Will Keenan make the Panthers, or break them?

Since Mike Keenan has taken over as GM of the Florida Panthers, many rumors have come up. However, I can’t help but notice that nothing has happened yet…Most notably Bill Guerin, Jason Arnott, Mark Parrish (Pre-Keenan), and now Joe Thornton (thefourthperiod) have been rumored to be close to becoming Panthers. This would likely mean the departure of either Huselius or Weiss or both! I think both of these players could use a change in scenery.

The Panthers are young. They have time on their side. Nathan Horton, Jay Bouwmeester, and Roberto Luongo, and maybe Anthony Stewart are the future of this team. Luongo had a career best year, but faced more shots in one season than any other goaltender in NHL history. So what does that say to GM Mike Keenan? Obviously, it hasn’t gotten through to him that the Panthers need vetern leadership on DEFENSE to take this club to the next level. Yeah, a star power-forward would be nice. So would a few top-line guys to play along with that forward. Along with Horton, Stewart, and Huselius or Weiss, upfront your team is looking pretty good. You might even make the playoffs…well, no.

What I’m trying to say here is Keenan needs to focus his efforts on aquiring a good vetern D-man if he wants to take this team to the next level.

So let’s say Keenan makes the Guerin deal happen. Maybe he even picks up Arnott as well. Now let’s say he makes a pitch for someone like Ziggy Palffy or Brendan Shanahan to play along with Guerin. Now you’ve got a hell of a first line, but with Luongo playing on overdrive everynight, your not going anywhere.

What I’m trying to say here is Keenan needs to focus his efforts on aquiring a good vetern D-man if he wants to take this team to the next level. It now looks as if Pronger will be locked up by the Blues, so cross that out. Chelios is too old, and it looks like he’ll either re-sign with detroit, or make a dash to the retirement home known as the Leafs. Malakhov or Schneider would be a nice pickup for Florida, but I think the only way Keenan will find that franchise D-man is via trade.

Any ideas for trade proposals? What possibly available defenseman would be on your list if you were GM?

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  1. Amcan says:

    It was a MISTAKE for Dudley to be fired. Florida screwed themselves. As far as young talent to be traded, I think that Martin wants Weiss, so I think if he is traded, Iron Mike will get a lot in return. “Use”less will be traded, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sather try and aquire him. The Rags are weak on the left side.

    If Dallas is desperate to shed 5m of the 9/year, then Guerrin for Huseillus, and perhaps Novak? Also Florida might look into signing some cheap vet help. The Blues won’t trade Pronger.

    I do see the Panthers trading away some of their prospects for vets, and I don’t like it.

  2. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    Hahaha.. Maybe if Mellanby returns to the Panthers, he can help that.. hahaha..

    ((Cause he sure didn’t help the Blues..))

  3. OldNord says:

    If Jeremy Jacobs is plan is to destroying the Bruins franchise. I guess Thornton will be traded soon.

    Seriously, the fans base there is really tired of the management, there’s no chance that Thornton will play in any jersey but the Bruins one next season.

  4. MightyJortikka says:

    At least Mellonhead is happy, they guy who saved his NHL career is back.

  5. AfroCon says:

    Depending on the Panthers’ wallet, Matvichuk would probably be the best veteran out there.

    Some people will say that Zithnik is better than Matvichuk and he might be but, he’s going to cost you a lot more.

    If he doesn’t want to pay too much, he can always bring back Odelein or but I think he should go for either Bombardir or Slegr.

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