Wish list for next year…yes it's early, but I'm bored and this is al

So trade deadline is done, and this is the roster we’ll be seeing the rest of the way. But what is the roster of next year? Well, currently those under contract are:

Koivu 4.75 (in million $, against the cap)
Kovalev 4.5
Samsonov 3.525
Begin 1.057
Latendresse 0.850
Murray 0.625
Bouillon 1.875
Streit 0.600
Huet 2.875
Halak 0.475* (Halak signed a 2yr AHL contract, so I’m not sure how that translates to the NHL)

For a total of 10 players at just below 23million

Ryder 2.2
Higgins 0.673
Perezhogin 0.627
Plekanec 0.450
Komisarek 0.947
Gorges 0.450 (only 0.110 is hitting the cap this year)
Lapierre 0.450

For a total of 5.347mil. Of those, Higgins, Plekanec, and Komisarek are most likely to get relatively substantial increases. However, none of them should will be over, or even that close, to Ryder’s 2.2 mil.
Ryder, Perezhogin, Lapierre and Gorges will most likely get relatively minor increases.
I would be surprised if the group as a collective got more the 3mil in raises. I would see a total of around 2 million quite feasible

Of the UFAs on the team, Aebisher and Niinimaa will not be signed.
I personally believe the Gainey should make an attempt to re-sign both Bonk and Johnson, although not for anything that is well over 2 million, with 2 mil in my mind being a fair number.

That leaves Souray and Markov, both of which will be getting substantial raises. Making a leap of faith here, I am going to hasard a guess and say that I hope they are both signed, for around 4.5 mil each.

So (with my predictions) that would make the Habs at around 42 mil. Not all that much to work with…

So, what do you do? First, Samsonov (if his play remains the same) should be either traded or sent to the AHL. Both those options would clear is 3.525 mil, according to the CBA. A buyout would leave 2/3 of his salary, over 2 yrs, still against the cap.

That moves the cap to about 39mil, with 7 mil assuming a 46 mil cap.

With that 7mil, 2 thing should be sought:
First, an offensive forward (center preferably) by either trade or UFA
(Drury, Briere, Lang, Zubrus, Handzus, Forsberg, Datsyuk & Gomez are among the better centers potentially avaliable this summer)

A defenseman would also be nice, but I would perfer to go with the current corp and see players like Streit, Gorges and Komisarek develop further

So, basically, we need another offensive center and should have around 7mil to work with…maybe more around 5mil, as I doubt Gainey will want the team right against the cap.

That’s my 2 cents!
Any other ideas? Disagree about Bonk, Johnson, Markov, Souray? Should we trade an RFA? Should we trade someone still under contract?

Since there is no more trades to be had, might as well play the armchair GM between the games 🙂

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  1. DeathCab says:

    I hope Souray doesn't sign for any more than 4.5mill, but a couple pricey deals given to defense men in recent history, i.e. McCabe, I'm thinking that it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to see Souray offered 5mill by someone if he hits UFA status.  And if that happens, I don't see Gainey keeping him, since 5 mill for Souray is too much, i.e. McCabe.

  2. the_word says:

    Ok Samsonov is untradeable, no other team in the league wants to pay 3.5 for someone with a bad attitude who doesn't perform.  4.5 for Souray, ya I don't think so, McCabe received 5.75 in a year with many other UFA defenseman on the market.  Souray will be a rare commodity this off season and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get in the neighborhood of 6.5-7 million per year.  He's not worth it but he'll get it.  It may be best long term for the Habs to walk away from Souray.

  3. Rickoo7 says:

    Remember…if Souray worth 4-5 million…Markov gonna ask 1-1.5 millions more the him…He know is value is better then Souray…So it s gonna be hars discution

  4. habby102 says:

    I think that in light of how they've played this season so far, Samsonov and Kovalev are very tradeable, with Kovalev having more upside in quality return to Montreal in a trade. The only reason Kovalev is under THAT much scrutiny is because Samsonov has been worse. (Not as of late though) Also, I think Ryder had a long stretch where he looked like he could be shipped out of here, but then in the last two weeks he shaped up and played great. So in all, I think we could trade Kovalev, Samsonov, and perhaps sign Aebischer to a 1yr contract and ship him too. But the only person in RFAs that we could trade for something substantial is Ryder and maybe Higgins/Komisarek, but I don't see any of those guys moving.

  5. sheam316 says:

    OK now. Gainey will at most go to 5.5 Million with Souray. We can all thanks no talent mcCabe for this. But if souray wants a chara contract he won't give it to him. Maybe Gainey will only sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal.Then if he doesn't duplicate it we'll lower the contract. Also with Plekanec becoming a good centre, I dont think we need a number 2 centre. Chicago or Philly might take Samsonov, even for a draft pick. Hopfully there one of the 10 teams. Maybe even get rid of kovalev and grab a drury or even look at Ryan Smyth. Ryan Smyth would be awesome in montreal. He's Carbo's dream guy in my opinion, and he's the canadian montreal needs. Maybe 4 year deal worth 5.5 and if we got rid of kovalev then we still have the 6-7 mill left over if we trade kovalev, Which doesn't give 100% every game unless he's currently on a streak. maybe even go grab a 3 million dollar guy and throw him on the Right wing with Smyth and Plekanec. or Plekanec and Higgins, depends on what they do. Get rid of Perezhogin. Give room for Grabovski and Kostyn(not sure of spelling) maybe if you want to go grab a 2-3 million defensemen to replace rivet if jorges doesnt do good rest of season. Maybe even sign Niennema back to 2 year deal worth .775 per year. maybe 1 mill. He's not bad, he's just bad comparing him to his price tag.

  6. Roadrunner12 says:

    Well just so happens that I do have a few ideas. I think that we are set in goal. Abby will exit because he wants to be a starter, so we can bring in Danni or Halak as a back-up to Huet.  Leighton wasn't good enough for Philly and will be a career minor leaguer in Hamilton.  Price will have to spend a few years in Hamilton to learn the ropes.

    I believe we will re-sign Markov and should, but once again I am not optimistic that Souray will re-sign as he has made it be known that he wants to be closer to his daugher who is in LA.  Secondly, Montreal will not throw the money at Souray that Toronto did at McCabe.  Which means that we will have to replace him but should have the money to do so.

    I believe our biggest concern is to sign a number one centreman.  I love Koivu but I'm not sure he was ever a number one centreman as his highest point totals have been 71 and 62.  I also believe he gets manhandled by the Sundins and Brindamours of the league.  He has a big heart in a small frame. 

    I think Briere, Gomez and Daysyuk would all be upgrades at centre, however, none of them really address the size issue.  I do believe that we will pursue a first line centreman. 

    As far as Samsonov is concerned we can only pray that he raises his level of play next season.  I don't think anyone would touch him unless they were going to send an underachiever with a big salary our way.  We might get lucky if he is sent down and then claimed off of waivers when called back up.  I believe that we would only be on the hook for half of his salary.

    It would nice to add a player like Ryan Smyth, he would bring size, skill and leadership but with a big price tag.  I guess you generally get what you pay for except with Samsonov.

    Mike Johnson has been a pleasant surprise but he is 32, making 1.9 million and is playing for one more contract.  Can we afford to give him a raise?

    As for Bonk, he is 31, making 2.4 million (19 points) to be a third line checker.  I think I would look from within the organization to replace him.  Ironically, he is having a much better season than last and it just so happens that he will become an unrestricted free agentat seasons end.

    The reality is with the cap it is difficult to keep within the limit and to leave a little breathing room for moves.  And it gets that much harder when you are paying a player big bucks and he isn't performing.

    Time will only tell what Bob is up to.

  7. robinson19 says:

    I pretty much agree with all your analysys except that I think we should let Souray walk. Then we'd have your 5-7 mil free PLUS his $ gone.

    This way we afford not only to sign a Briere but also a cheaper PP QB to replace Souray (Any thoughts on who's coming up UFA in this category? I got no clue.)

  8. Rickoo7 says:

    Maybe but its not only about scoring and powerplay…but leadership too

  9. sheam316 says:

    OK UFA Defense we can use to possibly replace Souray,
    Brisebois (HAHA)
    Darryl Sydor (if dallas will part is beyond me.)
    Mattieu Schneider
    AAron Miller (if LA dont resign him)
    Brian RAfalski (if NJ dont resign him for some reason)
    Sandis Ozolish (could be available)
    Tom Preissing (will likely be available and i think could be a good #3 or 4)
    Scott Hannan (if SJ part with him to resign thornton and Marleau and Rivet)
    Eric Brewer (likely wont be available but still could be a UFA)
    Luke Richardson (would be horrible replacement but hes on UFA list)

    Milan Michalek (could trade draft pick to get this guy. Or SJ lets him go Salary reasons)
    Jordan Leopold (colorade likely wont let him go but could be a possibility)
    Joni pitikanen (under achieved this year so could be on the market)

    Those are the people we could sign to replace souray. It doesn't look like a Defensemen stacked UFA or RFA year but there are people we can go after. Like Tom Preissing, AAron Miller, Scott Hannan I would love in the Habs uniform. Also other names I mentioned. But its either pay for souray, replace him with these possible signs, or trade for him, either that or leave it be.

  10. egreenxc says:

    No one's going to take Samsonov.  Everyone's already had the chance to pick him at half his salary and everyone's passed on him.

  11. the_word says:

    You can't simply blame McCabe for Souray's earning potential, look around the league, Jovo is making 7 million per on a long term deal and he's worse than McCabe, Jay McKee makes 4 million per and for simply being a legitimate top four defenseman, Kubina makes 5 million per, Eric Brewer just signed for 4.25 per, the price tag for defensemen is ridiculous throughout the league.  The difference this off season is that  there aren't many defenseman, Souray has the potential to get a near max contract.

  12. the_word says:

    Brewer signed a four year extension with St.Louis

  13. saku_rulz says:

    well, i agree with you for most part! just : forget niinima…then souray i think will re-sign in mtl from anywhere between 5-5.5M per yr over 4 or 5yrs includig a NMC! markov should get between 4.5-5M over 3-4yrs….trade sammy and kovy…100%!let's not be greedy and just get rid of those 2! do not re-sign bonk….for johnson, if there is cap room after everything is done no prob at 2-2.25M per yr if not then wtv! but mtl needs that n.2 centerman …plekanec can't do the job! remember : lecavalier has richards, crosby has staal, gomez has zajac (or parize i dunno which is center), briere has drury, in their good days : yzerman had fedorov and sakic had forsberg, staal has brind'amour, ….take whatever team having success they both have 2 good centermen!mtl always had koivu and noone to backhim up and this summer is mtl's chance to do that! also, if there is room, bring in one of those 4 : smyth, kariya, blake or whitney to play n.2 lw!

  14. saku_rulz says:

    it wasn’t half his salary it was full salary!

  15. saku_rulz says:

    actually it's not…it's the exact same situation in TO with kaberle and mccabe….mccabe got the bigger contract and kaberle is n.1!

  16. quiksilver says:

    The Habs will be lucky finding any player willing to sign with them, PERIOD!

    Good luck!


  17. cristowall39 says:

    i just calculated the payroll for the habs for next year exluding aebischer and niinima, giving markov and souray around 5.5-6 mil each, giving bonk and jonson 2 mil each, plekanec and higgins 1.7 mil each and komisarek like 1.2 mil and the rest of all the habs salaries i got 38.6 mil for the team wich is very good compared to the cap wich should go up to betwen 46-48 mil so it looks like we can have as much as 10 mil in cap space and and i think gainey should go after smyth for 5.5 and maybe zubrus for 2 and maybe even someone else and have some room left over. just my thoughts i no there a little far fetched but its always good to dream.

  18. TheStryker says:

    In my opinion, we have to get rid of some players (Ryder,Samsonov,Bouillion,Dandenault) Sign only 3 of our free agents (Markov,Souray,Johnson) and give some of our young talent some time to see what they can do. Trade up at the draft to get Esposito. Sign a UFA center (Briere,Drury,Datsyuk,Zubrus). Sign a guy who can drop the gloves (Boulton,Fedoruk,Kostopoulos)

    This is my starting line-up for 07-08




    With Price in Hamilton, and when ready call him up to take the reigns

  19. cristowall39 says:

    Heres a list of some free agents to be who the habs could chase with all their money:

    Teemu Selanne
    Slava kozlov
    Daniel Briere or Chris Drury
    Craig Conroy
    Ray Whitney
    Joe Sakic (hes most likely to stay in colorado)
    Ladislav Nagy( they were chasing him until he got traded)
    Pavel Datsyuk
    Ryan Smyth
    Petr Sykora
    Todd Bertuzzi
    Peter Forseberg
    Paul Kariya
    Kimo Timonen(if we dont land Souray)
    Scott Gomez
    Jason Blake
    Victor Kozlov
    Brendan Shanahan
    Tom Preissing(leads nhl in +-)
    Yanic Perault
    Marc Recchi
    Bill Guerin
    Keith Tkatchuk
    Mats Sundin

  20. cristowall39 says:

    k i agree with most of it but first we only get rid of samsonov (if possible) and ur gonna need to give up A LOT for a first overall pick. i think we should try to get zubrus and briere bc we have a lot of cash

  21. robinson19 says:

    If we really end up with 10 mil to work with this summer that'll seriously be nice. This team is not too many key acquisitions away from contending, but those pieces need to be just the right fit: in my opinion a power winger and a solid 2nd line centre. So yeah, Smyth and Zubrus would pretty much fill the prescription, or how about Bertuzzi and Briere?

  22. flyer_fly says:

    Habs gonna trade for Vinny

  23. Rickoo7 says:

    loooooooool trade for vinny…what we gonna give for??? he gonna win the Maurice richard…Maybe finish second in point leader…Feaster is not a genius…but it s not an indiot…If someone have to go…it s Richard…

  24. modk09 says:

    brewer signed for 4.25, souray will get at least 5.25

  25. Les-Habitants says:

    thats why I say demote him, we clear the space and that's that

  26. Les-Habitants says:

    Judging from what Gainey has done in the past, with the exception of Ryder, I don't see Higgins or Plekanec getting 1.7mil.  I was Higgins and Plekanec both around 1.2 for 1 yr. 

  27. damien_ralentass says:

    I think for most of it you’re right except for Souray and Markov. The agent player Perno commented on RDS a few days ago that he expected Souray to get between 5 and 6 mil. The comparable player for Souray is Brain McCabe. They both play a good game offensively, they both have a physical presence and they’re both a liability on defense. Brian McCabe get’s actually 5.75 mil each year until 2010-2011. Souray will probably get something close to that. I know what you all gone say. That much money for a guy that is a liability defensively is a nightmare and in a perfect world I would agree with you. But the thing is right now he is the second more productive defenseman on the league behind Lidstrom. The problem is if he was any better defensively he would not be compared to Brain McCabe but most likely to Pronger in which case he would get the maximum accorded by the new CBA. The reason he will get between 5 and 6 mil is because he is not a very good player defensively otherwise he would get the maximum. Has for Markov he would also get the maximum if he was as good as Souray offensively. He always plays against the best players and he’s one of the best for the first pass. That’s why he will also get between 5 and 6 mil! You better get use to it, those two are going to cost a lot of money.

  28. damien_ralentass says:

    Has for Bonk and Jonhson I think that it will depend on the salary given to Markov and Souray if they manage to sign them. Bonk will most likely be replaced by Plekanec but hopefully maybe they can sign Jonhson.

  29. Rico420 says:

    Does anyone else remember that Zubrus played three years in Montreal and he kinda stunk up the joint when he played here?

    Perreault will end up back in Phoenix, they seem like the only franchise he's ever played for who actually appreciated him, and was really the only player on their roster they could get something back in return for that would help them in the present or near future..big costs this year in Rental players I still don't understand.

    Anyway..didn't Brewer resign with the Blues?

  30. rojoke says:

    Briere is going to have offers coming out of his inbox.

    Zubrus, been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

    Forsberg will depend on his playoff performance.  I'm assuming that he'll have ankle surgery on his other foot during the off-season.

    Datsyuk is looking for way too much money for a guy who's season ends in April.  Sure he plays playoff games, he just doesn't produce.  The guy hasn't scored a playoff goal since his rookie year in 2002.  That could scare a lot of teams away.

    One defenseman I've wanted to see come to Montreal for a while has been Derek Morris.  He's very good in his own end, is a physical presence, and has a pretty good shot.  He's not going to pile up the points on the PP like Souray does, but maybe that production could be picked up Markov and the forwards.

    I really believe that Gainey will try to make some off-season moves, possibly involving Samsonov and Kovalev.  He's got two first round picks, maybe he can use one of those and a player to pick up an RFA from another team, or take advantage of a team wanting to move up to get someone they like.

  31. Habroller says:

    Isn't Kimmo Timonen available as UFA? I would have hime a thousand time before any of those guys…even Souray!

  32. habsoverserver says:

    you mean Montreal will go into the offseason looking to add a scorer??????? would that be the 14th consecutive season that they've been looking for one?

  33. Shawn84 says:

    Quick over view current team salary is $41,235,607.00

    Bonk will not be back so $41,235,607.00 – 2,394 000 = 38,841,607 million

    then ninnima wont be back – 2,508 000 = 36,333,607 million

    Abby won't be back – 1,900,000 = 34,433,607

    Downey won't be back – 475,000 = 33,958607

    So now we take away ther remaining UFA and RFA salaries


    Mike Jonhson 1.9 million(won't be back too many kids coming up)

    Sheldon Souray 2.432 million

    Andrei Markov 2 million


    Michael Ryder 2.2 million

    Christopher Higgins 672,980

    Alexander Perezhogin 627,000

    Tomas Plekanec 450,000

    Mike Komisarek 946,827

    Total of 11,228,807

    So 33 958 607 – 11 228 807 = 22 729 863 million

    suggestive salaries for 2007-2008

    Higgins(should double in salary) = 2 million(for 3 years)

    Plekanec (will replace bonk) = 1 million (maybe 1.5)

    Komisarek(long term needed) = 2 million (3 years)

    Ryder(?) = 2.2 million(1 or 2 years) how can you justify a raise when your stats are lower than the previous year, points and +/-.

    Perezhogin(will be back) = 1 million(2 years) still in a learning process, shows some flash's of brilliance.

    Sheldon = 5 million (2-3 years)

    Markov = 4 million(give him 5 if he signs long term4-5 years)

    sub-total = 17.2 million

    new team salary = 17.2 + 22,729,863 = 39,929,863

    that leave's us only 6-7 million towards the cap, which in my opinion is not enough.

    My speculation, on draft day expect souray to get traded for a draft picks or players. Bob kept him because he believed in making the playoffs.

    So if we don't get players that saves 5 million + 6 million = 11 million available to take a run at a first line center, and a solid D man who can play defence.

    i dont' mind losing souray scoring touch if we replace it with a forward who can put up twice the points and make's his wingers better!

    Feel free to fill in the blank's with UFA's

    1st- Samsonov – ? – Kovalev

    2nd – higgins – koivu – Ryder

    3rd Perezhogin(easily replacable by Kostitsyn) – Plekanec- Latendress

    4th Begin – Lapierre – ?


    Markov – Komisarek

    Streit – ?

    Bouillon – Dandenault/Gorges




  34. Maxvince says:

    Here what I hope happen this summer:
    Higgins, plekanec, ryder, Johnson, Markov, Komisarek, lapierre will be re-sign. If we trade Kovalev that would be good. we rebuy the contract of Samsonov, and the line-up look like this:

    Lw                  Center           Rw
    Higgins            ?????            Kovalev (if can't trade him)
    Latendresse     Koivu            Ryder
    Kostytsin          Plekanec       Johnson
    Begin              Lapierre         Murray

    Markov        Komisarek
    Bouillon       Dandenault
    Streit           Georges


    Now with all the money we save with Bonk, Sauray, Samsonov, Niinimaa, Abby, Downey out. We can put offer on the table for player like Briere (if he is available), Gomez or Datsyuk.

    This is just for me, if we trade Kovalev for probebly nothing, we can offer something to Ryan Smith.

  35. mjms says:

    The habs have to continue investing in their young players.  They should avoid re-signing Johnson or Book unless they come at a sigtnificant bargain and focus instead on Chipchura, Kostastsyn, Grabowrski, etc… Bring them up, thay can't do worse.

    The same on D with Emelin.

    They will only be able to have max flexibility on the cap if they stop looking for stop gap measures on FA.  FA signing should be made mostly for impact players not fringe players.

    I.e First line center, 1 or 2 D-man, starting goalie, ect….

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