Wild Claim Weinhandl From Islanders

The Minnesota Wild have claimed winger, Mattias

Weinhandl of waivers from the New York Islanders.

Weinhandl played in 53 games for the Isles this year and has 2 goals, 4 assists and 14 penalty minutes.


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  1. JannettyTheRocker says:

    This news was worthy of it’s own thread??? ok….

  2. sakic91 says:

    hahah him n Daigle would make good linesmates

  3. wildy96 says:

    I dunno what to make of this hes young and from his profile he seems to have a lot of potential! i can see that the islanders dint give him much of a chance cus he avged bout 7 minutes of icetime this season! i dunno yet! but hey the wild have a habit of makin the right choices on players nobody else seems to want and turns them into better players! GO WILD!

  4. zdeno_duchesne says:

    based on what i’ve seen of mattias weinhandel, he’s a pretty good player… defensively. right up jacques lemaire’s alley.

  5. SabresFan220 says:

    I’m surprised the Isles would just waive Weinhandl, although he hasn’t been great this season. He’s a young player who could turn it around in Minnesota. Daigle had a reasonably good year on a bad Wild team last season, but returned to the form of the Alex of old. I guess nobody was gonna trade for Weinhandl, or the Isles thought no one would claim him.

  6. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Well, now this is good news. Alexandre Daigle is placed on waivers. Although he’s never lived up to his hype, he still has some serious offensive skills. I hope the Oilers pick him up off waivers as a 2nd/3rd line scorer/playmaker. With Minnesota’s defense orientated system, he didn’t get a chance to show his stuff. But with the Oiler’s run-and-gun offense and speed, Daigle could once again find his form…………C’mon K-Lowe, make it happen.

  7. NYIGoalie23 says:

    They couldn’t have kept him around a little longer? maybe used him as part of a trade. he is a pretty decent young player. but the isles never seem to make good moves anyway.

  8. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Well, mad-Mike is still in charge right? Then, this move makes sense…….

  9. NYIGoalie23 says:

    Yup Milbury stepped down yet he is still in charge. Can the Isles find a replacement already? damn.

  10. RangerSteve says:

    Why do I have a feeling that this guy could just explode offensively? Whoever said it above said it best- why didn’t they hold him to make a move? Granted the guy hasn’t really hit his full potential I’m sure that he could have been wanted by a number of teams.

  11. tacitus says:

    i dont get it

    Daigle 46-5-23-28 at 13 min a game hes sixth on the team in points

    Weinhandl 52-2-4-6 in 7 and half minutes a game. Sure he younger but i mean seriously on a team that sucks offesively why get rid of ur 6th highest player for a chump? Calgary did the same thing with Marc Savard years ago, they traded him away when he was top 5 on the team then complained they needed more offense

  12. The-President says:

    Wheres the source? Once again plagerism

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