Will the Islanders be sellers?

Newsday is reporting that “there is blood in the water and the sharks are circling” around the New York Islanders who are quickly slipping out of playoff contention.

Teams are said to be heavily scouting the Islanders because they have a whole set of players who are set to become unrestricted free agents at the end of the season that cold be moved if GM Garth Snow decides to clear house.

The names that could be on the go include Miroslav Satan, Mike Comrie, Ruslan Fedotenko, Josef Vasicek and the often suspended Chris Simon.

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15 Responses to Will the Islanders be sellers?

  1. BruMagnus says:

    Ya… I was thinking of writing a What the Hell happened to the Isles article a few days ago, but this will suffice…
    Seriously, wtf happened to them? They were a top 9 team the entire season til a few weeks ago… oh well, it takes 82 games.

    I see them being huge sellers, because they don't have Milbury they might get good returns.

    As a Pens fan, and the way Malone-Malkin-Sykora are playing, once Crosby comes back, he will need a new winger to play with him and Armstrong (my guess, if Kennedy isn't healthy yet, to play with).

    Now the Pens WILL NOT go after a guy like Hossa or Tanguay, as much as that might help, but a guy like Satan or Ryder seems more likely. Actually, if Bill Guerin were available, I'd enquire about him.

  2. CrosbyMalkin says:

    I'll take Satan

  3. CrosbyMalkin says:

    Leave the Sykora, Malkin, Malone line alone. They are putting up huge numbers right now. Crosby comes back, find him new winger.

  4. intelligentscorpio says:

    Satan, Comrie or Hunter whoever is available for the least cost, i.e. pick is good to go with Crosby and Armstrong. Witt would be a great addition, but wilol cost a roster player and a pick, maybe.l

  5. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    As the guy who watches the Isles more closely over the last 35 years than anyone else on this form…here are the answers (in no particular order):

    a) Flu and injuries beat the hell out of them over the past month.

    b) Garth Snow failed to recognize months ago that he cannot afford to wait until the deadline to trade for a scoring forward. The Isles could have unloaded some of their too many defensemen in exchange for a scoring forward or 2 as far back as Nov. That would have bought them 5-10 more wins over the season, and the slump they are in now would not be destroying them. Instead they relied on DP to keep them in every game all season (often letting him see 40 or more shots) while they scored 2-3 goals per game max!

    c) Ted Nolan is a dope who thinks it is logical to healthy scratch Marc Andre Bergeron and Bryan Berard  (or both) nearly every night. This team struggles to score goals. Bergeron is the teams LEADING GOAL SCORER on the PP. Yet Nolan thinks it is a good idea to have Bergeron sitting in the stands 50 percent of the time! Berard has goals in 2 of his last 4 games, yet he has been healthy scratched for roughly 6 of the last 10! What kind of coach would fail to see that a team as hurting for goal scoring as this one is, cannot make decisions like these!? Nolan HAS TO GO!  Mgt has to stop deluding themselves that he is untouchable! He shouldn't be!

    d) The team OVER RELIES on DP, having him play nearly every day, including 2 days in a row with travel. DP is an injury prone goaltender, that needs a game off roughly every 10 starts to be most effective. He does not get that game off. Why? Because the organization is correctly, not very confident in Dubliwictz. Solution? Trade for a veteran back up that they can confidently      
    use during DP's couple of times a year injured,  in back to back games, and every 10 starts in general. CUJO would be a good choice.  If he was there, and  playing tonight, he has the potential to  play great and ignite a momentum out of the losing streak. Instead we'll see DP tonight, for the millionth game in a row. The same Dp who has been in goal throughout the losing streak. Not that the losing streak is his fault. Just that the losing has to be in his head by now. A change tonight would be good for the team. But Dubie does not inspire the confidence for them to make that change.

    The Isles are done.

    They will be sellers this month.

  6. beckfan05 says:


    You provide such insight Yoda. I am honored to having read your wonderful masterpiece on the reasons why the Islanders, the team you, and only you, has followed for 35 years!

    We are blessed to have someone with Jedi-like status bring us knowledge about the Islanders of Long Island to this FORM????

    Guy, enough with the injuries and the flu. EVERY TEAM GOES THROUGH IT!!!  You should never ever bring this up.

    The Islanders are not a well put together team. They lost 2 key players to free agency and one to a buy out. And basically they didn't replace them. So now they are left with at best 2nd line players who they hoped would carry the weight. They aren't going to get a lot for these players. Maybe Satan and if they would, Guerin.

    Comrie, Berard, Fedetenko, Park, these guys aren't worth more than a 3rd rounder at most or a flailing former prospect.

    They have an inexperienced G.M. and a cheap owner. Sooner or later you'll be calling them the Knicks.

  7. nhl08 says:

    It is amazing how some misguided ranger fans ruin it for the rest of the ranger fans that can actually be objective. I am an Islander fan and can be objective about every team, including the rangers.  It is obvious how little you know about any team but the rangers.

  8. beckfan05 says:

    And what did I say that makes you think that I know nothing about your team?

  9. nhl08 says:

    #1 Guerin has a no move clause which means he is not going anywhere
    #2 you talk about Wang being a cheap owner.  You have no idea how much he has invested in this team.  He has lost millions but yet he is still willing to invest
    #3 yeah, garth snow is inexperienced, but every GM starts somewhere. There are some extremely experienced GMs out there that have not put together a winning team.   I didnt see you ragging on Glen Sather. Up until these past couple of weeks, the rangers were out of playoff contention with an abundant amount of talent.

    If you are so intent on ragging on the Islanders, so be it, but if you are a true hockey fan,  You wouldnt be wasting your energy spewing nonsense about your rival team.  Stick to the Facts and no one an disagree. Opinions are great, but have some facts to back it up.

  10. beckfan05 says:

    You want facts to back them up? Certainly.

    #1 A player never waived his no trade clause to go to a contender, right? And all I suggested was that he and Satan were the only ones that can bring back any sort of significance in a trade.

    #2 Wang is a cheap owner. How come he couldn't secure either Smyth or Blake in the off season? And what about that silly idea to put a sumo in net?
    Here it is if you don't believe me;

    #3 Yes, people do need to start somewhere. And that somewhere is usually in the minors or in college. Tell me, who was the last player to go right into a G.M.'s position straight from the ice? And comparing Sather to Snow is ridiculous. Im not even going to get into it.

    And I waited patiently for the Islanders to collapse. Now that they did and the Rangers are in the mix I have every right to say what I want.
    Its not my fault the Islanders are a poorly ran organization with dumb fans 😉

  11. mojo19 says:

    Satan would be a gamble. What about Prospal from TB? He'd be good addition for your top 6 fwds

  12. nhl08 says:

    #1 it is a no MOVE clause which means going into his contract negotiations, his stipulation of signing is that he will not go anywhere for for the duration of his contract.

    #2 as for not securing Smyth, the same offer was on the table that he took with the Avalanche, he wanted to play with his friend Sakic and to be closer to his family in Edmonton. As for Blake, the same money was put on the table but Toronto gave one more year. As for the Sumo thing, it is amazing that that is the only thing you got out of the article.  Try looking at the paragraph right under his picture: Charles Wang purchased the New York Islanders in 2000 for an estimated $190 million U.S.  REAL CHEAP!!!!

    #3 Read your comment, you said USUALLY.  I was not happy that Snow went right from the is to the GM seat but I dont think he isn't doing a bad job considering this is his first year.  Only time will tell.  Let me ask you this, Do you  bash Sather for adding all of those Top named players and have the 3rd worse goals for avarange in the LEAGUE?  I am sure the answer is no.

    As for your last comment,  Am I talking to a 12 Year old? If not, I would be pissed as a ranger fan to have you representing!

  13. KINGSHEW says:

    they need to get a franchise player on the offense side.. like marleu or jokinen…

  14. beckfan05 says:

    Are you serious? A player can waive his no trade clause. So if Snowy Boy went to Guerin and told him a certain contending team was inquiring about his services you dont think that he would o.k. it? Get a clue!

    Well boo-hoo. Then they should have offered Smyth and Blake what they wanted instead of being cheap. And remember, Wang had a partner, Sanjay Kumar, when he purchased the team.

    And how do you figure that Smow is doing a good job? His team has 55 points and are last in the league in goals scored? And no, I dont blame Sather for the lack of goals scored by the "top named players" because it isn't his responsibility to put the puck in the net. It is his responsibility to get these players, which he did, and to sign them under the cap, which he also did. If the players aren't scoring then thats Renney's problem.

    Snow pieced together a team. And to make matters worse the Sound Tigers are 7 points out of a playoff spot! Doesn't say much about the future either.

    Snow has a lot of work cut out for himself and at the same time should worry about being Wang's puppet boy, kind of like Isiah is with Dolan. But in the meantime I think you need to stop worrying about Sather and what he's doing with his squad.

    And no, im not 12. Dumb Islander fan.

  15. nhl08 says:

    Who said that I am worrying about Sather?  I am just pointing out that he as a GM has not done that much better than Snow at this point.  It is apparent you are more concerned about the islanders that you are the rangers.  I think oyu are a closet islander fan.  And if you are not 12,  You sure act like it. 

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