Will Clarke finally get a Goalie for the playoffs??

Or will the Flyers be forced to rely on their future goaltender in Robert Eshe? Or even worse the OVERRATED Jeff Hackett? Lets face it, the Flyers need a goalie as bad as the Eagles need a Wide Receiver.
I don’t want to criticize Eshe because I think he has potential in the future, but can he really get the job DONE this year? If the playoffs started this week the Flyers would have to play the Montreal Canadians, meaning Eshe would have to out-duel Jose Theodore. I think we all know who would win that battle.

With next year up in the air as to whether or not we will even have a season; I think the Flyers window of opportunity may be closing. This team is getting OLD, and FAST: Roenick (34), Recchi (36), LeClair (34), Amonte (33), Primeau (32), Dejardins (34), Weinrich (37), Lapointe (35), Therien (32), Brashear (32), Ragnarsson (32), and Hackett (35). It is quite possible that all these players might be two years older next time we have an NHL season. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think the Flyers need to make a HUGE move and FINALLY pull in a proven goaltender. If the Flyers can get someone in net I think they have as good of a chance in winning the cup as anyone.

Now the question is which goalies should we pursue? Personally I don’t think I would bother with Sean Burke or Martin Biron. I don’t think these guys would be too much of an upgrade on what we have now. There are three goalies however that I think have the potential of getting the job done: Kolzig, Khabibulin, and Hasek. Kolzig and Hasek are a risk, however if they get hot in the playoffs they have the potential to carry this team. I would rather take my chances with one of these guys then what we have now. Khabibulin on the other hand definitely has a few good years left in him, and could really shine for this team.

This is where our hope lies. Though year after year there are plenty of rumors about Flyers getting a goalie, though it never happens. Lets face it our best chance is that Eshe will get hurt while Hackett is still recovering, forcing Clarke to make a move. Realistically, Clarke will probably make a move for a forward at the deadline leaving us to the same fate that has plagued us in the past. I for one am keeping my fingers crossed! So Eshe please do us all a favor and pull your groin, because Clarke isn’t going to pull the trigger unless he absolutely has to.