Winless preseason so far?!

Okay, I have to admit, I’m kind of worried with the preseason record that the habs have going so far. I don’t know what Carb’s plans are for the team, but he better get it in gear soon, after watching “The Rocket” recently, I’ve been even more pumped to see the habs play…we need the team to have heart, It’s all about motivation and chemistry. Hopefully they find a way to get the Kovalev/Samsonov/Ribiero line gelled. Anyway, that’s my little rant…thanks

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  1. oop007 says:

    There’s nothing to worry about. My theory about all of this is as follows.

    Russian players like Kovalev/Samsanov don’t give a crap about preseason games. They only care about games where stats matter. The Bell Center makes $ whether they score or not.

    Also, Gainey probably wants to see more of the newer guys coming up because he needs to choose who to send back down and who to bring up. I think latandresse is ready this season.

    Many of our skilled players aren’t even playing a lot of these games. We’ve been putting in 2 goalies a game and Huet has been playing horribly. Infact all of Montreal’s goalies haven’t been doing to well. In the fourth Toronto game Carey Price played well though.

    Another thing is, these games are worthless and maybe Carb is having players take more penalties purposely to practice penalty killing for the regular season.

  2. leaflova says:

    Telling them to take penalties on pupose that is the most ridiculos thing i have ever herd, if he told his players to do that in the offseason, they would get so used to it they would do it in the regular

  3. rollinfatty says:

    How well Montreal does all depends on Saku Koivu being healthy. I am a Toronto fan but I feel comfortable saying that your captain is a good one. He may not be a high point scorer but he is a tremendous leader and that counts for alot. Look at what happened in the playoffs. Koivu goes out and the series is lost. So you should hope that he plays nearly as well as last year or your hopes aren’t so good. That is my fairly unbiased opinion. Don’t expect a stanley cup or even to make the playoffs. I really like Ryder as well so hope that he gets about 35 goals this year.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    quesionable coaching staff, questionable goaltending, questionable defence, questionable injury list are all catagories that plaque the habs.

    having said that, the preseason will not answer any of those questions. You’ll know the answers a month into the season.

  5. camerak says:

    There, are all you doubters satisfied? 7-2 win over Ottawa, 5 goals in the third period. If the preseason meant anything, I might even consider worrying about the Habs. But it’s all about gelling and finding line chemistry. Having different players in the lineup every night doesn’t help that at all. Once the season starts, if things continue this way, then I’d begin to contemplate a sense of worry.

  6. camerak says:

    Ooops. 7-3. Typo.

  7. oop007 says:

    don’t really mean purposely, but not caring as much simply cuz it’s preseason. fact is they need PK practice so it makes sense. Plus their D is weak. And why would they get “used to it”, are u a dumb? its 8 games that arent worth jack, why wud they “get used to it” lol.

  8. oop007 says:

    Unbiased? Says the Toronto fan. Don’t expect your team to win a cup for another 40 years man. At least habs have a cup in the last 15 years man. Christ TO actually does have a horrible team this season. RayCroft is the only good thing that came of the off-season for TO. Honestly, you TO fans are stupid, you see TO doing decent in preseason and you assume your team is going to the cup and ours isnt. Preseason means ***** all hockeynub

  9. passionch says:

    Yay! We won yesterday! Pre-season doesn’t really matter IMO.

  10. habs_punk says:

    A lack of head coaching experience for Carbs doesn’t mean it’s questionable. I’d take Montreal’s coaching staff over the Leafs any day. I’d take Montreal’s front office and entire scouting department ahead of the Leafs as well. Questionable goaltendings seems to leave implications of shaky. Personally in my mind, having two goalies who have shown themselves to be capable starters in this league is not questionable. Not to mention if we end up trading one, Danis and possibly Halak are ready to see some time as the backup. Our defense is only questionable at the moment because of the injuries. Markov, Souray, and Rivet are a very capable top 3. Dandenault, Komisarek, and Bouillon (when healthy) are a very solid bottom three, much better than the Leafs bottom three of Gill,… and who? Nothing wrong with the defense except maybe depth after the top 6 or 7. Streit isn’t a bad choice to fill in at number 6 while Bouillon’s out. There are a couple other options to fill spots in case of injury, but it is an area we could use more depth. The injury list is really the only worry for this team as far as I can tell. Bouillon’s already hurt, Koivu, Souray, and Samsonov likely will at some point in the season miss time *knock on wood*. But with Plekanec, Perezhogin, Johnson, and Kostitsyn capable of filling in temporarily on the first two lines in case of injuries there doesn’t seem to be much to worry about aside from injuries to our defense.

  11. habs_punk says:

    A few years ago the Habs went something like 7-0-1 in the preseason. Did we win the Cup? Preseason is good for getting us ready and anxious for the season, but in reality it means nothing. I might start to worry if we open the season with 5 losses. Until then don’t even think about it.

  12. rollinfatty says:

    Wow, I was trying to write a pretty fair comment but you had to be a little shit about it. First off Raycroft was a heavy price to pay for Rask who will be one of the best in the league in a few years. Second of all I would definately say that Peca was a good signing. I didn’t say nor do I expect us to win the cup but I think we have a better chance than montreal. I don’t know how anyone can like a team with Ribeiro on it. Ever since your last playoff round against the Bruins I couldn’t stand montreal because of ***** ribeiro and btch Kovalev. Lastly don’t call me a nub….what the hell does that mean anyway? Forget about the team’s preseason record and look at the play of the players. They are playing well. I don’t mind Monteal but don’t think that all Toronto fans or many think we are winning a cup because we don’t. I’ve heard so many Montreal people say this but it’s not true….they probably just say this to you to piss you off.

  13. rollinfatty says:

    I would not say that preseason means nothing….it helps you see how players perform and that is very important. I don’t like how fans of any team, leafs, montreal, calgary, etc. will say that something like preseason doesn’t matter when they lose but when they win they will say how great the team looks. Don’t make excuses. Does the team look good or did they look slow, sloppy, just plain bad. Don’t look at scores but watch the games and see if the team looks good and what lines work well together. You can get an idea of how good your team might be that way. Keep in mind that the leaf’s record is only 3-2 so we have nothing to brag about which is why I don’t brag about the leafs, just point out who looked good, what lines had chemistry and how our team speed, PK, powerplay and such things were.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    lack of experience in coaching staff means its questionable, as in one could question whether or not it would be successful because no one has see them before. thats the definition of questionable. Maurice is a far batter coach than anyone in the habs organzation, look at what he did with garbage carolina teams. Montreal does have a great scouting staff, notice i never said that was “questionable”. Aebisher has not shown that he is a caale starter, and huet has had a shaky pre season.The leafs have questionable goaltendng too, but so far leaf goalies have looked fantastic. Rivet is not top 3, souray MAYBE, Markov is really the only solid guy on the blueline, although I will say the habs have excellent rookie blueliners, as do the leafs with 6 young defencemen, all with nhl experience, fighting for those last 2 spots. The leafs have one of the best top 3 in the league at both ends of the ice. The habs will not be able to make the playoffs if there are too many injuries to key players. Plekanec, Perezhogin, Johnson, and Kostitsyn cannot carry a team.

    ps saying an aspect of your team is “better than the leafs” does’t make it great, ad so far i the preseaso the habs have done nothin better than the leafs.

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