Wild to go after Parise

Zach Parise declined to discuss his future on Monday night after the New Jersey Devils’ season came to an end with a Game 6 loss to the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals, but the expectation remains that the Minnesota Wild will make a very strong push to sign the unrestricted free agent.

Former North Stars president and general manager Lou Nanne confirmed as much on Tuesday during his weekly appearance on “Reusse and Mackey” on 1500 ESPN. Nanne said that after talking to Wild owner Craig Leipold last week he believes, “the Wild are going to throw the kitchen sink” at the winger in order to land him.

Nanne said he thinks the fact the financially strapped Devils lost in the Cup finals make it less likely that Parise will stick with that organization. Parise has spent his seven-year NHL career with New Jersey and served as the team’s captain.

“I was under the belief that he would have to win the Cup to come to Minnesota until I talked to Craig Leipold last week,” Nanne said. “I’ve gotta tell you, the Wild are going to throw the kitchen sink at him. I think there’s a good chance he ends up in Minnesota, because I don’t see anybody in the National Hockey League willing to give as much to Parise as the Wild are going to be willing to give. So I would not be surprised if Zach Parise came home.”

Nanne went on to say that the Wild will pursue Parise and Nashville defenseman Ryan Suter, who also will be a free agent on July 1.

“They’re going to do everything in their power to get them,” Nanne said. “And I would not be surprised if they got them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t get them. But I have to tell you, if they don’t get them it’s going to be confusing to me — especially Parise, because I really believe the Wild will pay more than anybody else for him.”

The Red Wings, Rangers and Penguins also have been mentioned as potential landing spots for Parise, whose father J.P. played with the North Stars.



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  1. nordiques100 says:

    I think the Wild are going after both Parise and Suter.

    They brought in Suter’s close friend and former college D partner Tom Gilbert at the trade deadline. And they badly need help upgrading their defence right now.

    Parise is from Minnesota originally and could return “home”.

    They desperately need scoring help up front. Even if Bouchard and Latendresse are healthy.

    If I am Toronto, maybe in this scenario you “help” their cap situation getting Backstrom on the cheap. Maybe getting someone like Clutterbuck in the process for taking on the 6 mil.

    They will need to clear some financial obligations to make it happen as the two free agents are probably going to get at least $7 mil each

    • reinjosh says:

      Getting Backstrom would be help enough I think. Clutterbuck is way, way to valuable to be used as incentive to save cap.

      Parise and Suter would be crazy additions for them. It would definitely be a huge coup for Chuck Fletcher and might distinguish him as a top GM.

      Although they may just prefer to stick within the team for fixing the scoring help. They have Granlund and Coyle almost locks to make the team, which might make them think going after a Parise might not be the best use of cap space (can they afford to offer both Parise and Suter 7 million plus a year each?)

      • JoelLeafs says:

        Well they ave 20 million+ in space heading into next season. Yeah, they need to sign and resign quite a few, but I think they are in a good position to re-shape this team. Beyond Heater, Koivu, Bouchard, Gilbert, and Backstrom, they don’t have anyone signed to 4mil or more. If they dump Backstrom they would have nearly 30 mil at the current cap numbers to fill holes and resign. Cliff could really go nuts and reshape the whole team.

        I have to say though, it would be pretty sweet to swing a deal for Backtrsom and Clutterbuck. Not sure what it would take to get the deal done (and really, I can’t see them parting with Cal), but that would be sick. I can always dream…

        • reinjosh says:

          Good point.

          Fletcher could really make that team deadly. Add Suter and Parise in addition to Coyle and Granlund plus a Trouba/Reinhart/Reilly/Ceci/Dumba and Minnesota is laughing.

          Clutterbuck would be awesome but I just can’t see any sane reason why Minnesota woudl trade him. For all the reasons I’d want him, they would want to keep him. A guy can dream though haha.

          • Shoelesshobo says:

            On HFboards I tend to talk to a lot of the minny fans, oddly enough I find them the most level headed of the bunch. The consensus on Clutterbuck is he is highly valued to the organization but they are looking for upgrades on defence a nice few of them seem to like Jesse Blacker as he is close to NHL ready. Could work something out around him if you really want Clutterbuck as he would be a huge upgrade on our third line.

            • reinjosh says:

              I agree with that. I’ve always like Minny fans on HFboards. They know their shit and aren’t usually asshats.

              Clutterbuck for Blacker? I’d be interested for sure. I’m wary of him going forward though. Sooner or later the way he plays is going to start affecting his body and he’s going to start missing games but I’m still a fan.

  2. ZillyHoo says:

    Get rid of Heatley and it’ll be all good

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