Wild Not Looking to Rush Fernandez trade????

TwinCitites.com is reporting that the Wild are in no rush to trade Manny Fernandez now that they have locked up Nik Backstrom to a two year contract. HTR believes that this is completely false and that the Wild will be looking to deal Fernandez at the draft.

The reality is that Fernandez is a good goalie who is sought after and the Wild will be able to get a good asset back in return. Another big reality is that Fernandez earns 4.3 million dollars which is a huge hit to the cap space. It is well known that the are a number of teams who are looking for a quality goalie this off season most notably the Florida Panthers and the Los Angeles Kings. In any regard it will be interesting to see what develops.

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9 Responses to Wild Not Looking to Rush Fernandez trade????

  1. jakebmwe46 says:

    i dont see the king trading for a goalie. Or they wont trade a lot they are rebuilding and have a NO 1 goalie in there system.

  2. modk09 says:

    Manny is very overrated and his numbers are better because of the system he plays in. that said, someone will pick him up but the team has to say theyre not looking to deal him or they have no barganing power

  3. modk09 says:

    um, who exactly are you referring to? Burke? Cloutier? their best goalie is LaBarbera and he has 1 season as a #1A goalie in the NHL thats it. getting a goalie with only a year or 2 left could be good as it nurses LaBarbera into NHL readiness. The owners and GM should never have listened to Crawford and signed Cloutier who was done after the Lindstrom goal years ago

  4. jakebmwe46 says:

    Jonathan Bernier I know he wont be nhl ready for 3 or so years, but i dont is dean trading to get Manny. they should of tried for Biron since his asking price was low.

  5. fernz says:

    i would like to see fernandez come to toronto and heres a deal:

    To Toronto: Fernandez, and johnsson

    To Wild:Kubina, Wozniewski, Nash, and a 3rd or 4th round draft pick.

  6. Neely4Life says:

    Why on earth would the Wild want to trade their PP QB to the Leafs, and the Leafs want that type of player when they have Kaberle? Even if they wild wanted to do this, its a shit trade, give your head a shake, u sound like an idiot.  Do you just throw names in there for the sake of it? And why would any team in the league want Nash when he cant even crack Toronto's lineup at this point?  He got traded for telqvist, and now u want a number one D for him, and a starting goalie, for a number 5. 6 D at best, and a late draft pick? This is why people say Leaf fans are idiots, when most of them arnt, and dont call me a leaf hater, because you being a moron has nothing to do with me hating the leafs.

  7. CaptainAvery says:

    Why not trade him, god If I was Armstrong I'd be moving Ferny immediately and get some cap room to bring in another checking defenceman, offensive defenceman, and a top 2 line scoring winger. The Wild may be a good team come this season if they do what I just said.

  8. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Everybody overlooked something here. Giguere is a free agent too. Everybody will go after him, once he's taken, Fernandez's stock will rise immediately since there's even fewer #1 potential starting goalies out there. The Wild are probably waiting for Giguere to sign somewhere before trading Manny.

  9. kamullia says:

    Having seen the list of upcoming free-agent goaltenders, Fernandez’ stock I am sure is way high, considering franchises like Tampa Bay who would love to upgrade their goaltending.

    I think the Wild are not in a hurry, as it was said, but if they get a good deal thrown at them, you can bet they will pull the trigger. Add to this that Hasek might be done, and Detroit could be looking, and I believe a nice deal will be thrown the Wild’s way and Fernandez will be moved.

    I bet the Wild will be more willing to trade him towards the East, but with the cap issues and depending the return, they might be willing to put up having to face Fernandez more often.

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