Wings' Dumping Day / Bye Bye Breezer!

The Detroit Red Wings have just put Derian Hatcher, Darren McCarty and Ray Whitney on waivers.

Patrice Brisebois’ days in MontrĂ©al appears to be counted as well…

All 3 of these players are great veteran additions to any team. It should be very interesting to see where they go. As a Rangers fan, I’ve wanted McCarty for years, and now there’s actually a chance. Who knows. In my opinion it’s too early to speculate as so many different things could happen in this new economic environment.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back on these forums. Mikster, keep up the great work. Good to see all of you again. It’s back!!! Wooooooo!!!

Paul_DMC wrote:

Bye bye Breezer!

Yup, looks like the Habs decided to decline the option they had on Patrice Brisebois for next year.

Although he was costing quite a lot for what he was bringing to the table, the guy did bring leadership and stability on Montreal’s blueline. Now that he’s gone, I’d sure like to see Montreal go after a guy like Adrian Aucoin or maybe even Dan McGillis if they’re not too expensive. Anyways, more could become available in the next few days as they get bought out. Why not sign a guy like Kasparaitis for cheap if the Rangers buy him out (now before going mad about that one plz notice that it was an example, nothing else). Signing a free agent D will become even more important if Bob Gainey fulfills my lifelong dream of getting rid of Craig Rivet.

At this point, I’d say the Habs should go with Markov, Souray, Komisarek, Bouillon, Hainsey, some free agent and maybe Archer as 7th D-man.