Will Fedorov leave Detroit?

TFP has reported that Sergei Fedorov was very upset over his ice in Detroit’s 5-3 loss to Colorado.Federov played 14 minutes and 59 second that is well below his average of 20 minutes and 58 seconds.Federov also hinted that there can be other factors “maybe it’s because my contract is up. Maybe something else. I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m just upset.” Sources in Detroit say that actually is a possibility. But for all you Detroit fans I don’t think he will leave even though he is a unrestricted free agent after the season.

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  1. Tony says:

    I think those comments were made after a very emotional game, and he didn’t really mean them. For anyone who saw the game, it was one of the best games of the year and had stanely cup playoffs written all over it. Detroit played one of their best games of the season and lost a very close game to their most hated rival, Colorado. Why wouldn’t Fedorov be upset. Detroit has looked very good the last 2 games, including Cujo, even though they have lost both games. When Detroit starts to turn things around I think Fedorov will be happy again and less upset. This is nothing new either, last year Fedorov wanted more ice time so Bowman put him on D and he responded. Maybe Lewis should try that out.

  2. jammer21 says:

    to answer the question posed in the title of your article…………………..


  3. Tradedude says:

    Yup, I seen the game, actually first 2 periods, I know I should have stayed for the 3rd, but 2nd half of 2nd period was BORING AS HELL!!! anyhoo, the 1st period was filled with some highlight reels. Forsberg, WHAT A PASS to Hejduk on that first goal, and WHAT SHOT BY HEJDUK, man! And if you think that was a great shot, try hsi next goal, frigin top corner as hell. Wow, some real goals in that game. Holmstroms goals were pretty good, (except the one that was deflected on of a skater in front of the net) I know Roy was keep coming out of the net, nto just for shots, but for little things like getting the puck. Ya, you probly already know that by now, but he was floppin around like a dolphin, at times he looked horrible!

    Oh well, it was a good game, I thought, not many fights in the 1st 2 periods, but still competitive.

    Fedorov, yes, I agree, Detroit is his home, and always his home. I’m sure he’ll just end up back in Detroit. What he says now, doesn’t mean anything in the future.

    I’m still tryin’ to figure out WHY did he only play 14 minutes, just WHY?????

  4. Nineball says:

    Man it would be weird to see Federov in a different jersey.

  5. sportside24 says:

    I think Fedorov’s decision will be made over how well they do in the playoffs, because if they don’t do well this team is going to have many changes made to it in the next two years… The players are mostly too old and will retire within 2 years.. I guessing he’ll sign elsewhere in the summer.. This is not the same team as last year and that will affect his choice a lot this summer…

  6. titans says:

    Federov can’t leave Detroit! I mean can you really see Sergei Federov wearing a Columbus Blue Jackets or an Atlanta Thrashers jersey. Just wouldn’t be right!

  7. edmontonrules says:

    No. But I could see him in an Edmonton jersey. But now I’m only dreaming.

  8. mikster says:

    Dave Lewis is not that good….weird, i thought he’d be the best out there.

  9. mikster says:

    Well, he should be upset…15 minutes of ice time is ridiculous. This guy is basically your number one center, Yzerman is out and you only give him 15 mins of ice time? Dave Lewis has also disappointed me….thought he’d be better.

    I doubt Detroit will let him walk, especially since Yzerman will retire after this season.

    Right now, Fedorov knows he owns Ken Holland. He knows that he will get his money this summer, he knows that Detroit will need him because of Yzerman’s absence…..he doesn’t have any problems. He won his Cups, i think right now he just wants the money, play hockey, and especially win the Gold Medal.

    Fedorov would not care at all if he leaves, Detroit will though. He asked $12M dollars a season…and he will end up, probably getting $11M a season. That could be Detroit, Colorado, Blues, and even the Rangers would be capable of doing that. They will have to let go of Leetch, they will lose Lefebvre, Messier will probablky retire, they might trade Nedved….

    That would trim the payroll down by almost $20M with those players.

    Fedorov has nothing to lose….Detroit does.

  10. BabyLeaf says:

    I think that Fedorov will leave Detroit for sure.

    Didn’t his father make comments last summer that Sergei wanted to leave?

  11. Just-Checking-In says:

    I don’t think you should read to much into this. Right now Fedorov appears fustrated more than anything else.

    Number one, the Line with Boyd Deveroux, Sean Avery and Tomas Holmstrom was playing very well in the 1st and 2nd periods which cut into his ice time against Colorado.

    Also it appears that Fedorov picked up some type of minor injury, perhaps in the scrum where he landed a couple of lefts to the head of Jeff Shantz. After that, Fedorov pretty much found the end of the bench with a ice pack.

    Also do not put much faith into what Fedorov father says. I would trust Larry Brooks or Al Strachan over his father every day of the week.

  12. devfanman4 says:

    This is something Mike Danton/Jefferson would do. I have no problem with Federov being upset, but why did he have to go to the papers? He couldn’t talk to the coaching staff about it after the game? Instead they heard about it from reading the newspapers in the morning. He’s got as many points as Brad Richards this year and he has the nerve to turn down a $50 million contract? Brad Richards is having a good year, but Federov should be 10x better than him. Plus who knows what kind of money will be around in the upcoming years. Making these comments has created turmoil inside the Wings organizations…hopefully for their sake it won’t affect them too much.

  13. aaron says:

    Let’s not forget he was injured for much of the third. Throw that out, and he was like 2 to 3 minutes below his average.

    Frankly, he has reason to be pissed off though. The Wings have played like shit for a month and a half now, I’d be getting a little testy too. Though he does need to prove he deserves the ice time. Pop a few in, why don’t you?

  14. Just-Checking-In says:


    “Instead they heard about it from reading the newspapers in the morning.”

    Actually after getting their quotes they then went to Dave Lewis and a few others for comments and reactions. They knew about the comments long before they appeared in the paper.

  15. Aetherial says:

    He stays in Detroit 95%

    or he goes to the Rangers 4%

    or he goes to the Islanders 1%

    Those are the only teams that *might* pay him the money and that is only if the Islanders could dump Yashin or the Rangers could dump Bure or Lindros or Holik.

  16. matteo says:

    I think he will stay in Detroit. Unless Detroit can dump him on some other team for a no-brainer of a deal. This is really a tough scenario to try to play out, I guess it would all depend on what they could possibly get in return. If he makes it clear he is leaving at the end of the year they would be dumb not to try to trade him. Why would they risk losing him and gaining nothing.

    I am shocked that there haven’t been any Fedorov to the Leafs postings yet…..I thought they would have been frontrunners for sure. Then they can put him on a line with Kovalev and Nolan. Word also has it that Gretzky will be a leaf by the trade deadline.

  17. Nineball says:

    Federov is soooo greedy. I’d have him shot but if that can’t happen it would still be nice to see him with a paycut

  18. swedishvoice says:

    Well may be he will. Yes Federov is probably the Wings #1 guy, but will he be tomorow? maybe not. I think the Wings #1 guy tomorrow will be Henrik Zetterberg, but he is not today… But some time you have to take a chanse and roll the dice. Maybe Federov will be traded when Y-man retires then they have to put the spotlight on Zetterberg and hopefully he will come thrue for them. I mean sone Cuju will retire as well, on the other hand Stefan Liv will replace him so thers no worrys on the golie front.

  19. JStatic87 says:

    I am a huge Detroit fan, and I’ve never been a fan of his. He only shows up two months of the season, and coasts the rest of the year. He played terribly in the game against the Avs, and he hasn’t played well in a while.

    Fedorov is an amazing talent. He should dominate the game night in, night out. He has the skills of Peter Forsberg, but he doesn’t have any heart to go along with it. Fedorov knows he can command his salary, so he won’t go all out anymore.

    Fedorov will be kept by the Wings. I would rather see the Wings trade him for another great center, maybe Mats Sundin or Joe Thornton, even though I don’t think that would ever happen. Much to my dismay, he’ll be a Wing for the remainder of his career.

  20. matteo says:

    Are you loco hombre???

    If the Bruins ever gave up Joe Thornton for Sir-Gay Fedorov the B’s fans would burn down the rink and string the GM up by the cajones.

  21. matteo says:

    Are you loco hombre???

    If the Bruins ever gave up Joe Thornton for Sir-Gay Fedorov the B’s fans would burn down the rink and string the GM up by the cajones.

  22. JStatic87 says:

    Read before you post a reaction dumba$$. I said it probably would never happen in the article. Don’t post a reaction until you read.

  23. rwcrazy says:

    MapleLeafs is a moron.. If you followed Detroit at all you would have heard Fedorov stat that he wants to end his playing days in Detroit.. !! Pay attention !!!

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