Will the Flyer's be as good as ever next season?

Yes, they will be. Most of there overpaid bum’s who have been bust’s are not coming back next year (Rathje, Calder, York, Zhitnik, Esche, and MAYBE not Hatcher).

In my opinion one of the best trades ever since the lockout was getting Coburn for Zhitnik (I meant Philly won it by the way). Zhitnik is overpaid, old, and has another year on his contract, and Coburn is a good, young player with ton’s of potential.

Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, R.J. Umberger (not really Umberger), Simon Gagne, Scottie Upshall, Ryan Parent, and Joni Pitkanen, and whoever the 1st round draft pick is (I say Patrick Kane) will be great players, and no other team in the NHL has the many promising prospects (Pittsburgh has less, but most of them are better then any of Philly’s). I honestly think that having a bad year was a good thing, even if they didn’t try to. They can only go up, they have a chance to deal older players, and get young future stars. Also they get the high draft pick.

Philly will still have to make some moves though. First of all you gotta find somethnig to do with Hatcher. I think they could buy him out, because they’ll have A TON of Cap room at the end of the season anyways, so they would have more Cap room (but if they traded him that would be alot better for the team, and so Philly can dump all of his contract, instead of just a bit), and they would be able to get a d man who can skate (i’m not saying the other can’t though). Next, you gotta trade York, and Calder. Two steals in 9 days for Holmgren, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he got Sidney Crosby for York, or Calder. I think maybe a 2nd rounder, and a prospect (but like someone who will only ever be a 4th liner) for Calder, and the same for York except change that 2nd rounder to a 3rd. Okay that’s leaves Philly with a ton of money, so they can resign some people.

Resignings: Joni Pitkanen signs a 4 year 14 million doller contract (3.5 pre season).
Scottie Upshall signs a 2 year 2.2 million doller contract (1.1 pre season).
Ben Eager signs a 1.950 million doller contract (0.650 pre season).
Todd Fedoruk signs a two way 0.5 million doller contract for 1 season.
Dmitri Afansenkov signs a 2 year 1.2 million doller contract (0.6 pre season).
Antero Nittymaki signs 4.5 million doller contract that will last 3 seasons (1.5 million pre season).
Sign Ryan Parent to a 1 year 0.850 million doller contract.
Sign Patrick Kane to a 1 year 0.850 million doller contract.

Okay one player who I just have a feeling want get traded (who the hell trades for a backup goalie if your goalie will play every playoff game, and if goes down Esche can’t win games for you anyways). So Philly will not resign Esche.

Now we need to make some moves on July 1st. These are unlikely, but some one always makes a big splash.

UFA signings: J.S. Gigure will sign for 4 years, and will make 18 million (4.5 million pre season).
Scott Hannan will get a 3 year contract worth 13.5 million (4.5 pre season).

This what the lineup would look like.

extras: Todd Fedoruk

extras: Randy Jones


Total: ABOUT 37.962 million (assuming Parent, Kane, and Coburn will make 0.850 million, my signing prices are right, and that Hatcher get’s traded, and not bought out by Philly).

It’s not unrealistic (only three of those player;s they don’t have know, and they’ll likely get Kane), and it’s still a top team.

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  1. BieksaForMVP says:

    I found some spelling mistakes, but I wrote this very quickly (I don't know why though).Please don't critize my spelling mistakes. Oh also when I said Philly could trade his old guys I meant at the deadline, and he got a few future stars.

  2. Villanova says:

    I’m hoping for Cherepanov, although i really know nothing about any of the draft prosepects. Don’t forget that Steve Downie might make the team out of training camp next year, so i’d see him as a 3rd line winger. I kind of expect them to resign Forsberg this summer as well. Get rid of Sanderson this year for maybe a 3rd or 4th rounder.

    As for trading york and calder, that seems like alot for them. If Anson carter only got a 5th rounder, i doubt York would get anything more than that. Maybe trade calder for a 3rd or 4th rounder.

    As for the flyers, there is tons of potential. But there has always been potential/high expectations in all philly sports teams, it just never pans out. Don’t get your hopes too high for next year. They’ll have an average age of about 23 among the defensmen. And unless a miracle happens, they still don’t have much of a sniper or pure goal scorer. Thats why i’m hoping for Cherepanov. They need someone who has the potential to score anytime he has the puck in the offensive zone. Right now, they have no oen. Just look at their shootout results this season.

  3. flyersfan10897 says:

    First of all, this deal just happened, so nobody knows which team won it yet.  Obviously, there's a reason Atlanta was ready to give up on him already.  That doesn't mean he's a bust, but an 8th overall pick is definitely worth more than Alexei Zhitnik.

    Second, Carter and Richards have still never shown they are capable of being top-line centers.  Richards might score 5 goals this year, and Carter would still only be on pace to score 50-some points if he played every game.

    Esche probably will, and should, go.  Whether the Flyers should go out and overpay for Giguere is debatable.  Who know's which one they will get, the one that brought the Ducks to the finals and the one that's playing well now, or the one for the few years in between? 

    And Scott Hannan gives us four bigger defensive defensemen with Coburn and Parent in the lineup.  That's partially why the Flyer's are in this state now, because they loaded up on big immobile defensemen.  Not to say that Hannan, Parent, Coburn, and Gauthier are the same as Rathje and Hatcher, but we would be better off with quicker guys with more offensive upside.

    I'd love to see them move Hatcher or buy him out if they had to, but how many teams are going to want to take him, especially when he still has two more years on his contract. 

    Personally, I'd like to see them sign Forsberg again, though for much less than they paid this season.  Forsberg has to like the talent the Flyers have acquired and he obviously liked playing here, so I don't think it's really that much of a stretch.  I'm just happy to see them moving in the right direction.

  4. flyersfan10897 says:

    You can't forget about Gagne.  The only players that have scored more goals then him in the past two seasons combined are Heatley, Kovalchuk, and Ovechkin, at least that i could find.  He might not be the best goal scorer in the league, but he's doing pretty damn well for a team that's in dead last place and no longer has a center to pass him the puck.

  5. Villanova says:

    I like gagne alot.  But the majority of his goals were a result of having Forsberg.  He can't really create his own shot.  He also doesn't have much of a move 1 on 1 with a defensmen.  We'll see how good of a player he is over the next month. 

  6. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Dude, what colour is the sky in your world?  You think the other 29 GM's are going just sit and watch while your Flyers make all of these supposed moves?  Here are some challenges to your logic:

    How come all of a sudden all three of Carter, Richards and Umberger are going to return to last years form?  Because you want them to?  Best of luck.  I'm sure there is some sophomore jinx in each of their performances this season, but might I suggest … they were overrated in the first place?  Maybe they all played over their heads last season and they're coming back down to reality this season.  Now this situation is unlikely, I will admit, they're probably better than what they've shown this year, but equally unlikely is your situation where they're the top three players in the league next year.

    Let's turn our attention to Hatcher.  Who in their right mind will trade for this guy?  Seriously.  I don't see a lot of Hatcher but I'd heard how terrible he is.  Well, last night, I watched the Leaf game and saw that all the criticisms didn't do justice.  He can't skate, has trouble putting a pass onto someone's stick if they're in motion, he can hardly control the puck.  And he makes $3.5 million.  And he has three paltry points (all assists) this season.  You think someone is gonna trade for this?  Come on.

    How about Giguere.  Hmmmm.  Brian Burke is going to sit back at the end of the season and look at his team which is built on goaltending and defence.  I'm sure he's going to look the other way while someone signs his #1 goalie away from him.  Sure thing.  Maybe Philly and Anaheim can work out a sign and trade where Anaheim signs Giguere and then trades him to Philly for Hatcher straight up.  Damn, that would be good.  And what makes you think Giguere will want to sign in Philly?  They're the worst team in the league.  If you do want to buy him you'll have to drastically overpay him, so turn your $4.5 million figure into something like $6.5 million.

    There are so many other flaws in your argument, I just don't have the time and patience to go on.  While I will consede that Philly will likely be a better team – that's almost a given since they're the worst team in the league – they won't be 'as good as ever' as your title asks.

    And I don't wanna diss on you here, but can you imagine the backlash if a Leaf fan wrote: IF the Leafs got Brodeur, and IF Hal Gill got turbo boosters surgically implanted, and IF Bryan McCabe turned into a Norris trophy winner and IF Raycroft posted 28 shutouts and IF Sundin drank a mircale potion and played like he was 26 and IF and IF and IF … your article isn't that far removed from this fantasy scenario.

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Assuming Hatcher, Sanderson, and the rest aren't traded this week….




    Their strengths and weaknesses. Well, they need a first line center, they're obviously deep at center, but have no top line guy. It looks like Forsberg will come back. They need a goalie, maybe a second line winger, and a defenseman.

    Maybe bring back Roenick as a second or third liner, Rivet as a third or fourth D, and sign Joseph or Weekes as their top goalie. Giguere will be re-signed by July 31st.




    That team would make the playoffs, maybe 6th-7th.

  8. baltic_thunder says:

    Ohhh what I'd give to see the Flyers tank 2 years in a row! This year was so sweet – thank you Bobby! Upshall was an awesome acquisition. The addition of Downie next year will also be nice. Gagne is Gagne – second fiddle to none. But with no defense and goaltending this team will only flounder again. Oh, and did I say thank you Bobby Clarke?

  9. BieksaForMVP says:

    First of all didn't I say they could buyout Hatcher? Yeah I did. Okay people are even saying Carter will make the olympic team in 2010 (not saying you can tell thisearly, but that means people have big expectations). Ummm how many moves did I make? Two deadline moves which for sure will happen, and some resignings, and since Philly has so much money, and because you don't them to make as many offseason moves, then there not going to resign anyone, okay happy? Two signing in the Summer is nothing. Savard, and Chara, and a few others were all picked up by Boston, so does that mean Hannan, and Gigure can't both come to the same place? Hannan is gonna leave San Jose, because he'll cost alot more (yes they'll have lot's of money, but they'll sign maybe Sheldon Souray, or Brian Rafalski because they need an offensive player. How do you know Gigure desperatly wants to stay in Anahiem? I'm not saying he doesn't, but what if he doesn't? Hey I think out of all the free agent's two would realize how much potential this team has. So everything, except the offseason signing (which I could see happening) are fact's, and not IF's. Want any good websites so you can read these fact's?

  10. BieksaForMVP says:

    I think they would have to have atleast maybe like Aebischer in net to be successful, but your idea makes sense. You forgot to add either Cheropenov, Kane, or Esposito. I know what you mean about the centre thing, but in maybe two years when Carter becomes a star (good possibility) what do you do with him or Forsberg? Also not many teams who have just had bad year’s make all the moves they need to for whatever reason. I think they’ll buyout Hatcher for sure though. It’s a good team though.

  11. Bruins78 says:

    Flyers will be better next year but I would be surprised if they were much better then .500 (if that) and that is assuming they sign a few kep players. Their D-men are very talented but very young as are there forwards. I like Mike Richards a lot…he brings a lot to the table even when he is not scoring but I just dont feel they are strong enough in the middle overall either. Then the goalie situation as well. Also just because a team has 15 million or so it does not always make sense to spend it all and lock people up when you have such a young team…you want some flexibilty in case players don't develop as hoped

    Also I seriously doubt Pat Kane will be in the NHL next year…he needs to put on about 20 lbs of weight…the guy weighs like 160lbs. Same with Angel Esposito..the only consensus top 10 guy who I could see making the jump is Logan Couture as he has the body/size and overall game to posibly make the jump…however he has had health problems this year which has hindered him considerably. I know the new NHL is all about the little guy….but being a Bruins fan and watching Phil Kessel all year it is still a big jump to deal with the physicallity…even with blazing speed.
  12. Villanova says:

    There's really not that many moves that he suggests.  I think signing 1 defensemen and 1 goalie.  Thats it.  The rest are trades that involved draft picks.  So really only2 things he mentioned related to roster players for next season that aren't currently in teh organization. 

    1.  Carter Richards Umbeger…he never said they'd be the top players in the league.  Rather, the hope is that they continue to develop.  If they don't get another center via trade/free agency, then those 3 guys would be the flyers top 3 centers.  They simply don't have anyone else.
    2.  Hatcher.  He flat out said, buy him out unless you can find someone to trade for him.  As there have been rumors of him going to a team looking for a penalty killing d-man with playoff experience, this is not a fantasy.  I personaly don't think he'll get traded, but it is a slight possibility.
    3.  Giguere.  Right now, giguere doesn't have a contract for next season.  Therefore, he is slated to become a free agent.  Ergo, the author felt that he would be a guy the flyers would target.  I think that if he is available, the flyers would be interested.  Giguere would not get 6.5 mil.  It'd likely be around 5-5.5 mil a year if he hits the market. 

    Many leafs fans think McCabe will win the norris.  Giguere is not Broduer, he's an up and down goalie on a great defensive team.  The majority of Leaf articles are much more exagerated than this one.  So do the rest of us a favor and read the article before you comment. 

  13. WYflyerfan says:

    First thing is carter and richards are not first line players. They are at best 2nd line players. Next year they will be better then this year only because they can't be any worse. They have Downy and Giroux in the minors and are playing really well, so they have a chance to make the team. If you are rebuilding why not play them and give them experience. I think there will be alot more changes then you think. I think Umberegr might get traded before next year. I hope they pick the Russain prospect because I think he has more offensive upside.
    I think Fedoruk, calder, sanderson, umberger, eshe will be gone. Whose to say Coburn is going to help the team. I don't know how mobile he is but atlanta gave up on him and parent might not make the team this year. So who knows what is going to happen. All we can do is hope they are more competitive then this year and maybe they will be in the playoffs in 2 to 3 yrs. Oh also Forsberg will not be back in Philly. He is not going to waste what time he has left playing for a team that has no chance to win.

  14. papichulo71 says:

    Philly will eat half of Hatcher's contract and move him at the deadline for future considerations.

    As far as playoff experience goes Hatcher far and away brings the most experience compared to other available players.  He not only won a cup but he captained his team to the cup.

    I see him moving back to Minnesota for a late pick, Philly absorbing some of his salary.

  15. Stuv_Dogg says:

    1 puff, 2 puff, 3 puff, 4 … pass it around again and let's have some more. So, I'll give you half the Hatcher thing in that either way, you have him off the team next season. For the reasons I mentioned, you'll likely have to buy him out because noone will be up for trading him, so you'll have to swallow some of his salary against next years cap. IF (capitalized for emphasis) the rest of your numbers are accurate then Philly should still be in good shape for the salary cap, but I do believe that they will have to buy him out. And yes, Sally, you did say that they could buy Hatcher out, but you mentioned the possiblity of trading him twice, and two is bigger with one.  Besides, even mentioning the possibility of trading him tainted the rest of your article.

    Carter will make the 2010 Olympic team?  What does that mean?  McCabe cracked a stronger lineup in the 2006 Olympics and what do people say about him?  Besides, Carter maybe making it is as probably as saying that you're going to win the Pullitzer for best literary fiction – a lot of things can happen between now and then and if Carter doesn't pick it up real fast then the only way he's going to Vancouver in 2010 is if he buys a plane ticket.

    And read my post slowly to understand that I didn't say Giguere nor Hannan won't be going to Philly, but I said you shouldn't bank on it.  There are 29 other teams that will be seriously considering these guys and it's always easier for these players to settle with the team that they know in a place that they already have their homes and families established rather than uproot and go to another team.  Yes, it does happen as you accurately pointed out in the cases of Chara and Savard, hell, even extend that to include Gerber, Peca, and other free agents that signed with new teams, but first of all it is more difficult to sign a guy away from his existing team, second of all if he does decide he's leaving then its open season for every other team in the league.  For example, you think Detroit will be looking to bring a 42 year old Hasek back next year or will they be taking a good hard look at Giguere?  Which situation would be more attractive if you were Giguere?  Same applies to Hannan, sure Philly is a destination but so is every other team in the league.

    And blah blah blah.  I don't have time to fully educate you on all these issues so I'm gonna stop here.  Want more and you have to pay for it.  Bottom line is that you are right, there will likely be a vastly different lineup in Philly come October, but you're dreaming if you think it's gonna look anything like what you wrote and if I were you, I'd be hopeful of the Flyers being competitive for the 8-12 playoff spots next season.


  16. Stuv_Dogg says:

    How does Philly absorb some of Hatcher's salary?  Are there provisions in the new CBA that allow such?  I thought the only way to 'absorb' someone's salary was to pick up a contract coming back from, in your example, Minnesota, and then you have to ask what you do with the body coming back?

    I don't think you can send across a whack of cash like they do in baseball or basketball to offset salary.  I think under the salary cap, whatever the player is paid counts against the cap and if you got a pile of dough with a player then your bank account might look good but that players full salary is still counting against the cap.

    I could be wrong though and I'd be interested to know if I am …

  17. flyersfan10897 says:

    i believe you're right.  As of yet a team cannot eat a portion of a players contract.

  18. bernie1parent says:

    alright, some of this i agree with, but there is a bunch of stuff in here that is flawed.  People that will be gone are going to be Rathje (retired), Sanderson, York and Calder (can't see them keeping him for what he is costing them) and Esche plus with zhitnik gone, that has us at roughly 30 million dollars under the cap.  First priority is signing our own players.  We need to lock up our young guns.  Who we have to sign-Pitkanen, Nitty, Eager, Jones and Upshall.  We'll probably end up giving pitkanen a 4 year, 12 million contract, maybe slightly higher.  Nitty we'll get for a million-1.5, Eager and Jones we can lock up for under a million/year and Upshall a 3 year contract for roughly 5 million.  Thats roughly 8 million against the cap right there. 
    With there top pick, i agree to take Kane.  However, have him move to LW.  We lack some depth there.  I would not use him the first year.  Give him a year in the minors.  I'd bring up Giroux and Downie and give them their chance to shine (contracts will be small, 700/each) 
    Free agents-You go for two big names.  First priority is a goalie.  Two names come to mind, either Giguere or Biron.  Both are qualified to start on our team and you get one or the other.  Personally i'd rather get Giguere, but i think his price will be too high.  Sign Biron for 3 years at about 3.5 a year.  Then the next priority is a first line centerman.  Pavel Datsyuk is our man.  We pry him away at all cost from Detroit.  He'll replace forsberg.  We give him 4 year 18 million contract. (backup=briere).  Thats another 8.5 to our salary.  So we'll still have roughly 14 million to spend.  
    Now we need to add some depth at LW.  So i'd we give freddy modin a 1 year 2 contract. 

    Gagne-Datsyuk-Knuble (12.5 mill)
    Modin-Carter-Upshall    (4)
    Kapanen-Richards-Giroux  (3)
    Eager-Potulny-Downie (or whoever is better at face offs)  (3)
    (have Afanesenkov as an extra in case of injuries or someone playing like shit)

    Pitkanen-Hatcher (6.5)
    Picard-Couborn   (2)
    Jones-Gauthier  (3)
    Parent will be in minors, but will be the person they call up if someone goes down with an injury.

    Biron  (3.5)
    Nitty   (1.5)

    That has the flyers salary at roughly 39 million.  With the cap going up to probably about 45, that leaves 6 million to fill out the roster and have room to make moves as well as do other stuff.  I believe this is a solid plan for getting the flyers back into contention.

  19. papichulo71 says:

    The full contract still counts against a teams cap but I believe for financial reasons a team can pay some of the contract. 

  20. flyerjim says:

    A team can not absorb part of a contract unless a player is picked up off waivers. For example, if the Flyers send Hatcher to the minors and someone picks him up off waivers- the Flyers are on the hook for half his salary. If Hatcher gets traded it will be for a bag of pucks (later pick) or mediocre prospect. Cash can not be part of the deal.

    Also, I'm a bleeding-ass Flyers fan….but Bieksa'a article IS a pipe dream.  Giguere would be nice (and possible), but no Hannan.  This might be a playoff team next year, but a very unlikely Cup conteneder.
    Lastly, Richards will be a PK, 3rd line center.  But if Carter is not a legit #1 (which people said about Lecavalier early in his career), than my nod for the draft is Angelo Esposito.  Speedy Russians burn bright, but quick and Patrick Kane isn't a top 3 pick in my mind. 

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Forsberg will be retired in two years.

    You're right, I think it'll be Esposito.


  22. Seedless says:

    "Pavel Datsyuk is our man.  We pry him away at all cost from Detroit.  He'll replace forsberg.  We give him 4 year 18 million contract."

    The only reason Datsyuk might not resign with the Wings is because he wants around 6 mil a season.  So I don't think the Flyers have much of a chance getting him with those numbers.

  23. Damiencore says:

    hey thats not bad actually…

  24. Damiencore says:

    They flyers will only be good if they stop acting like Richards and Carter are the next big thing. I am a die hard flyers fan and I even realize they aren't that great. Carter is a 2nd liner player and Richards is a grinder. So they need to get some scoring going on for anything to happen. The defense is shaping up but they also really need to get a goalie, nitty is garbage and esche just does not care.  So its time to aquire a goalie and a scorer..datsyuk or Briere perhaps ? Giguere ? They will have some money to spend…lets see if Holmgren makes SMART moves.

    Oh and I forgot about umberger..people forget that he was a long shot to make the team last year…so when it comes to it…If he gets 40 points a year…hell if he gets 30…thats good…so lets get over the umberger hump too.

  25. flyer_fly says:

    the Flyers are gonna take Karl Alzner with the 1st overall pick and their gonna take Brandon Sutter with Nashvilles pick. Neither of them will be in the NHL next year. But Steve Downie will be, but he'll be on the 4th line

  26. Weidner says:

    Some of the things you have listed may happen, but as a few of the other posters have stated Richards, Carter & Pitkanen have yet to show that they are going to be stars in the NHL. The potential is there, but showing it is another.

    The Flyers will have a lot of cap rom, but they will probably have to overpay to get someone to come to Philly. Free agents like to sign with teams that have a shot at the cup. Although the Flyers usually are a top 5 Eastern confrence team it may take a few years for them to be a team that free agents will have at the top of their lists.

    I would not be surprised to see Holmgren also move York, Calder & Sanderson by the deadline on Tuesday. Sanderson is the only one with a year left on his contract. If another team wants Hatcher and the Flyers do not have to take on additional salary I am sure that they will consider that too. They do have to have some veteran leadership to go along with all that youth on the blue line.

    The roster could look something like this next year with a few assumptions.


    RETIRE: Rathje.

    TRADED BY TUESDAY: Sanderson (Another year on contract)



    GAGNE                      FREE AGENT            KNUBLE

    UPSHALL                   CARTER                    FREE AGENT

    KAPANEN                  RICHARDS                FREE AGENT

    EAGER                        UMBERGER              POTULNY











                STEVE DOWNIE – RW

                CLAUDE GIROUX – RW

    The above roster would only have 4 free agent additions and with the salary room that the team will have their could be more.

    Speculating about who those players may be at this point isn't really anything more than a fans "Wish list". There are too many other things that can happen between now and July.

  27. bernie1parent says:

    hes asking for 6 million?  Damn, well, it might be worth it to still try for him, i mean, they need that set up man, and its either him or briere.  I'd still use the money on him.

  28. bernie1parent says:

    ya, except i left out umberger.  He'd be our 4th line center with Potulny probably being there just in case of injuries.  I also feel richards, kapanen, or knuble should be our new captain.  Maybe not richards just yet, but kapanen and knuble are both qualified for that role.

  29. Damiencore says:

    I see akanesenkov coming back…..hes actually pretty good and creates lots of chances…well recently anyway.

  30. bernie1parent says:

    defense isn't the problem, its the offenses liability with the puck that has hung the defense out to dry.  With the additions that they have made plus some of these players getting more experience, they'll only get better and better. 

  31. bernie1parent says:

    i can't see us trading hatcher and its not because we won't get anything for us, its because he does a lot more then what people give him credit for.  Does anyone think that our PK would be in the top 10 if we didn't have hatcher.  He clears out the front of the net, blocks shots and absolutely destroys people when he checks them.  Granted he isn't worth the 3.5 million we are paying him, but he still plays with a lot of grit and passion.  Also, if we get rid of him, who are we going to have to mentor our young d-men.  The two eldest d-men that we have are gauthier and hatcher.  We need hatcher for our d to develop into what it can be, especially with some young defensive d-men coming up (parent and cobourn)

  32. nyrhockey094 says:

    LMFAO I saw kevin weekes as the top goalie and spilled my beer. they are good for not 6th or 7th but 26th or 27th in the NHL with weekes as goalie on a already weak team.

  33. WYflyerfan says:

    I think Downie will be on the team and Giroux is a strong possibility. They both look good and this is not a good cup team so there is room for them. I think Umberger is going to be gone and Afanasenkov is going to stay.

  34. TheDonkey says:

    I agree with lots of your comments.  I would be reluctant to sign Giguere to a long term deal.  Pretty inconsistent.  And nobody will take Hatcher off Philly's hands.  The guy is done and massively overpaid now to boot.

  35. TheDonkey says:

    I agree with lots of your comments.  I would be reluctant to sign Giguere to a long term deal.  Pretty inconsistent.  And nobody will take Hatcher off Philly's hands.  The guy is done and massively overpaid now to boot.

  36. TheDonkey says:

    I agree with lots of your comments.  I would be reluctant to sign Giguere to a long term deal.  Pretty inconsistent.  And nobody will take Hatcher off Philly's hands.  The guy is done and massively overpaid now to boot.

  37. TheDonkey says:

    I agree with lots of your comments.  I would be reluctant to sign Giguere to a long term deal.  Pretty inconsistent.  And nobody will take Hatcher off Philly's hands.  The guy is done and massively overpaid now to boot.

  38. TheDonkey says:

    I agree with lots of your comments.  I would be reluctant to sign Giguere to a long term deal.  Pretty inconsistent.  And nobody will take Hatcher off Philly's hands.  The guy is done and massively overpaid now to boot.

  39. broc says:

    Holmgren has done a great job securing the future for the Flyers, but what makes you think they'll go from the cellar dwellas to contenders?

    No one they sign will be better than Forsberg. They'll probably sign 2-3 guys, but that won't be enough to make them win 30 or more games next year. It might make them a fringe playoff team. 1 or 2 guys do not make a team do a 180.

    The planets would have to align for the Flyers to make the playoffs next year IMO.

  40. broc says:


    I meant 30 more games than this season.

  41. Damiencore says:

    incase you haven't noticed forsberg is done. His time to rock and roll the NHL is over seriously. He can barely skate…he falls down on penalty shots for god sakes. I am not saying hes bad but they can def sign someone in the off season who will have a greater impact that an injury prone center he didn't really seem like a true captain.

  42. Warriorhockey55 says:

    There are some good ideas here. However, I feel that some of these ideas are counter productive for a team that is re-building. Why would a re-building team spend valuable and limited money on players out of their prime (Roenick, Joseph, Rivet).

    First and for most, Hatcher must go! And that is a feat that's easier said than done. Hatcher's greatest value is his leadership and veteran experience that playoff contenders will covet on their blueline. Although, with as much as $7 million left on his contract and difficulty to adapt to the speed of the new NHL, it may be easier for the Flyers to bite the bullet and buy out his contract rather than keeping him on.

    Next, one of the few positives from this year's dismal season, is most likely the first or second pick in the upcoming draft, plus a later first-round pick from the foppa deal. I would like to see the flyers take Alexei Cherepanov because of his offensive upside. Earlier in the year Flyers GM Paul Holmgren had said the flyers have a particular interest in prospects Pat Kane, Angelo Esposito, Kyle Turris, Karl Alznur along with Cherepanov. If the flyers don't deal their late pick from the preds to move up the draft board, i see them possibly taking Jakub Voracek (with a lot of luck) or even Zack Hamill.

    Finally, free agency will play a vital role in the success in the 07-08 Flyers. Guys like York, Sanderson, and Calder will be gone and so will there salaries. And with as much as $15-20 million to spend I see them being very busy this off-season. They will probably bring back Forsberg (at a lower price) depending on his foot issues. Also, they will have plenty of money to spend on highly skilled forwards such as Drury, Briere, and Datsyuk. They will have as good as an opportunity, if not better, to get one of these guys than any other team. Furthermore, a puck-moving D man like Kimmo Timonen would fit in nicely with the Flyers young, revamped blue line. Lastly, adding a skilled goaltender would complete the picture for the flyers. An affordable pickup would be Martin Biron, who would love to come into the starting role with any team.

    There are a lot of factors that need to pan out before the flyers can return to being a contender. What is certain is that they have the young, high potential players for which to build a solid team around. The only thing that is missing is the right group of skilled, vetran players to come in and mesh with the young core. Personally, i feel that the flyers are well on their way to being as good as ever.

    On an unrelated note I have to applaud GM Paul Holmgren for his hard work to bring the flyers out of their current funk created by Bob Clarke. And i am excited to see him continue to re-build the team. Good job Paul.

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