Will JFJ Keep Pace in the East?

With the Senators bolstering their lineup yesterday, acquiring proven sniper Peter Bondra, and the Flyers, who’ve stocked up, but lost Roenick for the season, and the Bruins coming on as the NHL’s hottest team of 2004, the Maple Leafs are still holding a spot at the top of the East, however, if they don’t make a few changes soon, they could find themselves on the outside looking in quicker than most think.The Leafs have, to put it bluntly, played some of their worst hockey of the season, the past 6 or 7 games. The abscence of Ed Belfour has revealed many holes that need to be filled in order for the Leafs to be a serious Cup contender.

I watched the first two periods of the Leafs/Bruins game last night, with the exception of Owen Nolan, and Matt Stajan, the Leafs looked flat, unorganized and confused. For as much as you can say that it’s not Trevor Kidd’s fault…he has as much responsibility as every other member of the team.

The whole team is playing like crap; I can’t tell you why, but I can think of a few things that might happen. JFJ is going to pull of some hefty trades pretty quick. He’s going to have to, with the likes of Ottawa picking up Bondra, and Philly picking up Burke, the East gets stronger every week. There are holes that need to be filled in Toronto.

I’m not going to suggest any trade possibilities, because that’s a waste of time on this site. Instead, here’s who I think the Leafs would be smart to go after, if they are serious about a long playoff run.

Jeff O’Neill Bob Boughner and/or Glen Wesley from Carolina

Brendan Witt from Washington

Marchant from Columbus

The Leafs need some depth forwards to challenge teams like Ottawa and Philly. They also need some responsible, stay-at-home guys on the blue-line to tighten up the defence. I think this lineup would be solid for the Leafs in the playoffs…








I really think that JFJ is going to pull the trigger on something pretty soon. He has to keep pace with the likes of Ottawa and Philly before his fans and the media get on his case. Something’s gotta give sooner rather than later…