Wings Fans, and Leafs Fans should stand up and argue!

The Detroit Red Wings have been at a clear disadvantage in the West, and are still perrenial contenders.This disadvantage is the time zone thing. The Detroit Red Wings belong in the East, and are playing most of their road games at 10:00 at night, that’s after most of their home games would end.

The Toronto Maple Leafs fans should be arguing for the Red Wings to join the East also. The Red Wings-Maple Leafs rivarly was an amazing one, squashed by the Leafs moving to the Eastern Conference in 1998.

The most unfair thing about it all, is that when the Maple Leafs whined and complained to get into the East, they got in, and here the Red Wings are still arguing to be in their rightfull conference.

So my scenario is, considering the Penguins will likely move, put them in Portland, Seattle, Winnipeg, Houston, or any Western market, to even things out.

Sometimes I wonder if the Central division should be called the “Actually Eastern” divisio.

I know this is short and quick, but I wanted to put this point out.