Wings continue to shop for players

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Wings are actively stepping up their pursuit of players to add before the trade deadline. With 5 million dollars of cap room, the Wings are in an envious cap space position, allowing them to make a number of deals if so desired.

The suggestion is that they have their eyes set on the same guys are the rest of the teams and the same players who have had their names entrenched in rumors for the past while. These players include Tkachuk, Roberts, Guerin, Stumpel and Anson Carter. We can’t forget about Todd Bertuzzi either but his health adds an interesting twist to the situation.

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4 Responses to Wings continue to shop for players

  1. TheDonkey says:

    Anson Carter would be a good fit.  He seems like a guy who would float through the playoffs.  he should be able to underachieve like the rest of the Wings come crunch time.

  2. wingerxxx says:

    Detroit (or any team for that matter) would have to be crazy to trade for Bertussi right now.  He is a power forward who has missed a lot of time and will require even more time to get back up to speed.  No thanks.

    Tkachuk and Guerin would be nice fits, but the problem is that they play in St. Louis, a division rival.  Therefore, it's going to cost Detroit a pretty penny to pry either of these guys away from the Blues.  I'd take Guerin over Tkachuk though.  Tkachuk has consistently under-performed in the playoffs. 

    Carter might be a nice fit, as Datsyuk could probably make him look good.  Carter has benefited from playing with talented centers in the past (Weight, Sedin), and I don't see why playing with the Wings would be any different.  Stumpel would really just be a gap-filler.

  3. mojo19 says:

    The red wings are great. I disagree with things you said.

  4. tacitus says:

    Those underachieving wings are funny eh. More cups then anybody in the last 9 years what a bunch of chumps. I dunno how this franchise manages to stay in the league

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