Will the Habs Flourish with New Refereeing?

Hey Habs Fans,

I’m sure we’re all still slightly glowing from last night’s road victory over the hated Rangers. But let’s not forget a big part of the reason why they won. The Rangers took numerous penalties, especially in the 3rd, when they needed to mount a comeback.

Although some of these were just dumb penalties, a number were drawn by the Canadiens speed at the forward position.

After seemingly being manhandled in the first, I thought, “Man we’re way to small to play with these guys…..this is trouble”

After the 1st period, however, the Habs speed started to make a difference, aided by the fact that the Rangers were drawing penalties if they tried to obstruct or interfere, which they could easily have done, given their size advantage.

My question is two-fold. Firstly, will this officiating continue in the NHL this year, or will it fade away and subcede to the usual clutching and grabbing style. Secondly, if it continues (the refereeing), how much will it benefit the Habs?

I think it will play a huge favor for Montreal, if it continues to be implemented. Their forwards are small, fast, and skilled. However, they can take a hit or two. When clutching and grabbing and interference is allowed, though, this offense suffers. Without this type of play, I think it will flourish, and make montreal a serious contender. Habs fan or not, what do you think??

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  1. mikster says:

    “Although some of these were just dumb penalties, a number were drawn by the Canadiens speed at the forward position.”

    Not really, i mean… 3rd period:

    Malakhov: Holding Zednik (outskating Malakhov)

    Lundmark: High Sticking Rivet (accidental)

    Purinton: Interference on Kilger (too dumb)

    Lindros: High sticking Quintal (not sure if he was trying to get his stick hard on the puck or not)

    So, not like most of the penalties were caused because of the Habs’ speed. Rangers were undisciplined, AGAIN. But, the PK has been really great so far, so much better than last season. Right now the Rangers have killed 15 of 16 penalties.

    They came out strong in the 1st and were outplaying the Habs in every category. Second period they got lazy and when Richter made a good save that left a rebound for an open net, Juneau had the puck in front. Lucky break? Sort of, i think a d-man left him behind in that scramble.

    Habs looked really good though. They still play the trap, unfortunately, but Zednik should score 25 goals, Perreault 20 goals, and Koivu 60 points if healthy throughout the season. Rivet played a solid game. Theodore looked good, very focused. In other words, Montreal should definitely make the playoffs but, like the Rangers, facing injuries is their main concern.

    As for the Rangers, i am pissed that they keep putting Lundmark with Messier when he should be with Holik. Holik line was great last night though, with Samuelsson (great game) and Barnaby (useless on that line). Murray impressed me on his PK’ing…he was really showing his stuff on the ice and gave Samuelsson that chance to make it 3-2 during the PK. Defense was better, overall. Sometimes they got caught by the Habs speed, but they didn’t look lost like last season, or made those retarded passes in their middle of their zone. Lindros line has to get it starting. Lindros and Nedved didn’t click this time as they did in the first game. Dvorak still needs to get his game back.

    I think the Rangers look a whole lot better though, many improved areas, especially the PK. Can’t wait for Bure to come back for the PP.

  2. Habfan1234 says:

    I think that Montreal has an outside chance of being the best team in the East. Who would have though that the Bruins would end up in first place last year. In the 2000-2001 season the Bruins did not even make the playoffs but the next season they finished first.

    Montreal will flourish if the obstruction is continued to be called. They have three scoring lines and all of the lines utilize speed. They also have a particular someone named Jose Theodore.

    I like the obstuction rule because it will cause skilled teams to flourish and teams that play the obstruction style of hockey to fail. This would in turn (hopefully) create more scoring chances and goals which would favour my Habs and that is why I am confident about my teams chances at winning the East and doing some damage in the playoffs.

    They are also blessed at having one of the best GMs in the league in Andre Savard. He is the main reason why the Montreal Canadiens are where they are.

  3. habs_88_4life says:

    Yes, I’m happy we came away with the win but you have to be dissapointed with Montreal’s 1st period, it was horrible. Nothing clicked until the second where they looked somewhat better. Kilger is a team player, did you see him pass to Czerkawski for the empty net goal instead of shooting himself, that was class!

  4. Habfan1234 says:

    The Rangers have looked better. I remeber seeing some games of them last year where the whole team looked lost (Ron Low’s coaching or lack there of). This year that wont be the case because of Trottier and the assistant coaches. They along with Montreal will make the playoffs and cause some damage once post-season play starts.

  5. buckman says:

    Most penalties were undisciplined, but I think once the precedent was set that the obstruction penalties were going to be called, the Rangers had to back off a little, and that’s why the hab’s speed prevailed.

    I’m predicting Zednik to score 30 goals and Koivu to score 65 pts.

    Also, I think both Habs and Rangers will be top 6 in the East

  6. SabresFanB says:

    Now that’s a better question. I hope that a lot of people were able to see the game between the Islanders and the Sabres on Thursday night because it was a great game.

    Supposedly Lindy Ruff has been changing his coaching style to focus on “excitment”: more offense, more hitting, more grit, and so on. And he wasn’t lying. Somehow the super boring Sabres scored 5 goals. There was a lot of hitting and a lot of fighting. Now you know that something is up when Tim Connelley drops his gloves. He got the Gordie Howe hat trick on Thursday (that is what its called if you get a goal assist and a fight, right?)

    Gilmour signed with the Canadians, right? Well I hope that Varada, my main man, runs that little punk. Lets not forget what happened last year. I think that this game is going to be the most exciting game of the night everyone, so I highly recommend checking this out.

    And to answer your question, the Canadiens have a lot of speed and that will help them against a lot of teams, but not in games that reach overtime;(well maybe at first, but as the year goes on…) I doubt that the officials will be as stringent on obstruction penalties then.

    What do you think the score is going to be tonight?

    Sabres 3

    Canadiens 3

    Just a guess. And Gilmour out of hockey because he starts to cry after Varada hits him and he becomes to embarrased to play anymore. Im looking forward to a great game tonight. Let’s see who has the bragging rights tomorrow morning.

    (and sorry for rambling on everyone. im just excited about the Sabres not sucking anymore!!!)

  7. Nevermind says:

    I think the new obstruction rules are going to fade like a 3$ t-shirt bought at the flea-market!!!

  8. SabresFanB says:


    but lets hope not

  9. matty says:

    varada never seemed that tough to me before.

    2-2 would be a more likely score. i could see a two goal differential with the last one being an empty netter.

    the sabres do have talent too. they have something i wish the habs had – a center or two with size.


    how much does the sabres ownership problem worry you? situations similar to this have really affected other pro sports teams.

  10. buckman says:

    Overtime would seem to favor the habs rather than hurt them, seeing as how the ice is opened up by 4 on 4.

    Also, let’s not bet carried away with the SAbres after one victory over the hapless Islanders (no peca = no heart)

  11. SabresFanB says:

    Ive got a crazy theory about the ownership problem, so here goes…

    I think that the players arent worried about the ownership situation. As long as they are getting paid now, they are happy. But I also think that the players think the next owner of the team is going to be very rich. One bidder in particular, Tom Gallisano, is a multibillionare who likes to spend his money and the players know that. If the players perform well this season, it may show the new rich owner to be that they are worth buckets of cash. I just hope that they keep up the hard play that they showed in the season opener. I also hope that the next home game will have a few more than 12,000 seats sold. The city of Buffalo needs to stop being a bunch fair weather fans. We need to support our team(s).

  12. Tradedude says:

    lets hope so, leafs got 8 penalties in one period! and the sens scored, makes me so f’n MAD!

  13. Varada25 says:

    Great game Sabres vs Habs, 6-1. Even Vaclav Varada scored a goal. While gilmour talks all the trash, but backs down. The frog wuss should retire cuz he’s too scared to play and wont get off the ice wheever Varada stepped on.

  14. SabresFanB says:

    6-1 Sabres win. And my main man Varada scores a powerplay goal. Jose Who…Marty Biron is the man…Gilmour sucks

  15. bubbakazoo says:

    Richter’s save wasn’t good if he made a huge rebound that went three quarters of the way to the blue line.

  16. bubbakazoo says:

    Gilmour a punk- ***** Varada. I know Montreal lost and Varada scored- but he’s a bag of shit and you might be too for liking him so much. Go f**k yourself asshole.

  17. bubbakazoo says:

    ***** you you dickless *****. Eat shit and die.

  18. bubbakazoo says:

    See above- you and Varada25 or whatever that asshole’s name is.. good bye, I’m off of this site you dickless fucks- all of you- and you know who you are!

  19. tgray says:

    Yes, the rules in place give Montreal a competitive advantage. Why? Cause they have the best goaltender in the East. Face it, if you need three goals to win the game, how are you going to score that against Theodore. The guy can take a lot of shots and is great in a wide open game.

    However, these rules won’t last past midseason. The playoffs will be the same traping nonsense we seen in years past. I’ve seen no evidence in the past that the referees will have the courage to call marginal obstruction penalites in the playoffs. Who plays the best trap will succeed (at this point Ottawa).

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