Will Czechs be champs?

I’m not Czech or anything, but since there seems to be a few posts about possible lineups for the World Cup, I thought I might take a chance at speculating who could possibly be on the Czech Republic’s rosterCenters

Radek Bonk

Robert Reichel

Martin Straka

Robert Lang

Left Wing

Patrick Elias

Petr Sykora ( Anaheim)

Martin Rucinsky

Vaclav Varada

Right Wing

Jaromir Jagr

Milan Hejduk

Martin Havlat

Ales Hemsky

others: Josef Vacicek, Jan Bulis, Radek Dvorak, Jan Hrdina


Jiri Fischer

Tomas Kaberle

Roman Hamrlik

Pavel Kubina

Karel Rachunek

Rostislav Kesla

Martin Skoula


Martin Prusek

Tomas Vokoun

Roman Turek

* Hasek could be the starter, but it’s not sure what he will do after this season. HE might play, but in case he doesn’t there should be the three goalies*

As usual the Czechs will be a formidable adversary to teams like Canada and the US. If Hasek plays and plays like he can, then the Czechs could cause an upset and possibly win the World Cup. Otherwise, some bright spots on defense ( Kesla, Fischer, Kaberle) but not as strong as Canada or the US.

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  1. kovalev says:

    nice lineup what about Nedved or Holik, Patera

  2. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    I think Nedved and Holik can’t qualify because Nedved has Canadian citizenship and played for Team Canada, while Holik has an american citizenship. I think international hockey rules state that you can’t play for two countries.

    As for Patera, i know he once was a Dallas Stars prospect, but i don’t know how he does. Of course its possible the Czechs will do like in Nagano and select some players from their own league.

  3. TC_4 says:

    Chechmanek over Turek. I would start Vokoun, but that’s just my opinion. Your right, this team defintley could take this tournament. But then again, the only team out of the big 6 that I believe won’t have too good of shot is Finland. They just don’t have the depth the other teams have, nor do they have a TRUE first line centre(as compared to the rest of the teams). Koivu is good, but he’s no Modano or Roenick, he’s no Mario or Sakic, and he’s no Forsberg. Mind you the Chech’s don’t have one either, in fact I’ll take Koivu way before I take Bonk or Lang(with the exception of how good Lang’s been this season), but the Fin’s just don’t have the star power either. Selanne has fallen, Koivu, Numminem is getting old, Pitkkanen is too young, Leithnen isn’t great, they just don’t have it. I know this comment kind of got stired towards the Fin’s, I just thought I would explain it all in great detail though.

  4. TC_4 says:

    Good call, but I pretty sure they can play for the Cezch’s in the World Cup. It’s not an IIHF event. I’m certain Nedved played for them in 96, and I know he had his citizenship then. But I don’t know, the rules may have changed for this Cup, that was 8 years ago.

  5. Aetherial says:

    Great on RW, average Defense.

    Everything else leads me to believe they will not threaten Sweden, USA, Russia, or Canada.

  6. Hyfte says:

    Vokoun will be the starter with Cechmaneck as the back up and Prusek as 3rd string.

  7. Topshelf says:

    Here’s what mu lineup would look like!!!!!









    V.Prospal(Czech I believe)







    M.Straka(if healthy)

    A.Hemsky(under 22)

    M.Erat(under 22)








    R.Klesla(under 22)

  8. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    As an Ottawa resident and having seen Martin Prusek in action a few times, i would honestly say that he is better than Cechmanek. Although not very flashy, his style is less nerve-wrecking and plays very well under pressure. If anything Cechmanek could be the third string.

  9. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    The Czechs shouldn’T be underestimated. If Jaromir Jagr plays at his full potential, the Czechs wil their “secondary” firepower ( Hejduk, Havlat, Elias) could spend more time attacking then defending. Even their defense ( well the one i put up anyway) is not bad. Mobile ( Kaberle, Hamrlik, Skoula) and tough ( Kubina, Fischer, Rachunek).

    All depends on how they play as a group of course. In the last world cup, they were horrible because they didn’t play as a unit.

  10. Lint07 says:

    Vokoun should definately be the starter unless Cechmanek finally find a way to perform with success a lateral movement….

    *very unlikely*

  11. Primis says:

    I’ll echo the sentiments of some of the other responders.

    Very good Forwards. Good/Decent Goaltending. So-so- Blueline.

    And the forwards I see, most of them aren’t very good two-way players.

    On paper right now I’d rank the Czech’s tied at 4th with the US (*IF* Team USA doesn’t blow it by picking all the old guys again and goes a bit yougner), with Sweden, Canada, and Russia ahead of them 1-3 in that order.

    — Primis.

  12. rojoke says:

    As far as the player eligibility rules go, I think they’re using the IIHF rules in most cases, relating to a played like Nedved choosing to play for Czech Republic or Canada. For someone like Evgeni Nabokov, who can’t play for Russia at IIHF events, they may allow it because Kazakhstan isn’t a participating country.

    And while it isn’t and IIHF organized tournament, it is an IIHF sanctioned event, which could mean that their national eligibilty rules are being followed.

    Come to think of it, I haven’t even heard whether or not Nedved even expressed interest in playing in the tournament at all, or any tournament for that matter. Can anyone verify or contradict that?

  13. rojoke says:

    I wouldn’t underestimate the Finns. They, along with Canada, probably have the deepest goaltending of any team involved. And in a short tournament, hot goaltending can be ridden straight to the final.

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