets after a first round win like a team would if they won the Stanley Cup. that alone can be very irritating to the non-Leaf fan. As a Leaf fan myself i hate that too because it just makes us Leaf fans look satisfied that we again beat the Sens. yeah yeah been there done that. Win a cup for a change and then we will talk.

And to listen to some Leaf fans on talk radio or anywhere where they can give their opinion (like this site) is pretty bad as well. I especially like the armchair GMs the Leafs have. why the Leafs hired JFJ is beyond me because we have Joe-Schmoe from Muskoka who has all the wonderful ideas on how to make the Leafs better. It is ok to give your opinion. I mean free speech right? But c’mon, you have to be rational. No Niedermayer, Foote, Forsberg, Naslund will not all join the Leafs.

And these fans supposedly bleed blue and white, yet constantly complain about stuff that is completely senseless. For sure if you want to talk about how bad Belak and Berg are, or that JFJ is continuing to deplete young talent from the team just like previous GMs, or that perhaps Quinn needs to go because he has been coach too long makes some sense. However to rag about how Sundin is a bad leader or McCabe is a terrible defenceman is pretty stupid and shows how much you DONT know about hockey. Sundin is a good captain. He is the face of the franchise. I mean just because he hasnt led the team to a cup win doesnt make him a bad captain. if that was the case then Primeau, Alfredsson are also terrible leaders and players which simply is not true. It is this kind of stupid talk that makes some Leaf fans hate other Leaf fans. And to rag that the Leafs DONT spend enough to win because they didnt get Jagr or Bure is wrong too. The Leafs spend excessively to the dismay of the 5 other Canadian teams. believe me the owners do give whatever it takes to bring a winner to Toronto. they cant however give everything to overcome mismanagement.

2. The Team – The fact is, many non-Leaf fans hate guys like Domi, Tucker, McCabe, Belfour simply because of the way they play. All play with a bit dirty that simply causes people to freak out at them. Belfour has for years slashed and hacked people in front. Tucker of course destroyed PEca’s knee. Domi is hated for suckering Ulfie or fighting with a flyers fan. And McCabe is a bit dirty with his can-opener move or his hip check. believe me we Leaf fans appreciate the way they play and how full out they go every night. If you fans in Ottawa or Philly or anywhere had these guys on your team, you would not complain. But because they are Leafs, the hatred for them and the team builds with every game.

And in truth, many leaf players whine and complain too much to the refs which irks non-Leaf fans. to see Belak or Antropov cheap shot someone and then complain about the penalty when the blood evidence is so obvious makes people’s blood boil. And then when these players are ushered off the ice after getting kicked out, they get into battles with the fans too. That isnt going to help them get any love. it is simply stuff like that which drives non-leaf fans radek bonkers.

3. Every player will be a Leaf one day – It is somewhat true that there are players out there, especially ones from the GTA who do dream of playing in Toronto for the Leafs like they did when they were kids. However it doesnt mean every player feels that way. Simply put, players today will go where the money is and the Leafs have lots of money. So it may have been possible for Holik or Guerin to come to Toronto because the team has money to spend, not because they want to play here. See when Roberts and Corson signed, they did so because they were from around here. it made sense to them to “come home”.

But the fact is that whomever comes on the market either through trade or free agent, they will not all flock to Toronto. From Gonchar to Bertuzzi to Shanahan to O’Neill to Peca, pretty much anyone who came up for grabs was rumoured to come here. That simply is not going to happen. Payroll wise the Leafs are usually maxed out to spend any more and trade wise, the Leafs cupboard is so bare in talent that it is impossible for them to make any sort of deal. There is nothing that bothers people more than stuff like this when assumptions are made that this guy is a leaf or that guy will be one. and when it does happen like when Leetch became a Leaf, it makes it that much worse.

4. Leaf talent is overrated – When people talk about the talent the leafs have, it irks some people. Why? because players are made to sound like Hall of Famers. when it comes to evaluating prospects, it always appears the Leafs have tons of young prospects when the fact is they have nothing. Nothing bothers non-Leaf fans more to hear how good Ian White or Brendan Bell or Kyle Wellwood are going to be when these players may simply become good AHL players and at best fringe NHLers. “well they played for canada at the world juniors so they must be good”. Yeah they played for a team that lost, plus John Slaney scored the biggest goal in canadian junior history yet he never made it to the NHL as a regular. When so much stock is put into stuff like that, it bothers alot of people, especially who follow teams with tons of young talent like Montreal.

Even the talent on the current roster gets too many accolades. Kaberle is a 3rd defenceman at best. He will not get traded for Pronger straight up simply because his point totals are on par with Prongers. The fact that he has been struggling makes his value decline. They remember the shock value he gave being a late round pick but blossoming into an NHLer, however dont see that he has not improved since year 1. When people boast how Belak is a top fighter when the fact is that doesnt matter as he cant skate or shoot, or how Berg is a plus player even though he too cant skate or pass or hit or do anything hockey related or how Antropov still has potential to develop into a top centre when really his is a third liner at best. hearing that is bothersome to most, but hearing these guys names in trade rumours involving legit stars like Gonchar, Peca or Kovalev makes non-Leaf fans irritated beyond belief.

5. Toronto is the centre of the universe. The fact that hockey in Canada revolves around the Leafs makes fans everywhere pissed off. There are Leaf fans across the country. there is no doubt about that. You certainly cant say that there are tons of Flames fans or Sens fans coast to coast like you can with the Leafs. but to have every media outlet go Leafs first with everything is going to rub people the wrong way. Lets take Hockey night in Canada for example, or shall i put it Hockey Night in Toronto. The Leafs drive ratings and make the CBC money which is why they get the red carpet treatment and are on all the time in the best time slots to the most viewers. That is also why the top broadcast team and top personalities are always following the Leafs wherever they go. The total neglect has alienated many fans across the country especially Montreal and Ottawa. They certainly feel that if the show’s title says Canada, then make it seem that way. even the highlight shows like on TSN or Sportsnet will focus on Leafs first almost every night.

As you can see, many of the reasons the Leafs are hated are fan driven. fans boast too much about a team that hasnt won in 38 years. fans boast about the talent the team doesnt have. fans boast about the players the Leafs will acquire for the supposed talent the leafs have. Certainly the media doesnt help either. Hell i am as big a leaf fan as anyone but even i hate the leafs because i hate rick ley and wade belak…oh yeah and Berg too.

Please tell us why you hate the Leafs?

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  1. JaYs says:


  2. markjohnston says:

    hating the leafs for their spending or trading young talent is something I can understand.

    I mean, that makes sense. they have an advantage, but still can’t seem to win it all.

    hating the leafs because of what fans do is stupid and makes no sense. that’s like if you really liked the rolling stones, but hated the 50 year old woman who cranks painted black every night across the hall from you…and said you hated the stones because of it.

    it just doesn’t logically follow.

    why people would be upset that the fans are so passionate is beyond me. ya, leaf fans say stupid things about trades and players some times, but so do fans of every other team. the only difference is that there isn’t as many of them, so you don’t see it as often.

    why would you be upset that fans celebrate playoff wins? just because the fans in toronto love hockey and love to party isn’t a reason to hate the team. christ, just be happy that if the leafs do ever win the cup again, at least it will go to passionate fans who will know what it’s worth. in jersey, the hold the “parades” in the parking lot. I’d much rather see a week long party in t.o. with millions of blue and white banners down young – even if I wasn’t a leafs fan, at least that’s a good win.

    the leafs are a good team (look at their stats over the past 10 years, they’re right up there in wins and playoff wins) and they have an amazing number of fans. like any large group, there’s a huge scale of members – some are idiots, others are hockey geniuses. don’t hate the team because of a small majority – that makes you the idiot.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    McCabe, Belfour, Domi, and Tucker. Ya Belfour slashes people, but he’s the best goalie we’ve ever had. I hate McCabe. Domi is an enforcer, it’s his job. Give him more ice time and he’d do alot better. He almost never plays. Tucker, well everyone wishes they had a guy like Tucker and they hate when another team has one. Can kick ANYONE’S ass, and can put up 20 goal seasons.

    Over rated talent. It depends on who you’re talking about. Roberts and Domi are under rated, where as McCabe and Kaberle are over rated.

  4. Phenom3150 says:

    Only a matter of time before Coliacovo’s (sic) overrated too….

    And I’ll never forget Chara throwing McCabe around like a rag doll…man that was sweet, lol. I think that was the year he had that stupid blue mohawk.

  5. TML51 says:

    You know, I’ve been coming to this site now for over four years, and it seems as thought for just as many leaf fans as there are, there are leaf haters. Always will has been, always will be. It’s the nature of sport, I suppose.

    Yes, I realize that there are leaf fans whom are a tad overzealous. Yes I realize some tend to be dreamers…(can you blame us…no cup in 38 years!!) As a result, leaf fans tend to be ridiculed and beaten up in their posts. Nothing new. Which I suppose is my point.

    In a word…Yawn. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but haven’t we heard all of this before? There has been no hockey this year…and still there is leaf bashing posts. Can we just get past this? There are leaf fans, leaf haters…life goes on. We are all entitled to our opinions, and lord knows I’ve made mine known in the past.

    So how about we just drop all this? We need a fresh start in here…perhaps the lockout may provide that.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    If we drop it, then that is two less minutes of entertainment most of us have in this hockey-less world.

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Totally agreed.

  8. PayUpSucka says:

    Once people figure out that we want a god damn cup more than anything they’d realize why the annoyance. 67 remember? I don’t, 30 years now i’ve watched these plugs scrape and claw through the regular season and get knocked out playoff time. Talk about heart break, i’d rather someone took off with my women.

    I mean I love the pats, I mean I don’t miss a game, a column, a Belistrater, a 5th quarter show, but I get more excited over a regular season leaf win than I do watching the pats win the bowl.

    I grew up in a leaf fan family and had a jersey before I could skate, f uck my first favorite player was Rick Vaive. Back when we were winning maybe 20-25 games a year. 93 was like a stanley cup for some of us. I bet 300 other sports teams would love to have fans so loyal.

    I’ve come to near fist fights with the boys over the blue and white bastards. I’ve argued this and that. I just get tired of listening to people that shit on them just because they hate them. I have one question, why? They were a laughing stock through the Ballard era, and some people say they’ve still never got over thet destruction he left when the old ***** kicked off.

    Fans here, leaf fans here are morons, and I think they spew wild rumors just to get a rise out of people. I mean c’mon.

    I must say though I love the fact that they’ve gone out and got a guy like JFJ. He has all the tools to make this team strong from the prospect up. He knows how to build a team. He’s going to give the leafs something they’ve ever had, a farm system. We may suffer a bit the next few years, but believe it or not they do have talent in the minors. And with the scouting staff the size it is now and the comittment to it, it shouldn’t be too long a wait before we see this youth.

    I laugh when people tear apart the trades they’ve made the past 2 deadlines. What were they supposed to do? Scrap the team at the deadline for youth when they’re so close to being a cup team? Yeah what the hell!! Great gm’s going to waste here.

    Ferguson knows that youth is on the agenda now, this lockout forced his hand, and with a only a pile of 1 year deals signed last year, he will only have a little commited to Sundin and a few others.

    I say take that Senators blueprint and build on that. I think they might be the leagues power house for a few years.

    As far as Belak, he’s cheap and effective, I like him when he’s used correctly. ie OFF THE *****ING BLUELINE. He’s an option up front if the spark isn’t there. Just ask a few flyer d-men how hard he hits.

    Dick Ley is the reason why guys like Trembley, Dempsey, etc are gone, apparently because he couldn’t work with them. I mean Quinn, you’re a great coach, but to keep that little Luigi looking SOB around year after year. You’re starting to look real dumb.

    Anyway, go leafs go, St John’s is looking good!!!

  9. Scoot says:

    It was pretty funny to see that as well, but don’t forget that Chara’s shoulder got hurt on that play. Not as tough as you’d hope from a guy that huge. Could you imagine playing against him, though? I wouldn’t want to!

  10. nordiques100 says:

    a) never said the leafs were a bad team

    b) i was generalizing what the feelings were to many non leaf fans that i have talked to and heard from after i passionately defend my team

    c) believe me when you have been a part of the craziness on yonge st and seen fights and vandalism break out due to one series win, you begin to see the stupidity of it all of celebrating a meaningless win when there are 12 more important wins needed to get to the main goal. the way they go about it by celebrating that way for not even a cup win makes it look like we are satisfied with what has been accomplished. see how the good teams like the devils or the wings just take the trophy when they win their conference back to the dressing room? no reason to celebrate. nothing has been won yet. that is the point i am making.

    d)please dont call me an idiot again. i am sure you dont like having people call you an idiot. you dont like what i have to say, that is fine. you have that right. you want to call me an idiot. you cross the line.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    mccabe may be overrated but he isnt the worst defencemen you and some other leaf fans and non leaf fans make him out to be. he can score, hit and does alot of good things on the ice. i said he was no pronger or niedermayer but he is a decent among the second level of defencemen.

    i guess you would much rather prefer alex karpotsev instead.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    you should agree and enjoy a sens player pushing a leaf player around. that doesnt show you to be much of a leaf fan. i know you love the leafs. so stop ragging on mccabe.

    and i am the one being called names for my lack of loyalty.

  13. markjohnston says:

    er, what?

    reread my post. it’s not directed to you at all.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    Ley is the reason why Jason Smith was traded for a middle round pick because he was said to be not coachable and not talented enough to be in hte leafs top 6….but i guess he was good enough to captain the oilers. he is one of the main reasons why i wouldnt mind seeing quinn moving on. he is a good coach but the help he has is hurting him. Ley isnt no Hitch***** or Martin which quinn had for team canada.

    and this is the guy who loved berg which is why the leafs got him…..for adam mair and michael cammelarri. and we wonder why the leafs have no youth….or toughness on defence.

    my beef with belak stems from his time on defence. i saw him play against the habs….let all those mini-habs walk around him over and over….then he took a big cheapshot that cost the leafs to make a comeback. then i watched on tv a game against the caps and Jagr bad hip and all was 15 feet away from belak and took 2 strides and was 10 feet past belak and on his way to a breakaway. nothing bothers me more than those players given a chance over and over but youngsters planted on the bench after 1 mistake. and when he creamed that avs player and got suspended for it. his stupid who me? look pissed me off cause he chirped at the ref for hte penalty call while the avs player was carted off in a stretcher.

  15. Phenom3150 says:

    One of the most hate-worthy moments for me, recently, had to be Sundin’s accidental throwing of his broken stick over the boards. The guy throws a 4 foot piece of jagged wood or carbon-fibre, probably carbon-fibre, into a crowded area of paying customers. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and call it an accident, but still, it easily could have inflicted some serious damage, like what happened to Berard (something the Leafs fans STILL bug Hossa about, as if it was his fault).

    Anyways, Sundin gets a measely single game suspension for endangering the safety of the fans with his stupid act, and the fans STILL overreacted! I couldn’t believe it, people were calling into MOJO Radio, a local pro-Leafs biased station, and were complaining, saying it was a conspiracy, and Sundin should have gotten nothing for it. Coincidentally, the game Sundin missed was against Ottawa, and the Leafs got hammered 7-1. During the game, Sundin’s friend and fellow countryman Alfredsson mimics Sundin’s actions after his own stick breaks (the game was at the ACC), and the fans go ballistic, whining about Alfredsson having “no class”, even though Sundin later said he found it pretty funny seeing Alfie joke around.

    I don’t want to group all Leafs fans into a single pile, because I’m sure there are some decent ones out there….but there are just so many who are so blindly loyal, it’s really frustrating.

  16. IceyCup says:

    I’m not a Leafs fan. I’m a Ranger fan.

    The Leafs are the best team in Canada for sure and in the top 5 overall. Maybe even better than that. They have always been gritty. I hear their locker room works well with Roberts and Domi doing a lot in the leadership department. I think that Sundin is a monster player and that with him being captain it allows things to work as well as they do behind the scenes. He has grit too. Remember when he lost damn near every front tooth, spent some unreal amount of time in the dentist’s chair and was back on his skates in no time at all? What about Roberts’ comeback from horendous neck and shoulder injuries? Wow is all I have to say. I also believe that 80-90% of the NHLPA at one time in their lives wished to play for TO.

    Have I liked seeing them dominate my team(s) over the years? No. Have I liked seeing them go to the playoffs every year and battle? Yes. It’s been good hockey to watch. Sure, some of their guys play dirty. Imagine that… in hockey… Wow. The Peca hit, even though he is a loser Islander, really pissed me off when I saw it. Condemming that hit, I would still love to see a) Tucker as a Ranger and/or b) the Rangers play that hard.

    Neither one is going to happen anytime soon. Lets face it. The reason the Leafs battle and are gritty and have great leadership is because the players don’t take it for granted that they wear that sweater.

    It is what it is. They are a great club overall and tons of people are just plain jealous of them. Jealous, even though they haven’t had a cup in some time.

    Are the fans a pain in the ass? Not by my basis of comparion. Then again, I’m a Rangers fan and surrounded at MSG by the same people who throw batteries from the bleachers at Yankee stadium ( I’m not a real big yanks fan ).

    As a matter of fact, I sat behind some Leaf fans at a game and they ended up inviting me and my buddies out for drinks.

    The only real sh*t that they’ve stepped in, as far as I can see, is their lack of solid prospects and their current roster age. But then again you never know which prospects are going to step up and which are going to fade.

    Am I jealous of the Leafs? Hell ya, I am.

    As much as I hate to say it, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the Leafs. The reason for hatred towards the Leafs is obvious.

    Jealousy. Understandable jealousy.

  17. hockeyhead says:

    i think grant fuhr was one of the best.

    not to mention allan bester and ken wregget.

  18. hockeyhead says:

    i like the leafs, they play a hard agressive style that is fun to watch.

    their management is out of control. give up on young talent. don’t draft well. get too many older guys.

    if you could combine the bruins with the leafs management you would have a cup winner.

  19. Flyer_Fan says:

    I don’t hate the Leafs.

    Actually I enjoy them because my Flyers seem to easily beat them all the time.

    bring ’em on!

  20. simplyhabby says:

    Just to ammend one of your comments. I think people like Domi because of that sucker punch on Ulfie. I can’t stand the leafs but I cheered when that happened. He deserved that 10x for what he did in his career.

    Being a hab fan in Sauga can be tough but it adds to the rivalry in my opinion (personal of course). Everything you say is true about how it is really the fans that cause the hatred (the ignorant one’s anyways). “We are going to win this year and Ron Francis put us over the top”.

    I would really like to know who still thinks Antropov can still develop into a top centre. I guess Quinn still thinks that way for giving this guy more ice time then Stajan. ANTROPOV BLOWS….KABERLE and vice versa.

    If the Leafs want to win a cup, they need to go back to the drawing board and stop using the free agent philosophy to build teams. It amazes me that they actually have some decent youngsters like White, Stajan, and Carols C. Build a core group of youngsters with a few vets, maintain the solid goaltending the leafs have been known since Potvin (modern) and that is how you will win.

    When was the last time the Leafs were sellers on the trade deadline?

  21. simplyhabby says:

    You make some good points but who would be jealous of the leafs and their fans? They are a good team who can’t win a cup.

    Let’s say you were a fan of Carolina. You know they stink so no great expectations so no disappointment. (Even they made the finals in my 26 yr old life time)

    The leafs on the other hand, you know they have a shot but yet they dissappoint every year leading to huge let downs. Oh yea, I am jealous of that!

  22. kicksave856 says:

    Well, it does sound like there are a lot of reasons to hate the Leafs. Some or most of the things people complain about might be true, but you can make similar complaints about a lot of other teams too.

    I grew up in South Jersey (Flyer Country) and the Leafs were terrible at the time. We grew up hearing that Montreal was where it’s at in Canada because all you heard about was all their Cups and all the pressures of playing in Montreal. As we grew up we learned more about the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs and their importance to the hockey landscape in Canada (and elsewhere). But the fact is they were pretty terrible during my youth and it was kind of impossible to hate them. They seemed harmless. I even wound up kind of rooting for them from afar once I understood all the tradition and how long it had been since they won a Cup.

    Of course, one has to go with the flow and since the Leafs “got good” again it has been natural to learn to dislike them as an opponent (what seems like) every spring. You have to remember, the Devils were pretty harmless when they wore the christmas uniforms and even fans of a team in the Patrick Division (BLAST!) couldn’t really dislike them. We all know what happened there!

    Sure there is fuel added to the fire here and there. Leafs management does seem to come off a little clueless sometimes, a lot of the Leaf fans are just plain ridiculous, and the media in Toronto can seem like a real serious joke when they put their minds to it.

    But these complaints can be made about a ton of teams. I’m a Flyer fan, as I said earlier, and I can tell you that Flyer fans can be almost as obnoxious as Toronto fans. If you’re a Ranger fan, you probably feel like your team’s management has done worse by you than Leafs have done to their fans. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a team whose local media is as biased as Toronto’s is towards the home team, but you get my point.

    Players obviously have a ton to do with a team’s perception, but in this day and age players don’t stick around one team as long as they used to. While the business part of hockey is keeping player loyalty a thing of the past, you can’t even maintain a hatred for a team because of a certain player they have. Now, the Leafs have had players come and go just like any other team. Some were likeable, some were not. And they do still employ Tie Domi. But if you hate a team these days, you hate the TEAM. I hate the Devils with Scott Stevens and I will hate the Devils after Scott Stevens.

    I think it’s true when some of you say that a lot of the hatred toward the Leafs is fan-driven. They take their loyalty to some pretty ridiculous places.

    But a lot of it might actually be fan-driven in a more literal sense. Maple Leaf fans are bombarded with Leaf news (some biased, some not, but a LOT of hockey news compared to other areas) and it lends to their feeling that Toronto is the center of the hockey universe. And hockey is more important in Toronto than it is in Carolina (obviously), but the fans and media seem to think that since the Leafs are the center of their hockey universe, that they are at the center of EVERYONE’S hockey universe. It seems like Toronto fans think they are everyone’s natural rival and that the rest of the hockey world spends as much time thinking about the Leafs as they do thinking about their own team (you can’t even blame them because they are jaded by the local media and whatnot). I equate it to the Philadelphia Eagles/Dallas Cowboy “rivalry” in football. In this area, the Eagles get all the pub. And Eagles fans have this deep-rooted hatred for Cowboy fans and every time they play it’s touted as this huge “rivalry game”. Eagles fans get all pumped up and crazy and obnoxious, and for the weeks leading up to an Eagles/Cowboys game they are as ridiculous as any fans you will ever see. This past season, the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, but at radio shows broadcast back here from Jacksonville (Super Bowl site) you could clearly hear the Eagle’s fans chanting “DALLAS SUCKS! DALLAS SUCKS!” And people wear “F DALLAS” t-shirts all year ‘round here. …But if you ask the Cowboys who their most hated rival is, to a man, they will all tell you that it’s the Washington Redskins. The Eagles fans have this imaginary thing going on where since all they think about for 4 or 5 months per year is the Eagles, they think everyone else does too. They expect the Cowboy fans to hate us and consider us their public enemy #1, even though we aren’t even close to that stature as far as they are considered.

    Maple Leaf fans seem to consider their team to be a big player in everyone’s mind. While it isn’t true, you can’t really blame them for feeling that way. It’s what they see on TV and all, you know?

    I’ve had Leaf fans giving me a hard time because the Flyers/Leafs thing has heated up during recent years. But is it really a “rivalry”? They use the term in our conversation, but it loses me every time because as far as I am concerned the Flyer’s rivals are the Rangers and the Devils. We have a side thing going with the Leafs when the weather warms up, but if you don’t beat your true rivals all year long the Leafs end up playing them in the playoffs – not the Flyers.

    I check to see who the Devils have acquired when moves are made because they are a team that I worry about and consider a rival. Don’t get me wrong though – while I don’t consider it a “rivalry”, if I catch a Leafs score on TV I do like to see them lose more than I like to see them win, but nothing like with the Devils or Rangers.

    Besides all that, I don’t mind the fans celebrating each playoff round that the Leafs win. I feel like doing the same thing when the Flyers win a round in the playoffs, but it’s different here. It’s different EVERYWHERE, actually. If another team had that type of concentration of hardcore fans, maybe they would do the same thing. It’s a relief when your team gets through a round of the most grueling playoff tourney the planet has ever seen. And if you feel as passionate about your team as I do, you want to celebrate. It just so happens that in Toronto, everyone is as passionate about their team as I am about mine. I would actually enjoy that type of atmosphere around here (minus the media stuff and the crazy fan stuff), but it’s impossible. And don’t mix up the fans with the players. It’s acceptable for the fans to celebrate a playoff win or a conference championship, even though it would be unacceptable to see the players skating around the conference trophy.

    The bottom line for me is that nothing is going to change, so why worry about it? I wish some of the Leaf fans would knock off the crap and stop thinking that every time a player’s contract is up, or they end up on the trading block, that they are all headed to Toronto and all that stuff, but so what? It’s not going to change, and so what? Why should it change? All of this stuff is just what they do in Toronto. It’s one of the things that make them unique. The league wouldn’t be as enjoyable without them.

    And as far as the rivalry stuff goes, I’ll say it again: I hate the Devils and I hate the Rangers. They are the rivals for my particular team. I don’t think too much about any other team in that sense, but if the Leaf fans can wait until the playoffs I will be more than happy to hate them for a couple of weeks.

    I don’t know, I just don’t hate them as much as they want me to! I hate some of their players and I hate a good portion of their fans, but hating a portion of players and fans doesn’t seem to make me hate the organization or want the Toronto Maple Leafs disbanded and forgotten about.

    Sorry guys, I think you’re obnoxious but a hockey fan is a hockey fan. I may not respect a lot of what some Maple Leaf fans have to say, but it isn’t going to make me hate your team. Every team is hated by someone, but I think Toronto fans sometimes see hatred that isn’t even really there.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion.

    Man, that’s a long post!

  23. Phenom3150 says:

    Damn, that IS a long post! Well written, too. Being from Toronto, I’m well aware of the obviously biased media here. They don’t even try to hide it any more, it’s everywhere. I’m not a player hater myself….although, Domi almost signed with Dallas two years ago, before Quinn convinced him at the last second to stay with Toronto. I’d be lying if I said I wish Domi had left the Leafs for Dallas, lol.

    Anyways, yeah it’s pretty much the whole team that bugs me, the “poor me” attitude they bring up whenever a penalty is called (you can really hear the boos at the game, or MOJO Radio’s Joe Bowen saying “Oh I’m not too sure about THAT call!”, pretty frequently. Does the team have talented players? Sure. Devoted, intelligent fans? Absolutely. Rivalries? Yep, Montreal and Ottawa, both pretty one-sided in terms of results but one-sided all the same.

    Will the Leafs or their fans ever change? Never. We’ve gotta live with em.

  24. raine_kalisz says:

    I’m a big fan of McCabe. He may not be a dominant number one defenceman, like a Blake or a Pronger, but he’s the closest thing to it the Leafs are ever going to get. He hits, can shoot it like the best, skate, pass, and play decent enough defence. He’s also, in my opinion on of the best defencemen in the league when it comes to playing 2 on 1’s, probably because he has so much practice with it. As for the ‘can-opener’, every defenceman who isn’t 6’4″ uses it.

    Don’t get me wrong you raise a lot of good points, but I think you go overboard with a lot of your criticism. You’re being a little overanalytical. The leafs aren’t as overrated as you say, or they wouldn’t have made it as far as they have over the last few years, and wouldn’t have been able to put up that beautiful run they did at the start of the year.

  25. IceyCup says:

    jealous of their fans?

    where did I say that?

    are you reading what I wrote or are you just listening to the inane chatter in your head as you read?

    I smell jealousy again HABBY.

    Thanks for proving my point.

  26. simplyhabby says:

    “The only real sh*t that they’ve stepped in, as far as I can see, is their lack of solid prospects and their current roster age. But then again you never know which prospects are going to step up and which are going to fade.

    Am I jealous of the Leafs? Hell ya, I am.”

    Indicating how jealous you are about the leafs means you are envious of the fans as well. How can you be jealous of a team and not be so about the fans. Its like a Sudanese being jealous about Canada or the US but not being jealous about the citizens.

    Speaking of inane chatter, why would a Hab fan be jealous? Buddy, I have seen multiple cups in my life time and currently enjoying a prosperous future for the Habs as they are a top 3 team in prospects. (The only one that made the playoffs last year)

    Proving your point that your written tripe regarding jealousy is ignorant? Proving your point that your feeble attempt to win a debate was futile?

    I guess I did.

  27. IceyCup says:


    i don’t come here to debate.

    looks like you do though.

    nice life there pal.

    lol. sure was easy to get a rise out of you.

  28. PayUpSucka says:

    You know what was even funnier? Belak pummelling the big lanky fuc k. The guy is 10 feet tall he’d throw anyone around like that.

  29. rojoke says:

    Do I, a life-long Habs fan, hate the Leafs? No more than I hate any of the other teams in the league. I do hate the fact that Hockey Night In Canada has seemingly become Hockey Night In Toronto over the past few years, to the neglect of certainly the Ottawa Senators, who have been as competitve with the Leafs in the standings the last three or four years, while managing to cover the Canucks, Flames and Oilers with much more equity. The Habs have stunk for much of the past few years, so their absence outside of when they play in heaven – I mean the ACC – is certainly explicable. I just wonder if, should the teams’ fortunes be reversed, would the telecast become Hockey Night In Montréal? I can always dream, can’t I?

  30. simplyhabby says:

    It is easy for the ignorant to get a rise out of me because the pathetic deserve to be identified and handled accordingly.

    I hate to break it to you but conflicting with a point is either called argument or politically, a debate.

    What I find really funny that you say I have a nice life (BTW thanks, I very much enjoy my wide range of social activities, fiancee, house and job) when you were the one who wrote the igonorant tripe about jealousy.

    What else can you fathom today? What other kind of futile rebuttles can you dream up that goes beyond the “I know you are but what am I” philosophy?

    BTW, this is a forum for discussion and debate…what do you come here for……one handed typing looking at Naslund?

  31. hockeyhead says:

    habby…you sounded so mature until that last line….i liked it anyway. LOL

  32. simplyhabby says:

    LOL Thanks HH. Hey btw, have you been following the AHL? Providence is in a dog fight for the final playoff spot. The same with Hamilton. I watched a bulldogs and Moose game last night. It was a very entertaining game.

  33. hockeyhead says:

    i have just been looking at the standings in the hockeynews. i also go on the baby b’s web site to get stats….but tv coverage is a negative….in my area they show a random ahl game on comcast like every three weeks.

    i don’t know why nesn doesnt cover them. i have seen more ncaa games than ahl.

    i do know that they have some really good kids down there. hannu is the best prospect which is exciting. bergeron of course and then some maybe’s in boyes and hilbert. jurcina will also make a stab on the blue line.

    the b’s have better prospects in the ncaa and in europe. i would nt mind watching these guys as replacements.

    you know if either one makes it (prov or ham) they will be in that lame first round that they have in the ahl. 2 game series or something like that.

  34. Aetherial says:

    Really no sense even debating these points with you.

    Honestly, I am just surprised that this article even made it on the board. I would like to think that if we had a season and something else to discuss that this would not be printed here.

    Wholly unoriginal… we have heard it ALL before over and over and over and over… it was not all true then, isn’t all true now, and much of it could be said of many other teams and fans… so whatever.

  35. simplyhabby says:

    Well the AHL coverage up here is not much better but Sportsnet plays a lot of St John’s and Hamilton games (alot being 10 or so).

    Brad Boye’s is an excellent blue chip prospect. I have a feeling that the B’s are about to get really young and start from scratch again. They did it when they draftedThorton and became the beast from the east. I am sure they can do it again.

    Not a bad youth core with Bergeron, Thorton (a young vet), Raycroft and Samsonov with Boyes and Hilbert coming up fast.

  36. hockeyhead says:

    it is ironic that we (habs-bruins fans) should be talking about prospects on a maple leaf thread.

    what is more funny is that boyes was a draft pick of the leafs and was packaged in the owen “oldwen” nolan trade.

    the bruins have a ton of young talent. they have the legacy line in potential. ryan walters kid, pierre mondous kid and nordiques peter stastnys son.

    the irony is amazing.

  37. hockeywriterwanted says:

    I Love this article!!!!!!!

    NOw the thing is –I can’t get to who wrote it meaning contact them! I want to publish this in a magazine. Whoever wrote this article on “why the world hates the leafs” PLEASEEEEEEE email me so I can give you more information:


    and to everyone else, whoever has an opinion on hockey or general sports, we are always loking for writers! Email away!

    Information on the magazine-email us!

    From an Avid Leaf Fan

  38. hockeyhead says:

    do you get paid?

  39. nordiques100 says:

    if this is run by jeremy jacobs then most certainly you wont get paid.

    i wonder if this is spam

  40. PayUpSucka says:

    Yeah well now you know I felt in the 80’s having to watch the god damn habs every saturday, haha. Then again the leafs only won like 10 games a year back then. I think it may have more to do with the fact that CBC’s audience for leaf games is on average 25% higher when the leafs play than any other canadian team.

    A solution would be to pit canadian teams against each other every Saturday. Make everyone happy.

  41. hockeyhead says:

    you know nords…being a bruins fan of over 20 years i can tell you that i hate jacobs and know that it is he alone who has stopped boston from haviing a cup.

    it makes me hurt inside when you bring that mans name up in posts directed at me.

    let us have a friendly bet man to man….who wins the cup first? leafs or bruins. LOL.

  42. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Leafs for sure!

  43. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    If he doesn’t pass the puck to the Sens and Flyers I’m just fine with Karpotsev.

  44. nordiques100 says:

    sorry man. i meant no offense. my team the leafs has had the worst ever owner in sports with harold ballard killing the team for 20 years. i know what it is like to have terrible ownership.

    it is always nice to find someone else who has to share in teh same troubles i had to deal with for years with the ballard leafs. poor ownership killing legitimate franchises for no good reason.

    the leafs would win for sure.

  45. PayUpSucka says:

    Forget it boys. You both will be long dead before that happens. haha.

    Let’s bring’er back to the original 6 then we’ll talk cup.

  46. PayUpSucka says:

    To the flyers in game 6 bro. Thats it. You guys all forget the two game winners he had against the sens and flyers that same year.

    He’s plus 16 in his playoff career against the sens, where his counterpart, Wade Redden is a minus 9 playoff lifetime against the leafs.

    There’s some analogy for ya!

  47. hockeyhead says:

    i know you didn’t mean anything nords…and i didnt either…just joshin around.

    it is true that we have similar pains.

    do i bet against nords and leafy or do i agree with nocup?????

    i will take the ignornant route and say BRUINS in less than 5 years.

    two of the best young goalies, two of the best young forwards (14,19) and a young crew coming up to join the budding nicky boynton on the blue line. this team if kept together (JACOBS!!!!!!) could be a contender.

    i could of been a contender. LOL. too bad you guys dont have a bunch of youngsters. the leafs are like the yankees…win now mentality.

  48. anionnat says:

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  49. Prynce says:

    Anyone in Canada who isnt a Leafs fan is an American in sheep’s clothing.

  50. anionnat says:

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