Will the Oilers shop Penner?

— Oilers winger Dustin Penner, who justified his $4.25 million annual salary last year with 32 goals and 65 points, is back to looking uninterested. Talk around Edmonton is that he has lacked passion and could be traded before the deadline. He’ll be an unrestricted free agent after next season.http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/sabres-nhl/inside-the-nhl/article260364.ece

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  1. albertateams says:

    The Oilers should have moved him in the offseason, although he is still on pace for 30 goals.Trade him to the Bruins and take back some cap and gain a prospect or pick.

    BOS: Penner, Peckham, Omark 4.8 Million Nhl salary
    Edmonton: Wheeler, Ryder, Ference, Colborne 8.45 million nhl salary

    Saves the bruins 3.65 million, Boston gets the best player Edmonton gets the best prospect.

  2. Boston_Bruins says:

    This seems lopsided in Boston's favour. I love Colborne but I'd do this deal in a heartbeat. Then again, Omark is my favourite prospect so I might be a bit biased.

  3. Boston_Bruins says:

    Terrible luck for Perry last night. You won't see that happen again any time soon.

  4. albertateams says:

    Maybe add a 2nd round pick going to Edmonton. I just really like Colborne he is exactly the type of player Edmonton needs a big center with great play making potential he might take a couple more years to develope properly but if he does look out. Ryder's salary is off the books after this year and Wheeler adds some size. Penner can be a dominant player however he goes through stages where he just seems uninterested he needs a change in scenery.

    I really like Omark too however how many players under 5'10 can one team keep.

    Hall Colborne Hemsky
    MPS Gagner Eberle

    That top six in a couple of years could be deadly, add in Larson on the back end and things would look mighty bright for the Oil.

    I just hope Edmonton can translate cap space into  big center prospects and/or prospect Defensemen. Taking cap from anyone of a number of teams over or near the cap at the benefit of adding good prospects to fill holes is an opportunity that the Oilers better take advantage of.

  5. mojo19 says:

    I remember that happened to Robert Reichel a few years back and Buffalo goalie Mikka Norrenen got credit.

  6. reinjosh says:

    How good has he been lately? I speculated at the start of the season that he was ready to jump into the upper echelons of power forwards. One of my favorite players for sure.

  7. reinjosh says:

    How good has Carey Price been? Starting to show that vast potential everyone thought he had.

    Does anyone still think Montreal made the wrong choice? I see it as the right choice but bad trade.

  8. coyotes_bettman says:

    I've been saying that since they made the trade but really – what was the market for a goalie? Don't forget that it wasn't that long ago a guy named Ilya Bryzgalov was put on waivers as that was the only way he could be a number one guy in a city.

    I think a lot of people have been liking the taste of ketchup because so far there has been a lot of crow eating going on in Montreal – 20 game mark and Price has been solid – if not spectacular at times, like I've said a dozen or so times – and as Leafs fans should know if you have a bad game and no that there is a guy chomping at the bit to play you know your confidence is going to be wonky…Halak and Price at the 1/4 mark have similar numbers and Price has faced 160 more shots and allowed 2 more goals..either way the Habs weren't going to get what either guy really was worth but a move had to be made.
  9. The-President says:

    I'm happy I traded Iginla for Perry in the beginning of my fantasy season;)

  10. DannyLeafs says:

    Carey Price has been brilliant, but that doesn't change the fact that the trade was a losing one for Montreal. I still think that Montreal could have been better served keeping both Goalies. Great goalies don't play poorly just because there is another good goalie on the team, if Price is capable enough to play this way all the time, he eventually would have regardless of who else was there.

    I do understand the idea of trading Halak at his peak, to get maximum value, and would have thought it was a great move if Montreal had gotten a desirable piece back in the deal. But the reality is, that even if Eller becomes the very pinnacle of his potential, he likely won't be that useful in Montreal, seeing as they are pretty deep at center, and Eller likely wouldn't be good enough to force Plekanec out (seeing as Gomez is a lock because of his salary).

    If Montreal could have got Berglund and a pick or prospect, then I could see the rationale behind the trade, but they really needed to trade for something that really filled a need. I think had he been shopped, they could have gotten something that fit better then Eller.

    Also, I don't think Bryzgalov is a good measuring stick for Halak's value. At the time he was placed on waiver's he was nothing more than a solid, but slightly overpriced backup. He had potential, but fell victim to the bang for your buck mantra of the new NHL. Halak was traded after an great season, and a historic playoff run. He could have fetched a better price.

    Finally, my biggest problem with the deal was the horrible handling by Gautier. No respect shown to Halak, he had no idea he was going to be traded until the deal was done. I don't think you should do that to your best players, I think they should at least find out from the GM they have been traded, and not through a third party source. Gautier never even called Halak to feign an interest in contract discussions, or ascertain what it would take to sign him. Sure, Price's play acts like a big band aid and glosses over the flaws in his actions, but it doesn't mean they weren't there.

    That being said, before I start getting the "hater" label, I am not putting down the team Montreal has on the ice. They have played well, Price has been amazing, PK looks like a leading candidate for the Calder (right now it's pretty much only himself and Skinner laying much claim to it, but a hot streak by one of the other talented rookies could close the gap), Plekanec has been great, and the team is playing well as a unit. They have found their niche; Spectacular goaltending, speed, solid D, and quick strike offense that capitalizes on mistakes. It still requires great goaltending to be successful, but they have it, so it makes them a dangerous team.

  11. reinjosh says:

    According to Matthew Barry, Eric Staal has been offered to a couple teams. I'm not sure how reliable he is but this is surprising if its true.  I wonder what it would take to get Staal?

  12. The-President says:

    Like I suggested, would be interesting, but again who knows how reputable this guy is.

  13. The-President says:

    Where did you read or hear about this, any links?

  14. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, i was trying to remember who suggested it. Props if its a true rumor. Hes a hockeybuzz blogger, and while Eklund is not reliable at all, his writers are actually quite knowledgeable. Barry usually is dead on in LA stuff but outside it, I'm not sure.

  15. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Toronto needs C help. I thin Gagner is still a great young player, but I don't think it's going to happen in Edmonton. With a bunch of talented forward prospects, they need to fill areas they need help in.

    What about:

    Edmonton trades:

    Sam Ganger
    2rd rounder

    Toronto trades:

    Jussi Rynnas
    Koribian Holzer
    3rd rounder

    Now before I get shot, here's my logic.

    Why Toronto would do this trade?

    -Then need C help, and Gagner isn't the biggest but he's talented enough to be a second or third line C in the NHL. Also, with Gustavsson, Riemer, and Scrivens, they have great depth at the G position. Also, they have tons of D in the league already, and still have Mikus, Blacker and Gyspers in the minors. Rynnas is a great prospect, and its scary to trade someone of his caliber away.

    Why Edmonton would do this trade?

    Edmonton has great forward prospects and forwardss with Horcoff, Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi, Penner, etc. But face it!! Your defence is thin and your second best prospect was Theo Peckham!! Thats bad!! Not to mention their goaltending sucks and their is no real prospects to think of here.

    This trade would…A) Give a very talented defencemen in Holzer, who I view similar to Gunarrson last year. and B) A prized goaltendin prospect of the Leafs that has torn up teh AHL this year thus far. As s result, they add greater depth and potential number 1 in an area they are lacking in.
    JUST A THOUGHT I'm throwing out!!!

    What does everyone think???

  16. Boston_Bruins says:

    Yeah I'm sure something could be worked out to make it work for both sides.

    Thing about Colborne is that he's boom or bust so I wouldn't rely on him being a top line center. It's definitely possible and wouldn't surprise me but he's a real wildcard IMO. So far he's developing right along the expected path but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll pan out.

    The Oilers definitely need a top-end d-man. After Larsson there still looks to be a couple good ones in the upcoming draft.

  17. Boston_Bruins says:

    I thought he should already be in the elite discussion before the year started actually. Don't forget he can be an agitator too. Really complete player and him, Getzlaf and Ryan are a great trio.

  18. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    We all know why the Leafs would do this trade, but why would Edmonton? Gagner is a proven NHL player (he had his ups and downs). Why would you trade a proven player and basically a late 1st round pick for 2 unproven players?

  19. The-President says:

    Appreciate it, just found it. Hmm seems pretty interesting, wonder like you said, what it would take to get him. I would be all over that if I were Burke, of course we'd have to work with his 8.25 mil salary coming back. Would be interesting, definitely a Mats Sundin-esque type player, which is sorely needed.

  20. Leafs_RegimeofBurke_ says:

    because Rynnas is young, and the best goalie in the AHL.
    Edmonton sucks on the back end.
    do the math

  21. mapleleafsfan says:

    Just ignore any posts from trolls like him

    They soon go away
  22. MystifoLeafs says:

    I would go after any staal  brother. They all play with heart and want to win. Plus he is a Burke style player

  23. MystifoLeafs says:

    I like Sam Gagner as much as the next guy but come on really? Did the Rask trade teach you nothing? Finland has produced amazing goalies currently and I will Burn my entire leafs fan room if they do this again. Gus is great but just imagine both Rynnas and Gus battling for a number 1 spot in net. Learn from your mistakes and you will only go up.

  24. smithson says:

    He would be a perfect fit on the habs. We need a second line winger badly and definitely could use the size.



  25. hockeylegend488 says:

    i heard on a nhl radios station in the truck that la kings are approaching the oilers for rw ales hemsky in a trade that would include schenn hickey and cozun for hemsky

    also they indicated if teh oilers were selling penner a suitable team would be the pittsburgh penguins but that trade wouldnt take place until c jordan stall returned cause thats a comparible trade/salary exchange  they said. 
    so the oil in turn would loose penner/hemsky and aquire stall kozun,hickey and schenn, so in 5 years they could be a good young team especially with the first pick the next 3 years plus.
  26. hockeylegend488 says:

    theres no way that deal would fly esp since spacek wasent even resigned when we had him lol

    there gonna get a top line c for a top line winger who are both capible of 25 plus goals a year
  27. mojo19 says:

    I'd give up anything for him. Including Kadri or Schenn (not both).

    Eric Staal is the perfect 1st line centre. He would be the new Mats Sundin. Big, consistant, game breaker, clutch, superstar. He's the best.

    I love Eric Staal. If he's available, Burke's gotta make it happen. He's not really a "Burke type player" because he's over 6 feet tall, but i hope Burke makes an exception and goes after this guy. 😉

  28. mojo19 says:

    I like Gagne as well, and you have to give up something to get something, but Rynnas would be a tough one to trade. I wouldn't do this trade. But i like what you're going for

  29. reinjosh says:

    I'm not sure I would give up Kadri right now. He seems to be fitting a team need as the playmaker. I would give up virtually anything else for Staal but Kadri would be tough to give up. Its purely biased, but I've invested a lot in Kadri haha. Staal would be a dream.

    I like the last comment. Since his comments on MacArthur this summer, I can't help but laugh anytime someone talks about a Burke player.

  30. mojo19 says:

    I like Kadri too, but you gotta give something to get something, and Staal is one of my top 5 favourite guys in the league. He just brings so much, it would be worth it.

    I posted on the Leafs article a trade that doesn't include Kadri that I wonder might be enough to land Staal

  31. hockey_lover says:

    The Pens will not be trading Jordan Staal for Dustin Penner.   If they trade Staal, it will be for a scoring winger. Penner isnt that much better at scoring goals than Staal.

    Staals 4 year goal average is 22. Penner's is 25. Also, Staal is 6 years younger AND a better defensive player.

    Edmonton would have to sweeten the pot to get Staal.

  32. lafleur10 says:

    sorry but you just don't have enough assests to acquire staal,if the leafs got into a bidding war 29 teams could out bid them easily!

  33. lafleur10 says:

    we didn't lose this trade we won this trade hands down,carey price's play so far makes this a land slide win the us it's not even close.plus ellar has huge potential is getting better and better everygame!

  34. lafleur10 says:

    i think mac pacioretty and a pick would do it!

  35. lafleur10 says:

    penner is a 3 time 30 goal scorer staal isn't this deal makes a lot of sense,however penner makes way more money his cap hit is 4.25 million dollars

  36. hockey_lover says:

    Ugh. This is going to be so pointless. But here goes:

    1) No, Penner ISNT a 3 time 30 goal scorer. Since he came into the league, his goal totals per year are:  4, 29, 23, 17, 32. Let me see here. Im count this up real quick. I couuuuunt …………… yeah .. ONE 30 goal season.

    Staals goal counts, per year are: 29, 12, 22, 21.

    Once again .. the average of goals per (not including the year Penner played 20 games) is different by about 3 goals a year.

    2) Yes, Penner makes WAYYYYYY more money than Staal.  $4.25 million for Penner and $4 million for Staal. What a huge difference.  I can see why Pittsburgh would make this trade. They save a TON of cap room ($250,000 per season *yawn*) and on average, will get 3 more goals. Not to mention the career -6 that Penner is (compared to the +35 that Staal is).


  37. hockeylegend488 says:

    yeah i dunno why it would be on teh satelite radio anyways and as far as these comparisions trades happen every day, i dunno why i post under this guys cause if you ignore useless information some post they eventually just go away.

    the trade would better both teams, and either way the pens need something to help motivate malkin
  38. reinjosh says:

    He's been a favorite player of mine for a while. I would say he was elite before this season because of his all around game but this season he is about to jump into the points elite.

  39. reinjosh says:

    Having Carey Price doesn't mean you won the trade. Price doesn't exactly factor into the trade. Halak at the moment is better than Eller and Schultz. Eller also doesn't have huge potential, especially with Pleks and Gomez in front of him. The guy has it in him to be a solid second liner, nothing much more than that. So does a starting elite goalie for a second liner and a prospect fighter make a winning deal? No

    Like I say, right choice, wrong trade

  40. mapleleafsfan says:

    Hahaha… Yea the habs have that bidding war down. Let's offer 15 overpaid players.. oh and P.K

  41. lafleur10 says:

    i didn't mention the habs! but obviously you can't read  i said 29 other teams,but yes the habs could out bid the laffs and quite easily as a matter of fact.

  42. lafleur10 says:

    you could be right as to motivating malkin,because he just doesn't seem like the player he was a couple of seasons ago

  43. hockey_lover says:

    Please explain to me how this trade would make both teams better?

  44. hockey_lover says:

    Yeah. They sure can. Cause they have SO much cap room?

    Ugh. So dense.

  45. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree, you can't say Montreal wins a trade just because a player not involved in the trade is playing well enough to cover the loss. I don't see how the same guy that keeps saying how badly the leafs got raped in the Kessel deal can change his logic for another deal and defend it. It would be similar as Leafs fans saying that because Grabovski is out performing Seguin right now we won the Kessel deal. Makes no sense.

    There were so many better fits out there, and I think some of them would easily have been attainable had Halak been actually shopped around a bit. I think there was a better fit out of St.Louis even, as Berglund is more skilled, bigger, more versatile (in terms of position, as he is better suited to wing then Eller if thats how they wanted to go), and in my opinion has much more offensive upside. He also would made more of an immediate impact then Eller, and for a team that has visions of making another deep run in the playoffs, that makes more sense. He had an off year last year, and it might have been the perfect time to try and land him.

    Van Reimsdyk in Philly is a player that will likely never get the opportunity there, but he is again a big winger, with tons of potential, who could likely have made a more instant impact. I think Philly might have made that deal if seemed available to them.

    Ottawa would likely have also been desperate for a big name goalie with a bit of a playoff track record. It's been something that team has craved for years, and I think they could have parted with a guy like Michalek for him if need be. Michalek is no superstar, but he is a consistent solid player with the ability to put up 20+ goals and 50+ points on a regular basis when healthy, and is still young at just 25.

    There were other teams that would likely have found Halak to be an attractive commodity, and many of them had more to offer, especially considering Montreal's needs. I am not trying to say Eller has no upside, just that what he could turn into is not something Montreal desperately needs.

  46. Leafs_Forever says:

    How does everyone feel about the Leafs going after Penner?  He is a Burke guy from back with the Ducks and he is a big body at the center position (which we really need!).

    Sure he hasn't had a great year this year, but why not give him a shot?
    What would it take to get this done the the Oilers?

    Also, some other people are suggesting the Leafs should try and get Gagner, but do we really need another 5-11 forward?


    In Burke We Trust!

  47. reinjosh says:

    Uggh, Please no. The guy plays with no heart. He has talent and size but not the heart or drive to go with it. Waste of assets and cap space.

  48. Leafs_Forever says:

    Oh, ok.  I have never really had a chance to watch him play.  I only remember seeing him during the Ducks Cup run and thinking he was going to be a beast.  He had the size and was driving the net and scored a few goals.  THen, of course, the Oilers gave him teh offer sheet because of that style of play and his size.

    But I don't want anyone who has no heart…

  49. reinjosh says:

    I'm just not a fan of Penner. At all. Nothing against you.

  50. reinjosh says:

    Regardless of my views on Penner, I'm not sure he fits into the team plans. He really needs a capable center to perform properly and we don't have that yet. Getting him now would be a waste of assets and cap space. No use getting him until we have the right pieces.

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