Will trade winds blow for Flyers?

The Flyers insist they are not having a hangover from last season’s remarkable playoff run.

Could have fooled us.

Their power play has been alarmingly bad, and their offense has resembled Ryan Howard in the post-season – lots of chances, but little productivity.

They are 3-4-1 after Monday’s listless 2-1 loss in Columbus, and they have failed to put together any winning streaks in eight games.

If not for Brian Boucher’s oustanding goaltending, Monday’s loss could have been 5-1.

Afterward, coach Peter Laviolette ripped his team in the media, saying they had no energy and no passion – and that they played “mindless” hockey.

The Flyers will try to ride this out for a while, but the hunch here is that if things don’t improve by, say, Thanksgiving, major charges are in order.

The team is overloaded with quality centers. Claude Giroux, who is currenly playing out of position at RW to accomodate Jeff Carter, Mike Richards and Danny Briere aren’t going anywhere.


2 Responses to Will trade winds blow for Flyers?

  1. MystifoLeafs says:

    No need for trade talks this early for this team, they have a major problem in having Leighton out who has the unsung hero in the playoffs. they should keep their depth for now and if they still have it they can get something for Jeff Carter if they loaned him out if they can't resign him.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya way to early for a big name to go anywhere, even for a cap strapped team. Maybe they trade him in the offseason, but they will try and take another run this year. Problem is if he disappears in the playoffs again, value goes way down, I think.

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