Wilson tweets that he got his Christmas wish

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson must have been pretty good this year — his team certainly has been — because apparently he got his Christmas wish.

On Friday, Wilson had posted on his personal Twitter account a request for a contract extension for Christmas. In another tweet posted early Sunday morning, Wilson said Santa Claus — in this case, Leafs General Manager Brian Burke — brought him what he wanted.

At 7:49 a.m., Wilson posted this to his Twitter account, @coachrw63: “‘He came! He came!’ Remember saying that as a little kid? Well he did: I got a new Red Ryder BB gun and a contract extension!”

The Leafs have not formally announced the agreement, nor are details of the extension available, but TSN has reported that sources later confirmed the new contract.

Wilson certainly has earned a new contract for the way his team has played so far this season. The Leafs entered the holiday break sixth in the Eastern Conference with 40 points, and in line to end their six-year playoff drought.

Most improved is the Leafs’ offense, which features two of the top six scorers in the League in Phil Kessel (2nd, 41 points) and Joffrey Lupul (sixth, 38 points). Toronto’s power play, which was 22nd in the League at 16.0 percent last season, currently is third at 21.0 percent. The team is averaging nearly an additional half-goal per game compared to last season — 2.60 goals per game last season, 3.06 per game this season — good for seventh in the League.


49 Responses to Wilson tweets that he got his Christmas wish

  1. MystifoLeafs says:

    This just ruined my Christmas. Bah Humbug!

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Just said that a bit ago in the Merry christmas thread…..worst part is Eakins is gone for sure now. he has no reason to stay and our great strides in young development are gonna be hit hard.

  3. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yep. Worse Christmas…. EVER!

    All I wanted for Christmas was no contract extension given to Wilson. Oh well if this team crashes and burns then even with this new contract it could mean bye bye Wilson. I doubt it highly but still possible.
  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    Thanks now I feel even worse then before about, I am possibly on the verge of getting drunk…….forever

  5. senators_choke says:

    This is the difference between the Leafs and Habs.

    Montreal makes the playoffs in recent years and the coach gets fired.

    Toronto misses the playoffs in recent years and the coach gets a contract extension.

    Only in Toronto!!

  6. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    Could be worse….you could still be Habs fans…

  7. MystifoLeafs says:

    *comedic drum roll*

  8. MystifoLeafs says:

    Now that Xmas has passed and I have cooled down a bit I can type without the use of swearing and such…

    First of what is going through Burke's mind? He gives a coach a new contract WITHOUT showing us anything. I mean in his tenure we have seen only glimpses of hope and not even great glimpses. I mean look at the list.
    – Have yet to make the playoffs under his tenure with the team.
    – Have had a horrid PK every year under his belt (I mean I think we raised as high as 20th once under his tenure.) 
    – He refuses to call up our best PKer (ala Don Cherry.) 
    – Has been known to put great players in the dog house. (Ask Kadri/Marleau.)
    – Has only now got us into 6th place but in a mere 2 losses we could slip from 6th to being tied for 10th.
    I mean my problem with this whole resigning is not that he GOT the contract but rather he was donned it in the middle of a season that can go either way. Now Burke has said he does not like to keep a coach wondering but hell make him sweat don't give him a reason to think his job is safe. He talks about applying pressure to players by bringing in 8 NHL ready defenseman but yet he wont do the same to his old pal Ron. Let him squirm and think that Dallas could be the next coach for the Maple Leafs. 
    I hate to say this after being such a loyal fan for so many years but now I want this team to just crash and burn. I would rather see the leafs in last place and see Bell and Rogers force Burke to can Wilson or risk losing his job as well than see Wilson behind the bench. 
  9. mapleleafsfan says:

    It's only a year at least. I think it's just to get it off of Wilson's mind. One year is easy to get out of. I think it's best case scenerio considering Burke. A multi year contract would've made it look like wilsons a lock for the job. 

    That said I'm torn now. I want Wilson gone but I don't want the leafs to go into a slump again. I want playoffs. 
  10. MystifoLeafs says:

    Link to confirmation of 1 year deal? If it is only 1 year I am not as angry but every site I went to it was all undisclosed about how long.

  11. mapleleafsfan says:

    Oh sorry it's not confirmed… Dreger and some others tweet that it is believed to be 1 year but yea it's not for sure. 

  12. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Okay…Hold up, I understand Marleau…But what has Kadri done to be 'called' great?

    He put him in the dog house, who cares? He came in very immature mentally and physically so I had no issue with Wilson calling him out at the time or sending him to the AHL.

  13. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Well, if it was performance based, I guess he deserves one more than Kulemin and Grabovski as he's having the better season.

    I just don't understand why now? When the Leafs don't make the playoffs this year, what is Burke going to do? Fire him? Is this a contract to provide Wilson with some financial security if he does get axed?

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    So with the news of this contract extention I can say thanks Burke it gave me a hell of a hangover…….shoulda just stayed drunk. I agree with mystio…..I hope they crash and burn…..badly….his staying means Eakins will be gone and who could blame him…..good luck Dallas

  15. reinjosh says:

    Yeah my exact thoughts. He's had some success with some players and helped others break out so I get it, but the timing is odd. As the team is steadily falling out lower in the playoff rankings he gets an extension? Maybe he should have made the playoffs first?

    I don't get it. I'm not a fan of it (let alone Wilson) and I think dumbass made a good point. This is going to make an issue with Eakins and I really don't want to lose him. 
  16. MystifoLeafs says:

    Well Kadri is more of a potential to be "Great" I will admit he has not done anything to be called great yet but I hate the fact that the kid has one mental lapse and its down to the AHL he goes. He is a young kid and I rather he not think that if he makes one mistake he will be shipped out.

  17. 93killer93 says:

    Burke said they agreed to the extension weeks ago, Wilson just wanted to wait to announce it.  I don't think it changes much. Worst case scenario MLSE loses some money.  If the team does well he was getting an extension anyways.  

  18. blaze says:

    Not upset with this move. It's really not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. For years Burke has publically stated that he doesn't think it's good practice to have a coach in a contract year. Really I'm sure that's a pretty common sentiment around league, it's an unecessary distraction.

    The whole idea of making him making him sweat for his job seems a little silly to me. Ya Wilson was lazy and is now going to coach harder. He already is the coach he is, whatcan he do watch even more video between games?

    The timing is what seems to get people, and I see the point but it makes sense to me. This contract guarantees nothing, Wilson is still very much auditioning for his job. It's just a vote of confidence from Burke to grab a playoff spot this year. If the wheels fall off in the second half bowing from pressure from the fans Burke can/probably will fire him. Eakins won't be going anywheres until at least the off-season. MLSE eats another contract, no big deal no cap on coaches.

    Oh and belated Merry Christmas everyone my god I love the holidays. Socially Accepted Benders for the win.

  19. MystifoLeafs says:

    Some people are down on Kulemin I still think he will bounce back soon but in any case figure I would purpose a trade…

    Conditional pick (On if he ops not to resign resigns.)
    Both of which are quite similar. They are both having a bad season. I would give a bit of an offensive edge to Kuli over Dubinsky just because Kuli has that 30 goal season under his belt. Kulemin could fit in perfectly with Anisimov and would offer the Rangers another possible 30+ goalscorer making them that much more of a threat in the playoffs.
    As for the leafs they get a solid two way Center/LW who can throw hits and is great on the PK. 
    Both players are in a slump and could be the jolt they need.
    Another option would be talking about Defenseman going to NYR because they are seriously hurting in that category but Toronto is slowing going down as well. But with Komisareak set to return soon that could make the option a bit easier. 
  20. senators_choke says:

    Shea Weber out indefinitely with a concussion. And Liles also out.

    It's official. Hockey is now a bigger joke than auto racing.

  21. blaze says:

    How? Explain to me how it took you 6 years (since the lock-out in 2005) to come up with this astute conclusion.

  22. TheLeafNation91 says:

    He's right though.

    Crosby, Weber, Reimer, Giroux, Liles, Miller, Richards, Michalek, Gagne, etc. are just some of the few players that missed parts of the season due to a concussion.

    Theirs something wrong with the game, its a joke now.

  23. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I would not do this if I was NYR.

    We know Dubinsky's worth, atleast a 40 point player with leadership qualities. Signed to a decent contract for a player that should be considered an established second-liner

    No one knows Kulemin's worth. He had 1 30-goal season…And nothing else to show. So we don't even know if he's a career top-six or just a really good third-liner. Huge upside though, but IF he figures that out is remained to be seen.

    Does not make sense for NYR for many reasons. They would want defence before another offensive player anyways?

  24. blaze says:

    I'm not making light of the seriousness of concussions or that it is getting out of hand but I would really like anyone to explain how the game is only a joke now.

    The game hasn't changed at all in the post lock-out era (going on 7 years now). So I think it's a tad dramatic to being saying all sudden the game is joke

  25. KingCanada says:

    Remember when Mike Richards was available and everyone (myself included) barked at the idea of Kulemin + Kadri going for Richards???

    I think Id like a do-over on that one… Question is which offer was better…
    Kulemin/Kadri > B.Schenn/Simmonds ??
  26. KingCanada says:

    I agree.. The only difference is that they are now taking concussion like symptoms much more seriously.  Cant blame them…just look at that lawsuit against the NFL.  Nobody wants to loose their quality of life when their older.  Pro athletes are people too.

    And whoever thinks its a joke should go out, get into a fight, get concussed a little bit and tell me if a concussion is still a joke???
  27. KingCanada says:

    Pffft have you ever had a concussion??  Its not fun…

    Your the joke, get off your couch…
  28. Steven_Leafs says:

    I remember hearing that Burke was ready to send Kulemin and Kadri for Richards (which I would have done then and obviously now) but LA offered B.Schenn, Simmonds, and a 2nd and PHI had to take it.

    Obviously the Schenn/Simmonds deal was the better one. I think it would have taken Kulemin/Kadri/1st at the very least to land Richards which I cannot see Burke doing.

  29. Steven_Leafs says:

    Completely agree here.

    I hope he didn't mean it as bad as it sounds, because honestly, saying that hockey has become a joke because they are taking concussions more seriously is just plain ignorant and makes you sound like a tool.

  30. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Were not talking about the actual players itself genious.

    Were talking about how the game/league has changed to the point where easy penalties are called and the game has progressed to the point where they put their own stars/players at risk.

    The amount of concussions is ridiculous, and the fact that this league/game has not attempted to change it makes it a joke.

    Even the NFL has responded to the amount of concussions in football…What has the NHL done that has been productive in reducing them?

  31. TheLeafNation91 says:

    If it makes you sleep better at night, I have had 2 concussions in the last 2 years through continuing to play sport at a high level.

    It's not fun. However, my sport has done everything possible to reduce concussions…What has the NHL/hockey done?

  32. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I would rather have Schenn/Simmonds…

    I don't know what the basis of your argument is…But I would still take Schenn/Simmonds today.

  33. MystifoLeafs says:

    Also why would Philly trade Richards to a team they see a lot. You got to think of that factor I mean we would of had to really overpay to get Richards.

  34. blaze says:

    I think that's very far from being determined. Honestly my gut tells me long term the Kulemin/Kadri deal has more value. Obviously it could go either way. Big question is whether Kulemin can return to a 50+ point top 6  power forward.

    Schenn has shown even less than Kadri so far in his development. I think it's entirely possible Kadri has the more productive NHL career. Anyways pointless argument well just have to see how it plays out.

  35. blaze says:

    Not to be rude here but your 2 concussions do not make you an expert on the subject, I'm sure many posters here have experienced a concussion.

    Anyways what exactly do you want the NHL to do? You don't think behind close doors there's intense discussions taking place? There is no easy fix here, and the last thing you want to do is have a knee jerk reaction.

    In the last year the replaced the head disciplinarian and have handed down more and lengthier suspensions than ever before in league history. The created a rule to limit blind side hits to the head. Do we just say no more hitting and finally kill hockey as we know it? There simply is no easy fix and to claim the NHL is doing nothing is pretty ignorant.

  36. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Nope, 2 discussions does not make me an expert. However, it probably makes  me 90% more knowledgeable about the subject then most posters on here…Including yourself.

    As well, discussions mean nothing if no 'actions' are taken by the league and to say I'm ignorant is bullcrap.

    You probably only watch hockey, thats alright, but did you know the NFL has taken many actions in fighting head injuries in their sport?

    Unlike the NHL, the NFL did not even have a concussion problem. Their issues with the injury stemmed from former players being diagnosed with dementia at an early age and extensive research on the brains of deceased players. Some actions by the league included are:

    1. The league responded pretty quickly by implementing the helmet-to-helmet rule. It's a penalty where players get a 15-yard penalty for helmet-to-helmet contact.It changed the entire way players played defensively…But its reduced head to head contact.

    2. The league actually penalizes its players…And fines them substantially. Not the NHL's bullsh*t 1 game and 2500 dollar fine…Players are suspended for 1 game which is equivalent to 5/6 games in the NHL…And fined tons of money. And most of these rulings are for dangersous PLAYS, not even when  a player gets injured.

    I'm not even getting into the rest of the changes the league has made yet…But even when Colt McCoy, a nobody, got a concussion…It made the whole league question its protocol on concussions and changed some things in how they handle them.

    The NHL has had concussion problems for years (Booth, Savard, etc.)…Even when the league lost its only marketing tool (AKA Crosby), the league added some questionable head shot rule (not even the source of concussions in this league) and that makes them a joke.

    GM's (Burke, etc.) have suggested rules to be implemented to slow down the game and reduce the impact in hits in itself. However, the fact that the league has discussed it and pushed it to the side really makes it a joke once again.

    The amount of concussions in this league is ridiculous, the fact that the NHL's best player might be forced to retire should have been the wake up call…But it was not, their needs to be something dramatic unfortunately, disagree if you must…But this situation will only get better than worse.

  37. blaze says:

    Ok strawman. I've had two concussions myself, one serious enough that I was hospitilazed overnight. I never brought it up because it has no relevancy in this argument. I yes I have no interest in football (or anything American) and yes I watch and probably unlike yourself play hockey.

    Whatever actions the NFL has taken is completely irrelevant to this conversation strawman, that's without even mentioning that yes the NFL does have a concussion problem.

    The question is what do you think the NHL should do? Burke's 'bear hug' rule I actually agree with you and I expect well see it implemented in the off-season Past that there is very little effective actions the NHL can immediately make. This isn't football, these guys are flying out there. The game has always been particularily prone to concussions and at this time there is no easy fix. The fact that many of the high profile concussions this year came from teammates highlights the difficulting in trying to prevent them.

  38. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I've played hockey before, I've said what team I used to play for many times so bringing up that irrelevant point constantly actually shows that you guys know I do have a point. It's okay…I take it as a compliment.

    Now, lets get back to your more relevent arguments. The game was changed due to the new NHL increasing the speed of the game and penalizing players for every stupid thing possible. The game was changed easily to this new form…So why not change it again? You can make an easy fix to see how the game is affected.
    You can add the red-line, you can be more lenient on insignificant grabs by players, you can create new rules on icing, you can make equipment less dangerous, etc. You can implement many rules like these and so much more…But they have not. That's the issue, that's what makes it a joke.

    It's funny how the biggest concern I've heard from the NHL is 'increasing net size'…And 'making goalie equipment smaller' to improve the excitement of the game. How about, saving your star players so their fans will come out and see them?

  39. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Well, Wilson celebrated his new contract in a big way tonight in Florida. Great start.


  40. Steven_Leafs says:

    Although it is true that Kulemin/Kadri can end up being much more valuable than Simmonds/Schenn that isn't what we were talking about. At the time of the deal I think both offers were right about even with the LA offer being much more attractive at the time (other conference deal, Schenn >>> Kadri) and then LA threw in a 2nd round pick. The only way Burke lands Richards at that point is to give up another big prospect or a 1st. Maybe the Kulemin/Kadri offer will end up being better, we don't know yet, but I know that at the time and as of right now, PHI made the right choice trading with LA.

  41. Steven_Leafs says:

    "You can add the red-line, you can be more lenient on insignificant grabs by players, you can create new rules on icing, you can make equipment less dangerous, etc. You can implement many rules like these and so much more…But they have not. That's the issue, that's what makes it a joke."

    Assuming you can get everyone to agree to this (which probably isn't that difficult) you cannot just implement it in a day. Rule changes must be voted in, then the GMs/players/officials/etc must be informed of a date that it will be enforced and the refs must be re-trained (sometimes it is a simple change, other times it is not), etc, etc, etc…

    Also the NHL cannot just decide to do it, they must talk with other leagues about the possible changes, implementing a 2 line pass rule or making small blocks or holds allowed at the NHL level and not at the junior levels is just plain retarded, so there is some more time to get that done.

    The pads are a bit easier IMO: No more hard plastic weapons! But it isn't that simple either, they must test other options and make sure that players are sufficiently protected (if one of the pads causes a separated shoulder (for example) 5% of the time they make or take a big hit then you cannot let players use those. (I'm sure they have a few prototypes that have been proven to work fine but to ban a certain type of pad they have to be 100% sure there is a replacement. )

    And what if the new changes do not help and there are still a lot of concussions? You just changed the game considerably and it resolved nothing.

    Anyway while I agree with you about all the rule changes you mentioned above, it cannot be done overnight. If the league had just thrown in the shootout or changed to the 3 point system (3pts for W, 2pts for OTW, 1pt for OTL, 0pts for L), or changed the net size overnight without doing through the regular channels or testing it, they would piss everyone off and we would be talking about how big a joke the NHL is for making snap changes.

  42. senators_choke says:

    Yeah, all these stars being hurt is normal.

    And why does hockey need all these stars? They're ruining the sport.

  43. senators_choke says:

    I already explained in detail last week how. I'm not going to keep repeating the same thing every time.

    And most importantly, the CULTURE of disrespect for the head needs to change. It's blatantly obvious. How come you dudes can't see that?

  44. blaze says:

    That's because nothings changed post lockout. All you've explained in detail is the new rules yet completely side stepped around the fact they've been in place for nearly 7 years now so like I said give me one good reason it's only an issue this year. I havn't heard you harp on concussions any year previous leafy.

    As for the culture of disrespect, sure you're probably right but guys seem to let up now on hits more than ever. They showed a few clips of Jovo last night in the early 90s NHL and some of the hits would be a suspendable offence in this current NHL. If anything players recieving hits have shouldered less and less responsibility. More and more frequently players have the puck along the boards and a guy is coming in to make a hit and they turn to face the boards. Brutal, you were taught right in minor hockey not to do that.

  45. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    dude no offence, but you are essentially wrong every single time you argue something.

    It's insane…literally EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  46. senators_choke says:

    Phil Kessel will be seriously concussed within the next 12 to 24 months, and almost definitely by age 30. Only a matter of time.

  47. blaze says:

    This comment shows you have no counter point.

  48. senators_choke says:

    I already explained it to you very clearly 2 weeks ago. You'll forgive me if I don't save you the time to look through previous posts.

  49. senators_choke says:

    On the contrary, LeafsNation is the smartest guy here!!

    Back In October, when the Leafs were 10-4 and Leaf fans were sucking each others boner, LeafsNation was the only one who warned that the Leafs are not playing well and headed for a downward spiral.

    LeafsNation is the only one who sees things well before they happen. Give the guy credit where its due.

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