Wings sign Whitney is reporting that the Red Wings have signed free agent left-wing Ray Whitney. The deal is reported as a four year deal worth 13 million dollers. Whitney, who had 76 points last year will provide a pretty good replacement for the departed Sergei Federov in the offensive zone. He will also add a powerful addition to the power-play as 42 of his points came with the man advantage.


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  1. titans says:

    Actually he’ll be replacing Robitaille (bith left wings) but regardless, he’ll make a nice addition. Should post a good 35 goals next year. But he’s no where near the defensive player Federov was.

  2. GilaMonster says:

    i think 25 goals maybe but not 35. he wont get nearly the same amount of ice time he used to in columbus and that uncludes powerplay where he does most of his damage

  3. GilaMonster says:

    i think 25 goals maybe but not 35. he wont get nearly the same amount of ice time he used to in columbus and that includes powerplay where he does most of his damage

  4. titans says:

    He might…no more Luc, no more Sergei…theres more room! Plus he’s surrounded by more talented players, that can only help.

  5. bugreaper says:

    Well, maybe not. Spectors site is reporting that on fox sports Detroit the Wings have denied signing Whitney and TSN and sportsnet are wrong. I hope not, we could definately use the guy.

  6. Freeze says:

    As a Red Wings fan, I’m underwhelmed by this signing. On the plus side, Whitney was the captain of the Blue Jackets and their leading scorer. His play making ability as a left winger is noteworthy, as seen in his 52 assists.

    However, I’m not real thrilled about a 5′ 10″, 31-year old who had a +/- of -26 last year and is a career -96. Not good. I see him as a 3rd line left winger behind Shanahan and Zetterberg with Detroit who will need to re-shape his defensive game in order to fit in with the Wings. You simply can’t be a minus player with Detroit and hope to keep your job. Let’s see if we can teach this old dog some new tricks.

  7. leafs2003champs says:

    I dont think this is true as the wings have said they HAVE NOT signed ray.

  8. WildWing89 says:

    Ray can apparentley play all positions, like rw, and wouldn’t be considered that far behind, as on THN’s depth charts Zetterberg’s gonna try out center and Stevie is gonne be a RW. That would leave him to be a 2nd line lw with Hull or Stevie and Zetterberg. Not bad, not bad at all. But, Red Wings have shut this down and it possibly might not come true. Probably will though.

  9. Donovan says:

    The Wings also signed defenseman Jamie Rivers to a one year deal, though terms were not disclosed. Expect Rivers to play only with Grand Rapids unless somebody gets hurt (and probably not even then)

  10. Dynamo710 says:

    This signing isnt even confirmed yet. You would think by now that they would have to say something about it on, or even, but they don’t. The only sites I see that have this rumor confirmed are and What does canada know that we dont????

  11. mattf says:

    i somehow guarantee he wont last 4 years on the wings after a subpar productive season. ok so he scored 76 points on columbus, while playing 20min a game having priority roles…this will all change. a pretty good replacement for federov is an insult to the russian’s talent – he is more along the lines as a replacement to robataille

  12. wingsrock34 says:

    im callin bluff its 1:57am in MI and there nothing on the red wings site or in the papers online and there usually up dated around now or if its something like this they post it as an online special + every1 has said the site hockey first i think it was is not reliable and even though TSN said hes signed they also said Yzerman did last week and he hasent yet

  13. Seattleaf says:

    Then why is reporting that he’s signed a four-year $12.5 MIL contract with the Detroit Red Wings?

  14. wingsrock34 says:

    ok i just looked @ TSN and sportsnet again and there is no statment made by ne 1 in the wings front office this is crap no way he’s signed yet anyway

  15. kgeisen says:

    I highly doubt that the wings would sign good ol’ ray ray. He’s more of a penguin or panther player…you know, the teams that really dont give a yeah-hoo about defense. Personally, I’m gonna have to say b.s! Also, I hated seeing Fedorov leave motown, but dont compare Whitney to Feds. Sure he may have been the captain of Columbus ( which I could probably be captain of that team), and had a whoping 76 points…he’s definitely not a two way player nor has the creative abilities of Feds. If they sign him…just another spendy player wasted in detroit…Luc…cough….cough…

  16. Cam says:


    TSN.CA and reported Tuesday night the Detroit Red Wings had signed free agent winger Ray Whitney to a four year, $12.5 million contract. However, according to the Detroit Sports Report, the Red Wings claimed the Sportsnet story was incorrect and they had not signed Whitney. Hopefully there will be clarification of this matter soon.


  17. minihatcher says:

    Read the Detroit Free Press.

    Whitney has signed. Nuff Said….

  18. Freeze says:

    I still do not see any official posting of this trade with the NHL.

  19. Lafleur_10 says:

    Another Loss for Burke and the Canucks!!

  20. NHLman says:

    I think this might be a ploy to get more money out of the Rangers, who Whitney was reportedly close to signing with. Or maybe the Ranger rumors were a ploy to get more money out of the Wings. Either way one of these teams will come out with a good left wing who has leadership, experience, and playmaking ability.

    And everyone complaining about his bad +/-, cry me a river, the Wings have the BEST defense in the league. I’m sure the D can cover for him once in a while, not to mention Hasek. Since he is a replacement for Lucky Luc consider him a step up.

    If this signing is true we shall see!

  21. leafs2003champs says:

    I dont know but I do know that spector is reporting the wings said they have not signed ray and that the wings have said they have not signed ray.

  22. PlayballK says:

    Ray Whitney has not officially signed with the Red Wings. He has not agreed to a contract according to GM Ken Holland or his agent.

  23. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Where to begin?

  24. frezz says:

    whitney isnt signed yet is the most reliable source and its been over a day and they have not posted a thing about it. not to mention he is still listed as a free agent on that website. its wrong maybe he will sign with the wings but he sure hasnt yet.

  25. Megaroset says: is now reporting it. It’s a go.

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