With Rucinsky ….Rangers have 2 players too many.

With the Addition of Rucinsky, which should take place in a day or two…. The Rangers find themselves with an overload of players…..

12 offense men are needed for 4 lines…..

But the Rangers have 14….

Lindros, Bure, Nedved, Holik, Dvorak, Rucinsky, Mess, Samulson, Lundmark, Lyashanko, Oliwa, MaCarthy, Barnaby, and Murry……

Now what do the Rangers do? Who will be sitting some of the games this season…..?

Lindros, Bure, Nedved, Holik, Dvorak, Rucinsky, Mess, ….. are all locks to be in the lineup every night.

But, who are the two players you leave out?

We know the top two lines will have those players but let’s look at the 3rd and 4th….

Samuelsson… Mess….. Lundmark

Oliwa…… Lyashanko…… MaCarthy…

But then you have Murray and Barnaby out of the lineup….

Now who do you think should be put in and who should be pulled out?

Any of these guy’s left over can be traded…. But sending gritty players like Barnaby, MaCarthy, and Oliwa would weaken the toughness… Samulson and Lundmark are going to be good….. they can’t be moved and Murry was brought to the team to help a much needed defensive offensive-men. Lyashanko also shows some promise with his potential.

Now I know you need a few left over players (just in case)…… and Oliwa can sit a few games, but even if he play’s only 30-35 then someone else will miss time as well…..

Should the Rangers make a move sending one of these guys to bring in some D? If so…. Who?