Will the NHLPA's Deal Fly With NHL Owners and Save the Season?

The NHLPA has made their offer and it is a big one. Some of the highlights include a whopping 24% rollback in player salaries and a luxury tax that kicks in at 45 million at 20 cents on the dollar and increases at 50 million and 60 million.

What is curiously missing is the one single point the NHL is asking for which is player’s salaries being directly linked to league revenues. Basically a salary cap.

The question is – will this framework work for NHL owners/ The jury is still out but the two side are slated to meet this Tuesday where the NHL is expected to counter offer. The question is: will the NHL come back with a salary cap or will they sharpen the teeth of this luxury tax to make it nearly a virtual cap.

My perditions (and I am going out on a limb here so be gentle with me)

1. The NHL will come back with a amped up version of the deal with a $38,000,000 cap with a dollar for dollar tax above that. At another point – the tax gets even higher.

2. They will want non-guaranteed contracts.

3. They would be smart to not push it on the 24% roll backs. That is reportedly a 600 million dollar savings.

4. Changes to arbitration to make it more like baseball.

5. Earlier free agency

6. Lower entry level salaries

I think the NHLPA will try to tweak a counter offer like this one more time and then a deal gets done this coming weekend.

In the event the NHL comes with cap – they better have some VERY tempting goodies attached to it to make the players want to sign on otherwise I think the NHLPA will walk and the season will officially be done. In that case I can virtually guarantee the NHL will go to break the union resulting in the union giving in RIGHT before next season will start.

What are you predictions?