Wings chasing Teppo?

Rumors in Detroit are reaching fire-like intensity in regards to the Wings and Coyotes making a trade.

The subject of such a deal would be veteran Phoenix defenseman Teppo Numminen, 34, in his 14th season with the ‘Yotes franchise.

This trade rumor has been reported by Spector, as well as

In addition, Scotty Bowman said on Hotstove that the Wings were “working hard to acquire a veteran defenseman.”

Finally, the story broke on 2 separate Detroit radio stations yesterday, with both WDFN-1130 and WXYT-1270 reporting on it. Art Regner, of WXYT, said the deal “could be completed as early as next week.”

No site or station suggested what would be going to Phoenix in return, though.

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  1. Tony says:

    I think they are trying to get Numminen because he is a right hand shot and he could play with Lidstrom. If Detroit gets him they are going to have a very strong defence come playoff time.

    Lidstrom Numminen

    Chelios Fisher

    Woolley Bykov

    I would be guessing Detroit would be giving up Dandy and another player in return.

  2. mikster says:

    Ok, i’ll give you Numminen if you give me Fischer and a 4th.

  3. cosmos says:

    This is out dated…Phoenix has already said NO to Red Wings. No going to happen….

  4. bossman says:

    Never say never in the NHL. I never thought the Desert Dogs would trade Claude Lemieux, but they did. So I believe with the way the Coyotes are playing they won’t make the playoffs and it is time to rebuild a bit. Teppo is near the end of the line and the Wings look like a strong Cup bet. What will the Wings give back? The Coyotes want young players for sure. Maybe Jesse Wallin or Maxim Kuznetsov on defense, and then Jason Williams or Boyd Devereaux at forward.


    To Wings: Numminen

    To Yotes: Kuznetsov, Williams, 5th rounder

    Any thoughts to my ramblings?

  5. mikster says:

    Yeah, Kuznetsov isn’t that good. He is ok, has potential, but not worth acquiring right now.

  6. wingsrock34 says:

    These are the players that I wouldn’t mind seeing the wings trade: Maxim Kuznetsov he may be ok in the future but he isn’t now and when Wallin and Fischer come back I don’t think he’ll have a spot and if Wallin plays well enough I think he could take Mathieu Dandenault’s spot so he could be traded. I think Boyd Devereaux could be a good player but doesn’t get enough ice time to do anything so we could trade him. Luc Robitaille it won’t happen but I have always hated him and I hate him on the wings and he gets mad when he gets benched he has 4 goals 4 but then again he is good friends with # 99 and he could be mad at the wings for benching him

  7. Hockey_Fan says:

    Numminem is not going anywhere. I don’t see the Red Wings going after him.

  8. CaptainCanada19 says:

    Not gonna happen, not gonna happen…NOT GONNA HAPPEN…Think about it man, trade rumors have to benifit BOTH teams or they don’t get done (unless your Milbury) Kuthisnutsov and Williams along with a 5th rd pick would not help Phoenix.

    “…it is time to rebuild a bit…” what the hell are you talking about! You you in a coma two years ago when phoenix rebuilt their team. They have plenty of youth, their problem this year is injuries. When you have guys out like Markov, Burke, Boucher, Kolanos, and Amonte (There are more) your bound to have problems. You think Ottawa would be in first if Lalime, Alfredsson, Chara, and Fisher were on the IR?

    Also,why didn’t you see the Lemieux trade coming. When you have guys like Amonte, Doan, Johnson, and Radiovjevic ahead of a 4 million salary in the depth chart, you move him, especially if hes 37. Any one else notice that he did squat in the first round last year? It was time for him to go.

  9. CaptainCanada19 says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA…….HOOOHOOOHOOHOOHOO….Man I have to stop, I might wet my self. This is the silliest thing I have ever heard! What team in their right mind would trade their team captain!!

    (the following sentence is meant to be read with a sarcastic tone)

    “Hey our teams in the shitter…LETS TRADE AWAY OUR CAPTAIN… THAT WILL FIX THINGS!”

    Phoenix would not trade Numminen, now least of all. The team is hurting and with Markov, and Berehowsky sidelined with injuries, He is needed even more.

    The red wings need a right handed shot on the point. Funny, so does phoenix! Yeah, just cause the wings need something, doesn’t mean they are going to get it.

    This team has made nothing but good trades, save 1 or 2, since the new ownership. Barnet knows Teppo means too much to the team. Numminen will retire a Coyote.

  10. Hockey_Fan says:

    Bourque got traded.

  11. DaAvs says:

    Bourque ASKED to be traded to a contender.

  12. DaAvs says:

    Some of the Wings fans are over valuing their 6-7 D-men as possible trade bait for a top 2 D-man. Only way that happens is if they’re just dumping salary. Face it for a top d-man I think you gotta give up Datsyuk, Fischer, or Zettergberg. Robitaille is untrdable. Hull last year of his contract. Mcarty-Maltby-Holmstrom aren’t going anywhere.

  13. garry1221 says:

    i believe i read somewhere that the yotes were lookin for salary dumps…. so to all those who say something couldn’t happen just because he’s the captain i say think again… if you so called fans weren’t so stuck on ur ways ( not talkin about everyone, but there r those who have posted here who seem to think that this is the craziest idea they’ve ever heard of) you’d be able to see the larger picture… yes this is a great game, but it’s also a business, and when your business is losing money you must make smaller ( see Kmart lol ) …. to the person who said the wings fans overrate our 6th – 7th dmen… there r some idiots who do overrate all our players, but wallin, bykov, kuznetsov, and dandenault r far from overrated, kuz has finally started to show signs of improvement and was becoming more solid before the wings’ slump of late, bykov has impressed everyone and can only get better playing w/ lids, dande had a rough start but he’s a solid 3rd pair dman… not to mention if need be in a blink of an eye he shifts his play up to the wing and does decent there too… wallin, if it weren’t for his constant injuries would be a solid 4th or 5th dman, but the injuries have kept him from developing to where he could have

  14. CaptainCanada19 says:

    Why would they be looking for salary dumps? They signed Buchberger and Amonte in the offseason. That is the opposite of a salary dump. They want to keep the team’s salary in a certain range until they move into their new arena next year.

    And yes this is a business, so that being said, the fans makes this a profitable business. Why would you trade away your #1 defenceman who also happens to be your team captain and a player who has been with the team since he was drafted, some one who the fans love and recognize, for some guys the people of phoenix have never heard of?

  15. titans says:

    Numinen is THE most underrated D-man in the league. Any team that aquires him greatly improves.

    So lets hope the Leafs don’t get him!

  16. bossman says:

    Captain Canada? I am a Canadian and I am ashamed by you.

    First off, Phoenix had ONE good season. And now they aren’t that good again. They probably won’t make the playoffs, so it’s back to the Coyotes of old.

    Next, Claude Lemieux makes 4 mil per. You said so yourself. The Coyotes are damn lucky to even move that kind of salary. I think the Stars were even dumb to give up Pellerin for him. Any other guy who makes that kind of money, it would be very tough to move him…unless you think you’re season is done and you are looking toward next year.

    Numminen is a good d-man but he will never win anything staying in Southern Arizona. If he wants to do win anything he must be dealt. Phoenix would be smart to move him. They could get quite a bit for him. Maybe Kuznetsov and Williams is not as much as they could get, but the reality is the Coyotes are going nowhere this year, except for the golf course in April.

    And don’t compare Phoenix to Ottawa. That’s just a laugher. Ottawa did things the right way (at least on the ice).

  17. Glen says:

    Apparently there are rumors floating around that would send Amonte, Numminen, and Briere to Toronto, for Antropov (he’s worth more than a case of pucks now) and Brad Boyes. Unbelievable, when did Gretzkey lose all of his hockey sence??

  18. Tradedude says:

    ……… they already don’t have enough ‘D’

  19. Tradedude says:

    indeed, we don’t want him, he’s great, but like we already don’t have enough ‘d’ and overpayed players.

    why don’t they try making a deal for kovalev, they have what they need, offensive ‘d’ and maybe a player like a 3rd liner, can’t think of any, but sure u will know.

  20. Tradedude says:

    BS!!!! that’s like ALL of their best players. not joking.

  21. CaptainModano says:

    NO the stars were NOT dumb in acquiring Claude!! Pellerin was essentially a deadweight on a deep Stars roster, one I feel Lemieux will fit into more nicely. With Dallas’s deep pockets, salary is not too big an issua (expect Dallas to land Kovalev as well), and Lemieux, despite his age, will only help that club.

  22. CaptainCanada19 says:

    Get you head checked….if you going to post a rumor, make it realistic.

    An all-star RW, an all-star D and the teams leading goal scorer last year for a guy how is just starting to show promise and a prospect? Whoever started floating this rumor should get stronger meds. I’m sorry, but this is THE dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  23. CaptainCanada19 says:

    Explain to me why your ashamed?

    It is not back to the coyotes of old. They are leading the league in man games lost to injury. Most of those guys are big players on the team too.

    And with regards to Lemieux, why would it be tough to move him? He has lots of experience and many teams would want him. That being said, he just wasn’t working in Phoenix, he’s used to more ice time, so moving him was the only thing to do. Also how would thinking that your seasons done (I doubt many in Phoenix think that yet) make it easier to move a player. And of course they are looking towards next year, that’s when the get their new arena, so if you can trim dead weight, it’s advised that you do it.

    Now on to Numminen, no he may not win the cup in the next few years, but he hasn’t asked to be traded, so they will keep him around as long as they can.

    Did you even read my comparison. I chose Ottawa because they are in first. I simply asked if they would be in first if they had so many key players on the IR. It’s not a laugher.

  24. Panzer says:

    The Wings would be insane to trade away another youngster! Half the team has one foot in the grave. The latest word out of D is that the Yotes want one of either Zetterberg, Jiri Hudler or Igor Grigorenko. Each one of these kids has the chance to become a major force in the NHL. Don’t do it Kenny!!!!

  25. garry1221 says:

    im just saying i believe i heard or read somewhere that they were looking for a salary dump… and nummenin would be a way to start… plus, if traded to the right team would give him his chance at a cup which would be well deserved for him

  26. Bishop_420 says:

    In order to trade Teppo away, Phoenix needs more than just a good trade, they need a big-name player to appease the fans. That’s where Lucky Luc comes in. Gretzky will take him and Luc would likely sign a couple year deal with them. He clearly isn’t going to be on the Wings next year, so he will almost certainly make it to LA or Phoenix. He will also make a nice partner for Amonte. So, I think the trade will go something like:

    Teppo and perhaps a late pick for Luc, Kuznetsov, and McCarty

    Avery will fill McCarty’s role (Avery is one of the top in the league for production [points per ice time]) and McCarty will take the role of Claude Lemieux in Phoenix. Luc is dead weight and Maxim is expendible with the introduction of Teppo.

  27. Bishop_420 says:

    here is the link for Production numbers for the NHL. Avery is #20 in the league, above Jason Allison in LA….

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