Winnipeg A Possibility??

According to the Winnipeg Sun, an NHL franchise would’ve recently contacted the municipal authorities of the city of Winnipeg regarding the possibility to move their team in the canadian city… (

Municipal counseler Dan Vandal declared to the newspaper that he received a phone call last week from someone representing ”an NHL team based in the United States.”

This call didn’t came from Mario Lemieux and nobody from the Pittsburgh Penguins, even though the mayor of the town inquired about the possibility of moving the Pens in Winnipeg. Vandal refused to identify the team. In fact, this team would’ve let a message on his answering machine while he was in vacation in Costa Rica, asking him if the city was serious about hosting an NHL team.

Vandal said that this team had financial problems.

Winnipeg has lost his team to Phoenix in 1996 when the Jets became the Coyotes.