Wings wont offer contract to Lang

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Red Wings have no plans to bring back Robert Lang next season. It is rumored that he and coach Bab***** has some tension in the playoffs.

The Wings have apparently contacted Lang and told him that he will not be offered a contract. HTR believes that Lang is not done yet and that there will be a number of teams that will show interest in the 36 year old center as he was still able to produce a very respectable 52 points this past season.

Read the article in the Detroit Free Press

6 Responses to Wings wont offer contract to Lang

  1. mojo19 says:

    Lang is still a good player but he did struggle a bit in the playoffs.

    If a Nylander deal can't be worked out, how about reuniting him with Jagr for a 3rd time? These guys like eachother and Lang could be a big body down low to work the puck around with Jagr, and he has some finish around the net too. Also he's played with Straka.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Oh and if Shanny's brought back, they've played together in Detroit too. So there is history between Lang and the key NYR forwards.

  3. TheStryker says:

    If the Habs can't find a way to unload Kovalev, look for them to make a run at Lang. He and Kovy had great chemistry while in Pittsburgh.

  4. wingsfan13 says:

    thank god, hes a bums

  5. gambit101 says:

    good hes only been going backwards in his career and hes getting old… let the young talent do what they can do….

  6. passionch says:

    What would be funny is Montreal trade Kovalev away to NYR, then the NYR signs Lang and there you would have a group of guys playing together again with Jagr and Straka!  Not going to happen I know.

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