Winnipeg wants the Penguins

The Toronto Sun Reports that Winnipeg is interested in aquiring the penguin francise. heres the article:

The deputy mayor of Winnipeg has asked Pittsburgh Penguins owner Mario Lemieux to consider moving his team to Manitoba. In a letter to Lemieux, Coun. Dan Vandal points out that the NHL is facing “difficult decisions” with an imminent labour shutdown, and says Winnipeg is poised to welcome the struggling club if it can’t make things work in Pennsylvania. The league is expected to suffer a long shutdown because of a strike or lockout when the players’ contract expires in September, as teams which face spiralling multi-million-dollar salaries deal with flagging attendance.

“If and when a whole bunch of different things happen” to bring in team revenue sharing or a salary cap, Vandal says, Winnipeg would be able to again ice a big-league franchise.

“We have to be cognizant of the changing issues in the NHL, and position ourselves to capitalize on those changes,” Vandal told Sun Media in explaining his inquiry to Lemieux, which is dated Dec. 9. “The quality of the fan here is second-to-none — so consider us.”

Vandal’s letter, which is not an official city inquiry, has received no response from Lemieux or the Penguins. A Penguins spokesman did not return calls for comment yesterday.

Winnipeg lost the Jets to Phoenix in 1996. Since then, construction has begun on a 15,015-seat arena which will open in November.

Former Jets ownership partner Randy Moffat says Winnipeg would be able to support an NHL club only if the league’s financial structure changes “considerably,” and he doubts that will happen.

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24 Responses to Winnipeg wants the Penguins

  1. habsoverserver says:

    Another clever publicity move by a politician. I am sure every deputy mayor in the US and Canada would send the same letter.

  2. Kashin says:

    The Toronto Sun Reports that Winnipeg is interested in aquiring the penguin francise

    What does Winnipeg have to give up in return.

    City of Winnipeg sends Manitoba AHL to the City of Pittsburgh in exchange for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL. This is the only realistic scenerio and the city of Winnipeg looks like is gettin jipped.

  3. 5cupshere says:

    “Thats funny!!!!” But I still think that winnipeg would not get a fair value team in return !!ha ha

    I’d say drop the pens and promote the “moose”

  4. Kashin says:

    They would probably name it back to the jets. But Lemeuix should seriously SERIOUSLY find a buyer for the team before he does anything since he might have made the franchise rise but he is making it fall fast.

  5. Treva says:

    15,015-seat arena?

    This seems far too small for an NHL franchise whose revenue is basicly ticket sales. There would have to be some “considerable” changes to the league, kind of like an elephant is considerably diffrent from the ideals of commercialism.

  6. titans says:

    My only question is WHY do they want the Penguins? Have they seen them play lately?

  7. kidhenry1 says:

    I hate to say that we should deny Winnipeg a franchise, but there are a few things that the NHL has to take care of before they move teams back to Canada:

    1. Contract some teams–there only needs to be one Florida team, and Nashville??? Columbus???

    2. Financially secure teams currently in debt! –So many teams are losing money. Pittsburgh has proven that they can support a winning team, but other markets have not. Make sure that the NHL is in a solid fiscal state before moving on.

    Then they can give back the Jets, and get rid of the redline or whatever they want. But when push comes to shove, teams have not been doing well in Canada recently, and this project could turn into a potential lemon very easily.

  8. NYRules says:

    what nhl have u been watchin? CAnada isnt doin well? Ottawa was best in the league last year, Torontos the best this year. And Calgary in the last month has been one of the best, and since the return of Koivu Montreal has been pretty good. Dont forget Vancouver, one of the best teams in the league for the past 3 or 4 years. Edmonton is struggling this year but still has the potential to do much better and has never been bad other than this year. So i dont know what Canadian teams you have been watchin. Calgary has been the only team struggling in previous years.

  9. OilersRush says:

    Whats wrong with the BlueJackets? they are in the top 10 in ticket sales, and they are in a hockey market,(Ohio State college hockey) unlike other expansion teams.

    Them and the Wild were the smartest choices for expansion.

  10. OilersRush says:

    I can see why Winnipeg would want the pens but that new arena is too small for a NHL team. 15,015 would be the smallest arena in the NHL, and dispite what is going around, the NHLPA will not accept a cap at 32 mil like the owners want.

  11. 2hot4U says:

    I would like to see more NHL teams but Winnipeg could support a team before and it will not be able to support a team now

  12. OldNord says:

    All could depend about how the new contract (CBA) will end up. But a new arena would be necessary in Winnipeg, I guess.

  13. OldNord says:

    Forget that Winnipeg’s residents, Bettman is an asshole, he will move the team in Mexico city.

  14. wayne2 says:

    I think Pittsburgh should first wait to see what will

    happen,then make a decision.This said,i strongly

    feel they(players and owners) wont come to an

    agreement and will therefore be in a lockout.This

    will change the NHL considerably since a few teams

    wont survive.Look for Pittsburgh and a few of:

    Calgary,Edmonton,Tampa,Florida and Carolina to

    have problems maybe even be dismantled or moved.I am leaving Ottawa and Buffalo out cause

    i think they both have fairly strong owners for now.

    Ps:Nashville and Phoenix should be considered too.

    This said,if the new eventual agreement is favorable

    to true hockey fans,move Phoenix back to Winnipeg

    ,Tampa to Quebec(Lecavalier and St-Louis would

    bring in the crowd) and Atlanta to Hamilton(good

    yougsters would bring crowd) and then dismantle

    Anaheim,Carolina,Columbus,Florida,Nashville and

    San Jose.That way all the cities involved in the NHL

    would be real hockey cities or at least bring decent


  15. titans says:

    “The Mexico City Tequilla Shots”???

  16. Donovan says:

    Monctezuma’s Revenge would be an appropriate name.

  17. titans says:

    I LIKE IT!!!!

  18. kidhenry1 says:

    I’m talkin’ finacially. Ottowa is hemorraging cash, Calgary couldn’t sell out if their life depended on it, and I don’t see Vancouver posting huge gains either…

  19. kidhenry1 says:

    That is true, but the Blue Jackets have also not been able to win anything at all. It’s true that it would be unfair to take the team away so soon, but they have to start winning or the NHL should move it to a more competitive market

  20. IceColdSoda says:

    I think the chance that this will happen and the chance that the Penguins will win the Super Bowl are just about the same.

    I can’t believe people are actually taking this seriously.

  21. OilersRush says:

    Thats crazy, so Calgary who has not made the playoffs in the last 7 years should move? or the Rangers who have not won in 6?

    What does the market have to do with wins and losses?The fans keep supporting the team and its only getting better.

    Ownership is spending money on players its not like a Pittsburgh situation.

    The NHL will not move the Jackets anytime soon.

  22. Donovan says:

    With everyone boo-hooing about the Pens leaving Pittsburgh, I’ve come up with a rather radical solution.

    1. Mario sells the Pens, and they move to a place without acid-rain

    2. After the league settles down after the CBC and contraction, Pittsburgh is awarded a new franchise that can be called the Penguins.

    It worked with the Cleaveland Browns, and it could work here.

  23. Donovan says:

    That should read CBA. We really need an edit message option.

  24. 24cups says:

    At the rate the value of the canadian dollar is increasing, all the teams will be moving in Canada. Have you seen how the canadian looney is beating up the american dollar??? I’m not saying it is the best thing in the world but at this rate, WINNIPEG would offer a better economic market than any other american cities!!! So give us our teams back!!! Go JETS go!!! Go NORDIQUES go!!! Go North, fuck the south (I mean south south, not all the country)!!! It’s time to play real hockey… …where it was meant to be…

    …you dickhead southern rich bastards!!! Go buy your own zoo stupid c*u*n*t*s!!!

    …from a REALLY pissed off REAL hockey fan…

    p.s.: did you know that if you had enough money, you could create a new franchise in Columbia (the country you dumbasssss), Go Pablo, I wish you were still alive!!! lol… … … … … at this rate, i’m wondering how the southern american teams would compete. It’s funny when a country who thought they were better than everyone else is falling like a shitty kingdom.

    But please, don’t take the sport in your fall!!!


    hummm, sorry but…. lol

    0.78$ compared to 0.62$ last year…

    steal it (oil) before it’s too late…

    drunkness fever, happy holidays fools!!!

    give me your comments, I’ll apologize tommorow!!!

    go back to 21 teams (as if)

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