Will the Yotes make a trade?

Who’s Number One in Phoenix?

(theFourth period.com) Phoenix Coyotes goalie Sean Burke is ready to return to the line-up but coach Bobby Francis is not rushing him back. . Francis will ride the hot hand of Zac Bierk who has great numbers (1.33 goals-against average, .958 save percentage) in 10 appearances. Media in Phoenix think that there may be one too many goalies around when Burke returns and that a deal is inevitable. {TFP.com}

Considering Noone writes about the Yotes,i think they have a good chance to make some noise before the trade deadline…

why you ask?

Amonte’s NOT producing….

Burke isnt the #1 anymore…..Bierk seems to have stolen that job….

Burke & Amonte are most likely on thier way out of Yoteville….id bet more so on Burke…

Hes a guy that could help a team whos unsure of thier goalie situation going towards playoff contention [Philly?]

and Boucher was signed to a fat contract…..

Any Opinons?