Wings not shopping for offense this year?? from Detroit is reporting that it is very unlikely that the Red Wings will make a deal for offensive help before the trade deadline.

Apparently Coach Bab***** is very happy with the scoring and secondary scoring with this years Wings and as a result t is not anticipated that the Wings will go on a trade deadline shopping spree like they have in past years. Last season the Wings went out and got Todd Bertuzzi.

Although the article mentions that it is unlikely that the Wings will try to add scoring what is not mentioned that HTR feels that it is very, very likely that the Wings will try to add some defensive help come the trade deadline. Do not be at all surprised if the Wings swing a deal to bring in another player who can be steady night in and night out on the blueline.

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  1. leafy says:

    Unless you're the 1985 Oilers, EVERY team could use more scoring, especially in this era of parity where every single goal is enormous.  Even the great teams could use another offensive weapon.

    Anyway this shows that teams are no longer willing to part with blue chip prospects or high draft picks in this salary cap era.

    Having said that, we need to bear in mind that Detroit might be saying this publicly as a strategy to get teams to lower the asking price on hired guns.  They don't want to come across as needy with the trade deadline on the horizon.

  2. Jrugges says:

    I wouldn't go to far as to say they aren't even going to consider. Redwings are always known for taking the best player avalaible for the cheapest price tags. Expect nothing different. I too also expect someone on coming over in a trade to strengthen the defense. Stuart?

  3. the_next_agent says:

    If a player is available that will help the wings in offence, they will take him.  Take Mats Sundin for example, if he's available i doubt they would pass him up.  As for defence i can see them picking up Derek Morris from the coyotes.  I still believe that Mats Sundin will be hoisting the cup this year in a Red Wings uniform. 

  4. dcz28 says:

    I think the Wings will try to land a top 6 forward and a top 4 defenseman. They could use the defenseman more incase of injuries like last playoffs but also to not have to play Lilja as a top 4. The only way they don't bring in both is if teams are expecting Forsberg and Tkachuk type of return (like Leaf fans with Sundin). The Wings have balance scoring right now with Hudler and Filppula on fire but they could go cold before the deadline along with Holmstrom and Zetterberg both having injuries that could come back later in the season (i hope not).

    They will get their top 4 defenseman for sure but i think they will make a play for a forward even if it is not a big name guy. Downey won't be playing in the playoffs (likely sent down) and i think Meech will be trade bait opening up 2 roster spots.

  5. Pronger44 says:

    Yeah I'm sure. Every year the Wings gotta tamper with a good thing going already, so look for them to send some more good up and coming talent for a slow, veteran forward, seems to happen every year come the trade deadline.

  6. Jrugges says:

    Lol wow pronger if that isn't the most ignorant statement I've ever heard? They brought in Bertuzzi, an Calder last year giving up Justin Williams(decent) and next to nothing for bertuzzi. Infact why are you even saying anything the ducks went out an signed bertuzzi and schinder from the redwings for WAY WAY more than they are both worth… STFU if you don't know what the hell you are talking about man.

  7. Pronger44 says:

    What exactly are you talking about numbnuts. For one I ain't a Ducks fan, ok, got that through your head???? yeah? ok maybe incase you dont get it I'm a CANADIENS FAN. But what exactly are you talking about? Detroit in case you don't what the hell your talking about is a great team every year, so good that I don't understand why they pull a deal every deadline for a player not needed, due to the team being awesome already. So STFU if you got nothing useful to say because I know what I'm talking about, you, maybe just shadddup if you don't like my comments so I don't gotta waste my time like I am already.

  8. dcz28 says:

    Who are those good up and comming talent the Wings have traded away in the last 10 years?

    The only one i can think of is Fleischmann (and he isn't really proven yet) and he was sent to Washington for Lang who was leading the league in points at the time with a couple more years left on his contract at a decent salary. No offense but i don't think you really know what your talking about here since almost all of the prospects the Wings trade for cup run rentals don't amount to much if anything. If you watched all the Wings games you would see that despite their record (if that is all your looking at) they could use one or two more good players for the playoff run…injuries do happen.

  9. Pronger44 says:

    I don’t know much? OK! Let’s see, Sean Avery has developed into quite the agitator considering he was packaged for Schneider a couple years ago. Let’s see, Jason Williams if healthy could be a 20-30 goal scorer no problemo. I could go on but why would I waste my time, just don’t tell me I don’t know my hockey, I’ve played it for 5 years and I’ve watched it for 22, so shaddup.

  10. dcz28 says:

    LMAO That has to be the funniest post i've read on here in quite a while…

    Sean Avery is a clown and was well worth moving out with his antics, mouth and me first attitude plus he was signed as a UFA by the Wings not even drafted.

    Jason Williams (26 years old last season) was ok but his salary and poor play last season led the Wings to get rid of him just to clear salary and a roster spot for younger, cheaper guys with more upside like Hudler and Filppula. He was also signed as a UFA not drafted.

    For the last 10 years of the Wings trading for cup runs Williams and Avery are all you can come up with for good young players getting traded for cup runs?  That is so funny…by the way i didn't say you didn't know anything about hockey but that you didn't have a clue about the Wings and clearly i am right but i'm starting to wonder about your hockey IQ.

    Wow you played for a full 5 years, that's amazing…NOT i've played hockey for over 20 years and watched it for even longer along with representing (playing for) Canada in a tournement in Europe and coaching a team to a championship…i also watch every Wings game and most of the Sens games along with other games when neither of these teams are playing and i trust hockey people like Holland, Nill, Jimmy D, Bowman and Yzerman's judgement on players to trade more than some idiot (you) that doesn't know much about hockey and even less about the Wings.

    Thank you very much for the laugh though i don't think i could have found a better joke on the net tonight to make me laugh like that than your post. Your probably the same idiot that had the Avery username a while back.

  11. Pronger44 says:

    Umm yeah, glad you have so much time to waste responding back, though your whole post was worthless and a waste of my time. I didn’t know I had to write a 10000 letter article on who the Wings have dealt in the last 10 years or whatever you want it to be. And no I ain’t Avery or whatever, I just joined this site not to long ago so…

  12. Wings19 says:

    So in the last 10 years the Red Wings have screwed themselves by trading away Avery and Williams????
    Well first of all Williams was having a pretty crappy year for what he was making salary wise and the Wings needed to move some cap space.
    And second, moving the ass clown only helped the Red Wings. They don't need idiots running there mouths and fighting with coaches. They also managed to package up Avery and get Matthieu Schneider, which wasn't a bad additon to the Wings defence and powerplay.

  13. tacitus says:

    God i hope not, If Sundin costs anything more then 1 first rounder i really hope they do not pull the trigger and instead opt for Fedorov for a second rounder. I hope the Wings learned from last year when they signed Bertuzzi, Nash got Forsberg, San Jose got Guerin and Anaheim got Brad May and won it.

    I wouldnt mind seeing the Wings go after Niclas Havelid from Atlanta or trade a lower draft pick for steffan kronvall. I would prefer them to keep their team chemistry in tact and make a run as is and keep your picks to keep the team as competative as possible. Hudler and Samuelsson are showing they can step up with Holmstrom and Zetterberg outta the lineup and the team they have now are allowing for a "has been goalie" and a "never good enough" goalie to put up decent records.

    Go with this team unless ya can steal Fedorov or make minimul depth move

  14. tacitus says:

    cmon dude you know Hudler and Filppula are not going anywhere this year. Lilja maybe not the young guys, they way they played last playoffs and so far this season

  15. tacitus says:

    thou i am clearly a Wings fan id like to say Avery isnt a bad player but he wasnt traded for a rental player neither. Schnieder played with the Wings for just as long as Avery with the kings and Schnieder played better during that time. The other player in the Schnieder deal Kuznetsov played maybe 20 games

    He does have us on the Jason Williams one thou, He was traded for Kyle Calder who really didnt play into a puck possesion style of hockey at all. He had more size then the oft injured Williams but that was it. I would like to have that trade back

    We did steal lang when he was good thou

    Imagine the defencecore if Ficher and Konstantinov didnt have career ending injuries. We will trade ya Fleishman for your best player and draft Zetterberg in the late rounds. Shit the wings could prolly draft Pronger44 and trade him to the Leafs for Sundin AND Stefan Kronvall

  16. Wings19 says:

    lol probably. but  williams was having a very average year and was making too much money for what his numbers were last year. too bad, he could of been something this year with the Wings.

  17. dcz28 says:

    I never said the Wings should trade Hudler or Filppula…all i said was the Wings might look into getting a forward incase Hudler or Filppula go cold down the stretch or in the playoffs. I wouldn't trade Hudler or Filppula for any rental and would only move them for players like Ovechkin…not that those type of players will be going anywhere anytime soon.

  18. dcz28 says:

    I'm not sad about the Williams deal at all…it gave the Wings more cap space and gave a chance for Filppula to get top 6 ice time along with getting Williams away from Bab***** and playing him on the point of the PP which he wasn't doing anything for the Wings.

    Too bad about Fisher and Konstantinov as they were both the type of defenseman the Wings needed and still could use.

  19. leafy says:

    Jrugges, don't even bother with this Pronger idiot.  He just comes on here and writes stuff just to piss people off ever since he joined this site 4 weeks ago.  A genuine ***hole.

  20. leafy says:

    You have to excuse Pronger44.  He's a real ***hole so he just  likes to say bullsh** just to piss you off.  He's been poisoning the atmosphere on this site ever since he joined 4 weeks ago.

  21. Pronger44 says:

    leafy, honestly, get a life you loser, the only one on here always starting shit is you, so quit posting on my comments everytime, and we wont have a problem anymore… oh wait, thats not possible cause your a shit disturber, and all you do is come on here to start shit, i forgot.

  22. leafy says:

    O.k., bud I got your message.  I won't bug you if you don't bug me.

  23. tacitus says:

    i was always a Williams fan, the lil guy with mad skills. I was just never one to jump on a guy like Hab fans did to Ribeiro before and Ryder this year. Ribeiro has played great since he left the habs and i am sure Ryder will too if they trade him. I kinda had the same sense about Williams, was just an off year. Move wasn't a disaster or anything, just would love having him as depth cuz im not sold on Kopecky like i am on Filp and Hudler… but atleast we got Lidstrom for 2 more

  24. Pronger44 says:


  25. tacitus says:

    sounds the same its not really a big issue for me if i call him Fischer Fisher or Fichsher…. they know who i mean there are just alot of Fischer/Fishers so ite easy to mistake and plus those with a brain knew who i meant.. But ya if thats what u came up with after 2 days then god bless ya

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