Wings close to adding defenseman

Earlier in the week, it was reported by TFP that Glen Wesley would probably end up in Detroit.

It is very close to happening.
Apparantly, the Wings are hoping to sign Wesley to a 3 year deal before the trade can take place.

The deal will look something like this:

To Detroit: Glen Wesley

To Carolina: Jason Williams and a 5th Round Pick in 2004.

No word on when the trade will be finalized, remember, the Wings are insistent that Glen sign for a few years, as they already have a number of UFA’s to deal with this summer(Woolley, Fedorov, Hull, Robitaille, McCarty, Yzerman, Larionov).

The feeling is that acquiring Wesley is step one, and the Wings would still be in the market for an experienced defenseman, and to a lesser extreme, a scoring forward.

24 Responses to Wings close to adding defenseman

  1. WeStSiDe says:

    It would take a lot more than that… Who does Detroit have to offer though?? Not much without disrupting the core…

  2. SugarBear says:

    Wesley doesn’t give wings the secondary scoring threat that they badly need to take the preasure off of lidstrom come playoff time. Watch them take a run at Briesbois or Schnieder.

  3. aaron says:

    We ain’t givin’ up that much for Wesley. We’ll just wait for him to go on waivers or something.

    I still don’t understand why they don’t resign Duschense. I hate him, but for god’s sake, we need SOMETHING on the blue line.

  4. WeStSiDe says:

    I will Guarantee you Wesley wont go on Waivers, there will be too many teams interested in him… Someone will give something up for him…

  5. Just-Checking-In says:

    Isn’t that the same source that had Kovalev going to Toronto as soon as Mario made it back to the line-up and had Amonte signed as a Ranger and on and on and on.

    I wouldn’t make any bets based on TFP.

  6. bjtew says:

    Wesley is good at icing the puck repeatedly till eventually the opposing team scores off a faceoff. The wings know that first hand.

  7. WingingIt says:

    This sounds good to me. Williams can’t crack into the lineup and the Wings are always dealing picks anyway.

  8. JStatic87 says:

    If the Wings don’t break out of their current funk, look for Holland to become very aggressive in the market. There isn’t a huge point gap in the West, so they will do whatever it takes to stay afloat.

    Glen Wesley is a big defenseman who can throw his weight around, which is something the Wings need after watching them in the past couple weeks. They could do much better than Wesley, but whoever comes to the Wings gets better than his actual talent level it seems. Wooley has played well and Larry Murphy, Steve Duchesne, and Chris Chelios have added productive years onto their careers while playing the style the Wings play. If the player has any skill they will fit right in.

  9. ak2797 says:


  10. Freezer says:

    I would not give a 5th round pick for Wesley, never mind adding Jason Williams. What does Wesley have to offer Detroit? Scoring? Let’s see, he’s 1-6-7 in 49 games. Do you call that scoring? Plus/minus? He’s a -6. Youth? He’s 34 and a UFA after the season. Size? 6’1″ 205 is very average by NHL standards. Wesley is a warm body with a questionable future in the NHL. Jason Williams will play in the NHL, likely with a team that’s not as deep as Detroit.

    Carolina is going through a salary dump right now. Kapenen is gone. Irbe is on waivers. Now Wesley?

    Just say no.

  11. Tony says:

    3 CUPS IN 6 YEARS,


  12. Panzer says:

    Does the word ‘Dynasty’ mean anything to you?

  13. Panzer says:

    After looking at your user info, I see that you’re a Blackhawks fan. WHO SUCKS??? The Hawks haven’t won dick in 50 years, their top player is Hank the angry drunken dwarf and their owner is the second biggest cheapskate in hockey!! When the Hawks win their next cup in 2157, THEN you can come back and say the Wings suck.

  14. bodiddley says:

    detroit americas team……. i think not.

  15. BosBrn says:

    And the first biggest cheapskate would be Jacobs in Boston! DOH!!!

  16. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Check merchandise sales nationwide.

    Look at any arena where the Wings play.

    The Wings are America’s team.

  17. aaron says:

    Who else would it be? The Avs? *laughs* Let’s see, the Avs/Devils finale drew something like an average 1.9 rating. The Wings/Canes final, w/ no help from the Canes, drew an average 3.6 rating. Detroit is far and away America’s team.

  18. Mackel says:

    Why would it take more, Kapanen only fetched a ONCE highly touted prospect with an exchange of minor league D-men. If anything this proposed deal brings in more than the Kapanen trade did.

  19. Mackel says:

    Wolley and Wesley are good puck movers, the wings need more solid D-men ie. Miller/Yushkevich (LA) Ward (CAR)

  20. Mackel says:

    You must be a Vancouver fan…. Get over it already…!

  21. slapshot1975 says:


    that game on saturday must have pulverized that team’s hopes!! fedorov is the BIGGEST PUSS i have ever seen! they can try to get all the defensemen they want…it doesn’t change the fact that their goalie sucks, or that they are all nearing senior citizenship.

    by the way, i think CALGARY could have beaten carolina in the finals last year…there should be a friggin asterisk by that one.

  22. Panzer says:

    That’s a nice intelligent intro to your post. You seem like an Avs fan, but you used some multi syllable words there. Hmmmm….

    Listen, all championship teams go through their rough patches. It’s how you become a champion–you weather the storm, and you become stronger because of it. Having said that, Joseph has to turn back into Cujo, or this ship is sunk. But he’s never been a ‘pressure’ goalie. Fedorov is not playing the way he was ealier this season. A hidden injury? And there are quite a lot senior citizens in the NHL, besides the Wings’ HOF’ers. Remember the old saying: It’s not the smoke coming out of the chimney (duh, grey hair) it’s the fire in the furnace.

  23. ak2797 says:

    Detroit Still Sucks!!!

  24. ak2797 says:

    The only reason people buy there shite is b/c they have won the past few years, kinda like the Green Bay Packers, or the Chicago Bulls….don’t worry, when little ceasers goes out of business and the team actually has to depend on revenue from all of you out of work GM laborers you’re done.

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