Will the Habs Flourish with New Refereeing?

Hey Habs Fans,

I’m sure we’re all still slightly glowing from last night’s road victory over the hated Rangers. But let’s not forget a big part of the reason why they won. The Rangers took numerous penalties, especially in the 3rd, when they needed to mount a comeback.

Although some of these were just dumb penalties, a number were drawn by the Canadiens speed at the forward position.

After seemingly being manhandled in the first, I thought, “Man we’re way to small to play with these guys…..this is trouble”

After the 1st period, however, the Habs speed started to make a difference, aided by the fact that the Rangers were drawing penalties if they tried to obstruct or interfere, which they could easily have done, given their size advantage.

My question is two-fold. Firstly, will this officiating continue in the NHL this year, or will it fade away and subcede to the usual clutching and grabbing style. Secondly, if it continues (the refereeing), how much will it benefit the Habs?

I think it will play a huge favor for Montreal, if it continues to be implemented. Their forwards are small, fast, and skilled. However, they can take a hit or two. When clutching and grabbing and interference is allowed, though, this offense suffers. Without this type of play, I think it will flourish, and make montreal a serious contender. Habs fan or not, what do you think??