Wings Fans, and Leafs Fans should stand up and argue!

The Detroit Red Wings have been at a clear disadvantage in the West, and are still perrenial contenders.This disadvantage is the time zone thing. The Detroit Red Wings belong in the East, and are playing most of their road games at 10:00 at night, that’s after most of their home games would end.

The Toronto Maple Leafs fans should be arguing for the Red Wings to join the East also. The Red Wings-Maple Leafs rivarly was an amazing one, squashed by the Leafs moving to the Eastern Conference in 1998.

The most unfair thing about it all, is that when the Maple Leafs whined and complained to get into the East, they got in, and here the Red Wings are still arguing to be in their rightfull conference.

So my scenario is, considering the Penguins will likely move, put them in Portland, Seattle, Winnipeg, Houston, or any Western market, to even things out.

Sometimes I wonder if the Central division should be called the “Actually Eastern” divisio.

I know this is short and quick, but I wanted to put this point out.

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  1. detY192003 says:

    I agree. The Wings should be in the east. and with hopefully the Penguins moving it will be made that the Wings move East. It would also be Fan friendly. I living near Detroit, it sometimes can be hard staying up to watch that last game at 10:30. Also Leafs vs Wings, good combo! PLus New Jersey vs the wings. I always love watching those two play.Im all for this.

    Go Wings!

  2. goalieman32 says:

    a couple of things.

    1st, the pens should stay in pittsburgh to begin with. there are more fans showing up to games here than in new jersey. it is a great hockey town and they have many diehard fans.

    2nd, why should detroit move east for rivalries. this would eliminate the avs rivalry and stop the rivalry from developing between them and nashville.

    3rd, why should they move east in the first place. columbus is further east than detroit

    so taking into account the rivalry factor that the new NHL is going for, moving columbus makes more sence because they dont have any real rivalries yet in the west and are closer. toronto is rightfully now in the east, they are about as east as pittsburgh, so the arguement there had a claim. but detroit in the east just wont happen. the NHL would move columbus instead

  3. Freeze says:

    The Wings-Avs rivalry is a thing of the past.

    Who cares about a Nashville rivalry?

    The Leaf-Wings rivalry was the most intense of any Detroit sports team that I have ever seen. Detroit is across the river from Windsor, Ontario, where a lot of both Red Wing and Leaf fans live. Also, the Detroit-Montreal rivalry was a hot one as well. I’d give anything to see Toronto and Montreal come in to town 4 times a year. As it stands, I don’t think Detroit had a chance to play either team this year – not sure. What a shame.

    You’d have to be old enough to witness the Original Six and its intense rivalries in order to appreciate the point of this article.

    What interesting is that the Wings have to endure the excessive travel and late games even though they’ve asked to move to the East. In spite of that, fans rip the Red Wings for the weak division they’re in. The Wings never asked to be in that division in the first place.

  4. toronto77 says:

    ya I miss the toronto/detroit rivalry, also the dallas/toronto rivalry, man that was fun.

    That’s where we get back to the discussion of the schedule. playing teams in your division 8 times a season is way too much, people say it creates a great atmosphere for the game, that is BS, it creates a huge hate between teams, you saw how tucker beat up on alfredsson last night, and this fued between tucker and buffalo. It just creates a lot of pissed off fans.

    If Detroit doesn’t get moved to the east. than change up the divisions every year like

    division 1:






    division 2:



    san jose




    the divisions should be changed every year depending on the standings to the prior season.

    I actually don’t like this idea, but it’s an example, cuz i hate playing the exact same teams every year.

    so sick of playing ottawa, whether leafs win or lose everytime i see alfie or neil i just go crazy, hate them so much, tired of mtl, buff, bos…..i just can’t stand it!!!!…it’s too much……this season is the worst schedule ever.

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I didn’t live through the Original six, I was born 25 years after the last Original six game, but even ESPN Classic, old books, and my grandpa’s stories have taught me enough.

    The Wings thing evens itself out, yes they have an easy division, but they have a horendous travel schedule.

    There were NO Leafs-Wings or Leafs-Habs games, when the schedule came out, everyone in the Toronto media was like “wtf, why aren’t we playin the Wings” and everyone was REALLY pissed.

  6. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    I agree. I would also love to see the Flyers play the Wings a good 4 times a year lol. I would drive my friends and family (diehard Wings fans) crazy. It’s hard living in Michigan, EVERYONE walks, talks, and breathes Red Wings.

    But the other guy was right, Columbus is further East, although not by too much. But honestly, who really cares about Columbus? They could play in Alaska and have the same fan-base as they do now.

  7. NemiNA says:

    I can agree with that. The only problem would be travel. The 8 games a year against divisional rivals is supposed to SAVE the teams money and time from travel. Flying from New Jersey to Colorado after making LA come to jersey the night before is too excessive to do 8 times a year. I DON’T like how the team you like WON’T play a whole DIVISION. THAT is dumb. I, as a Flyers fan, Saw no LA, San Jose, Anaheim, ect. Three teams I WANT to see.

    I wonder what the Ducks will be changing their name to?!?!

  8. NemiNA says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! DUDE! I’m from South Jersey (which is a DIE HARD flyers/eagles/sixers area)! And I have relatives up there in Michigan. Wings and Hawks fans. Let me just say, the family reunions are HEATED with hockey talk. I out smart them all but my one cousin AAAAALLLLWAYS gets me with the 97 cup. That d*ck!

  9. rojoke says:

    Well, the guys who came up with the divisions are obviously not geography majors, when you consider that;

    • Dallas is even close to the Pacific, yet its in the Pacific division

    • Washington is in the Southeast division, but it’s north of infamous Mason-Dixon line

    There’s been a lot of talk that Las Vegas (???) is very interested in getting the Penguins should the local group not get the city’s slot parlor license. If that were to happen, then you could see Las Vegas move to the Pacific, Dallas could move to the Southeast and Washington move to the Atlantic.

  10. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    it’s midnight, im tired, and that last paragraph gave me headache… I’m pretty sure you’re right though and they should do that. if of course, Penguins do move to Vegas.

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