Will the Sens move Ruutu and Kuba?

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that teams could be lining up for the Sens Ruutu and Kuba.

According to the article if the Senators are going to be sellers before the deadline there will be a lot of interest in Ruutu and Kuba. It is noted that the Rangers, Devils, Flames, Flyers, Canucks, Panthers and Stars all could be looking for some blueline help.

It may be difficult for the Senators to climb back into playoff contention as they presently site 13 points back of the 8th and final playoff spot. As a result of how far back they are it is more likely that they will be sellers rather than buyers at this trade deadline.

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3 Responses to Will the Sens move Ruutu and Kuba?

  1. mitchamac says:

    They should move either neil or ruutu

  2. K-Mill says:

    rangers trade for neil please!

  3. Oilergeek says:

    In My Humble, Yet Meager Opinion, I Think The Sens Should Let Everyone But…Heatley,Alfredsson,Spezza,Picard,Volchenkov,Foligno,Neil And Lee…Go. Sell Em Off And Start, Somewhat Anew. Although More Than Likely Impossible Or Probable, I Still Think Loading Up With Younger More Productive Talent Will Be The Way To Go. Even If It Takes An Extra Year. Heck, Maybe They Could Even Sign A Top Notch Free Agent In The Summer. Maybe Hossa, If The Wings Don't Win The Cup This Year That Is. Of Course Money Always F's Everything Up. Maybe Swing A Deal With The Pathers And Bring In Bouwmeester, If He's Still Available By Then. Goal Tending Would Be The Biggest Puzzle To Solve. Who's Up For Grabs Next Year? Maybe Niklas Backstrom? I'd Also Make A Pitch For Francois Beuchemin, Derek Morris, Marc-Andre Bergeron, Mike Comrie, Erik Cole, Tuomo Ruttu,(Especially If Jarkko Stays) Andy Mcdonald And Or Marty Havlet (If Unable To Land Hossa). Some Of Those Players Might Be Bound To Sign, And Help. With Some Of Those, What's Left, And Any Possible Other Trades They Would Of Made, Not To Mention What's Already In The System, The Sens Could Make A Full Turn Around By Next Year. Granted Goal Tending Could Still Really Be The Big Issue. Nik Backstrom Is Okay, But Enough To Keep Way Above .500 And Win A Cup? We'll Just Have To See This Year? Of Course I'm Not Sure In The WILD Are Resigning Him? Maybe, A Revamp Of The Coaching System Is Needed? Anyway, Some Things I Might Think About If I Had An Opportunity. *I Liked The Idea Of Cole In Edmonton, But He Doesn't Seem To Be Working Well Out There. Maybe Back In The East Would Fire Him Up. Of Course I'm Not A Fan Of Mac T's Style.  Which Reminds Me, If Coaching Is An Issue, How Bout Teddy Nolan For The Sens, He Did A Great Job With The Islanders, Considering What He Had To Work With. Something's Gotta Give, I'd Hate To See The Sens Vanish From The Playoffs For Years To Come After Coming Close That One Year. Being An Oilers Fan, I Thought, Heck If They Could Make It To Game 7, Then The Sens Outta Win. Alas…

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