Won't these people just shut up?

So I’m watching TV last week and Hockeycentral comes on and does a feature story about what NHL referees are doing – Don Van Massenhoven was selling cars at a dealership and another ref was installing cabinets!My question: Who gives a crap?

It pains me that such these people go on the air night after night and talk about nothing. Seriously, Hockeycentral has a half-hour show every day with Nick Kypreos, Gord Stellick, Bill Watters and some other guy and they talk about hockey. Then, the follow up sports show has a segment with a big fancy lockout graphic just to report that nothing happened. Great.

Some of the topics – like what the refs are doing – are so useless that you just want to smack them over the heads and tell them to shut up if there’s nothing to talk about. Next thing you know, they’ll be breaking news (Sportsnet is the first to report …) that Gary Bettman went the bathroom four times today and likely has diarrhea caused by Bob Goodenow and the union and then launch into a fifteen minute discussion regarding Bettman’s bathroom usage.

In other equally useless news, the Toronto Star is simulating the Leafs season as played on XBOX NHL2K5 and the Leafs lost 4-2 to New Jersey. I don’t lie that this got coverage in the sports section. What an unbelievable waste of time and print, I mean can’t these reporters use the time to cover local minor sporting teams or something? Are they that desperate that they have to grasp at making stuff up to fill their pages?

So, at the end of all this, I wonder if the same useless idiocy is going on in other NHL cities or if you, unlike me, think this is informative and worthwhile?

Intelligent comments only, please.

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  1. rojoke says:

    The ideal sportscast.

    “Today in the NHL… nothing happened. Again.

    In NBA pre-season action…”

    Makes me kinda wish I could watch ESPN. Because we all know how much coverage they’re giving it.

  2. hockeyhead says:

    as i wrote in missing hockey…the new england sports network was showing bruins highlights from a video game.

    in canada hockey is your biggest draw this time of year (if not all year). they must have a contract with these people and their show.

    in america they have baseball tonight and nfl shows nightly….if there was a lockout with them i am sure they would be doing the same thing.

    i hear what you are saying and am equally frustrated but they just can’t cancel these shows.

  3. movingfire says:

    How about turning the channel….Then you dont need to watch or spend time *****in about it

  4. Serdy says:

    Have you not thought that the networks which are showing this virtual simulation of a season, and the newspapers which are writing articles on it are doing it to show their disgust with the current situation. They are doing it to show just how ridiculously bad some people want hockey back, and they are doing this so they dont have to spend that 30 minutes talking about the lockout, again. I am so tired of all the lockout news, you cant even call it news because its the same crap every day. Also I’m sure that the networks feel that some people will find the simulation season interesting and funny, so part of it is for any kind of ratings they can recieve. But I still believe that they are doing it to voice their opinion on the current matter, without publicly bashing the league, or players. Hey, I would watch anything about hockey at this point, even if it is about what the refs are doing. Theres only so much Leafs TV to watch.

  5. 19Yzerman says:

    Well Stuv Dogg these networks actually need to remind some people that although they have no scoring highlights to show that hockey will not escape the daily edition of your sports segment. That big fancy lockout graphic you mention of bugs the hell out of me when I see it. However I suppose its better than months going by and noticing that there has been no NHL and the networks didn’t take notice or some how reflect on Hockey.

    Fox Sports Detroit has been Airing Red Wings games from it archives and they also have University of Michigan/Michigan State NCAA hockey to broadcast.Which is just enough to get by on.

    Perhaps if enough of us are truly bothered by what our networks are doing then I would suggest a regiment of letters to the networks with our suggestions of what we would like to see. Like televising games or at least Highlights from whatever the next tier of hockey skill in your region is.

    I am kind of guessing on this but, the AHL’s affiliation with the NHL could be why we are not seeing AHL games on ESPN.

  6. Phillyfanatic says:

    I agree with you totally. The other day on CTV Sportsnet, they had a piece called “What if Eric Lindros never left the Quebec Nordiques. I find it unbelievable that there is nothing else to talk about, and what is frustrating me as a hockey fan even more is that the two sides are not even talking. I am on the owners side, but right now I am blaming both sides for not getting any talks going. I hope that a lot more NHLers start complaining like Ribeiro so that I dont have to watch useless programming like the Lindros piece on Sportsnet.

    (Besides I swear this was Philly’s YEAR>>>>GO FLYERS)

  7. hockeyhead says:

    you don’t have to watch anything you don’t want to or are we in north korea.

  8. Heinzee57 says:

    Between the Patriots and the Red Sox, the people of Boston aren’t even aware there is a strike/lockout.

    No one misses hockey in Boston. I don’t think it will sink in with people until February when the NFL season is over.

    The only time sports writers mention hockey is when they are making fun of it.


  9. hockeyhead says:

    heinzee, that is not true. i am in new england and i miss the b’s (but i also cheer for the angels and steelers).

    it is going to be crazy down there in a couple days.

  10. 19Yzerman says:

    Oh it sure is going to be CRAZY in beantown. Question is how many people will attended the immenent Red Sox Victory Parade? 2.5 to 3 million.

    The statement that No one misses hockey in Boston is not an acurate analogy. If you stood outside the North Station of the boston subway and asked bypassers if they have missed the B’s not playing the words Red Sox would curtainly be part of everyones reply.None the less there are a lot of Bostonian hockey fans that I know are MISSING the B’s and the NHL.

  11. Heinzee57 says:

    Of course there are people in Boston who miss hockey. For christ sake I’m on a hockey trade rumors website…. Isn’t that desperate enough for some hockey talk???

    Don’t take me so literally.

    Try this… go over to Porters or the Harp or McGanns or the Sully Tap and try striking up a hockey conversation this weekend.

    What you might find is that some people are glad Jacobs will lose money for once….. Beyond that, last seasons play off implosion and no one signed to a contract, what is there to look forward to?

    The media coverage is non existant. Dale Arnold won’t even talk hockey at this point.

    GO SOX




  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Pats have won 2 super bowls and the Sox have the curse on its death bed up 3-0.

    Try being a Philly fan. Last championship was the sizers in 1983. I was 9. SO MANY great (non championship) teams since then. Buddy Ryan’s Eagles with Randal Cunningham, Keenan’s Flyers who took the 87 Oilers to 7 games, the Phils in 93, the Eagles the last 3 years in the NFC championship and the Flyers losing to an inferior (yet FAR more healthy) Tampa team in 7 last year.

    The award for most bitter fans is one baseball game away from being owned by Philly.

    Go Eagles.

  13. 19Yzerman says:

    We share your sentiments.We are all at a great loss without an NHL season and are equally frustrated. I may have been in one of the above mentioned establishments but, didn’t know it because I may have been HAMMERED. I wonder if they serve harpoon ale at the harp? If I was in Boston I would check out some of that Hockey East NCAA hockey or ECAC.

    There is the spirit

    Go Sox


    GO UofM Wolverines Football and Hockey

    Go play in an Adult League

    Go Snowmobiling

    Go Get Laid

    So you see I get a good dose of sporting fan fair.

    I have written to ESPN and MY local FSD networks asking for Hockey NCAA/AHL.My question was why should hockey fans be sentenced to an indefinite term of No Hockey because the NHL and NHLPA cannot agree on finance?I also made reference to it being a direct request for some televised hockey.

    Here a good No One for ya. No One here in detroit expects much from the Lions other then we might discontinue calling them the Liedowns.

  14. 19Yzerman says:

    Dude you can’t win for losing. Its the cubby’s fans who are potentialy going to inhareit Baseballs longest standing state of bitterness and Chicago already owns The longest standing hockey drought. Wait screw them they had the bears and the bulls so oh well. I would yield my aleagence to your Eagles this season but, I have kind of been looking forward to seeing an undefeated season superbowl champ and a world series champ for beantown. Sounds GREEDY doesn’t it?

    I told you before though YOUR DUE!!!

  15. GretzNRY99 says:

    Yes, this information is useless and unworthwhile. Bettmans urinary status and xbox crap is not hockey talk. This is what we have suc*****bed to in this depressing stage of hockey-less melonchaly. Who loves Movie night in canada? is that a sick thing to say or what, knowing what it has replaced?O what a miserable thing.

  16. hockeyhead says:

    flyers fan…..if you only care about the bruins…it really hurts to see these other clowns winning championships. i guess the bruins are the new curse in town and it may be that way for a long long long time.

    hail to the grievers

  17. shortcat1 says:

    I must agree with ‘movingfire’. Change the channels.

    If you really must, find out if and where you can get another hockey fix. Here’s some ‘hits’ for you:

    – Check your team’s website, sites like ‘hockeysfuture.com’ or sites like ‘habsworld.com’ to see what’s going on with your team in general.

    – Check up on ‘thn.com’ and ‘thefourthperiod.com’ and this site to get more news of what’s going on in general.

    – Also many, if not all, AHL teams have their games broadcasted on the web. You might want to check ‘theahl.com’ to find out where your NHL team’s minor club is situated. Then, you could go to the team’s website and click on the equivalent of ‘listen live here’.

    – If you’re not needing a hockey-fix to keep emotionally alive then get into some other stuff, some other interests or hobbies. It might even be that this time has been given to you to do that which you NEED to do but ‘didn’t have the time’.

    There you go… some suggetions…


    “The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”

  18. afanofthelakings says:


    ”Le Journal de Montréal” are doing the same thing for the Habs…

    And guess what ??? they’re 1st in the league, ha ha ha, too funny !!! 😉

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