Wild for an Upgrade?

Firstly: Happy new year :D!!! Thanks for all the support and criticsm from the readers of my writing.

I thought, whgile on the topic of fresh starts…how about the Minnesota Wild? The most obscure thing, aside from a second line of Bouchard-Cullen-Powe, and a third line of Gillies-Brodziak-Johnson; is probably their defensive lines.
No, I don’t know why it works so well, nor do I know who Nate Prosser is. What i do know is an upgrade couldn’t hurt. If the Wild want to do damage in the playoffs, they will very likely need to acquire some experience and…well…more experience. SO who could be on the move?

To Minnesota:
Jan Hejda
Shane O’brien

To Colorado:
Mat Cullen
6th round pick

Why this trade works: No, its not a blockbuster, but it can definitely be beneficial to both teams. Watch for Colorado to be buyers this coming deadline, and Mat Cullen would make a great bottom 6 forward for the avalanche, assuming Van der Gulk doesn’t stay with the team.

To Boston:
Marek Zidlicky
Pierre Marc Bouchard

To Minnesota:
Dennis Seidenberg
David Krejci

This one’s slightly strange, I do realize. But Seidenberg adds experience and heart to the Wild Lineup. Also, perhaps Bouchard, being the talented scorer that he once was with his minor league club, could once again reach that full potential with the Bruins. Lucic-Bouchard-Horton?

Last one:

To Minnnesota:
Jon Carlson
John Erskine
Alex Semin

To Washington:
1st in 2012
Kyle Brodziak
Brad Staubitz
5th in 2012

is that enough to get a struggling Semin out of Washington?

Heatly-Koivu-Semin…how cool would that be?

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  1. reinjosh says:

    I don't see why the Wild go for Krejci. It's unneeded. They already have a borderline top line center in Koivu. Plus Seidenberg is a pretty liked piece in Boston. PMB and Krejci are both injury prone so I say keep the devil you know.

    The last trade is just bad for Washington. Carlson is viewed as a top 4 dman with top PP ability. I can't see them trading him. Semin could get moved for the rest though I suppose. Seems unlikely though. I think they would prefer to move him to a team who can give them a young piece that could step in right away.
    First trade? Sure, why not. 

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