Wild and Ducks Updates and Rumors

The Star Tribune is reporting that Doug Risebrough (Wild G.M.) is not tipping his hand regarding a possible trade. In other news (different article) it appears that the Ducks will meet with Neidermayer to find out his intentions for the future.

In the case of the Wild it is noted that the Wild may not deal Backstrom at the deadline because Risebrough is rightfully concerned about how the Wild would earn a playoff spot without him.

Some of the names that are mentioned in this article include that the “Wild would be to perhaps trade potential free agents such as Stephane Veilleux, Martin Skoula or Bergeron.” It is also mentioned that the Wild may have interest in Jokinen of the Coyotes.

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Ducks Update

While it is noted in the article that the Ducks apparently do not have intentions to trade Neidermayer at this point it is interesting that the Ducks are meeting with Neidermayer at this point (just before the deadline) to fine out if he is likely to resign next season.

It is reported in the article that “Niedermayer, 35, stands to become an unrestricted free agent after this season, which concludes the four-year, $27 million contract the former New Jersey Devils defenseman signed with the Ducks in 2005. He would undoubtedly fetch plenty on the trade market, particularly from a team chasing the Stanley Cup this season, but Murray isn’t likely to entertain offers.”


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  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    What the Ducks do could drastically effect the tradedeadline……….the anticipation is killing me!!!!

  2. Plekanec says:

     A lot of GM out there will be waiting for Nieder or Pronger before making other trade, your absolutaly right!

     I CAN'T wait for wednesday!

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