Won't these people just shut up?

So I’m watching TV last week and Hockeycentral comes on and does a feature story about what NHL referees are doing – Don Van Massenhoven was selling cars at a dealership and another ref was installing cabinets!My question: Who gives a crap?

It pains me that such these people go on the air night after night and talk about nothing. Seriously, Hockeycentral has a half-hour show every day with Nick Kypreos, Gord Stellick, Bill Watters and some other guy and they talk about hockey. Then, the follow up sports show has a segment with a big fancy lockout graphic just to report that nothing happened. Great.

Some of the topics – like what the refs are doing – are so useless that you just want to smack them over the heads and tell them to shut up if there’s nothing to talk about. Next thing you know, they’ll be breaking news (Sportsnet is the first to report …) that Gary Bettman went the bathroom four times today and likely has diarrhea caused by Bob Goodenow and the union and then launch into a fifteen minute discussion regarding Bettman’s bathroom usage.

In other equally useless news, the Toronto Star is simulating the Leafs season as played on XBOX NHL2K5 and the Leafs lost 4-2 to New Jersey. I don’t lie that this got coverage in the sports section. What an unbelievable waste of time and print, I mean can’t these reporters use the time to cover local minor sporting teams or something? Are they that desperate that they have to grasp at making stuff up to fill their pages?

So, at the end of all this, I wonder if the same useless idiocy is going on in other NHL cities or if you, unlike me, think this is informative and worthwhile?

Intelligent comments only, please.