World Cup Roster… Mother Svea.

So some nations have gotten there World Cup Roster posted here in the resent days. So lets take a closer look at what might be expected from Mother Svea. All the names are pretty much set so lets look at them and guess what lines we will see.


Stefan Liv

Mikael Tellquist

Daniel Hedriksson


Niklas Lidström

Kim Jonsson

Dick Tärnström

Niklas Hävelid

Mattias Norström

Mattias Öhlund


Andreas Lilja

Ronny Sundin


Marcus Näslund

Daniel Alfreadsson

Niklas Sundström

Thomas Holmström

Per Johan Axelsson

Henrik Zetterberg

Kristian Huselius

Markus Nilsson


Fredrik Modin

Nisse Ekman

Magnus Arvedsson


Peter Forsberg

Mats Sundin

Mikael Nylander (if healthy then)

Andreas Johansson

Yared Hagosh (representing the juniors)


Jörgen Jönsson

So what do we think? Lets start by the goalies… both Salo and Hedberg have bin turned down by the GM and by a chance of about 95% Stefan Liv will be the starter (unless Tellquist plays out Belfour… fat chance that, that will happen this sesson.). Stefan Liv whom have enjoyed a fantastic season in Sweden and have in a Brodeurian fashion played ALL the games this season, it has gone so far that the Blue Bulls GM Dag Lasrsson sent the back up Bosse Ahl to the minors, leaving the team with only one goalie from time to time.

The defense looks as stacked as ever, bare in mind that if any of the d-men ends up on the injury list coach Hardy Nilsson still have names like Per Gustavsson, Fredrik Oalusson, Kenny Jönsson, Henrik Tallinder, Markus Ragnarsson, Pierre Hedin, Niklas Kronwall and Tommy Alberlin to put up… I see no flaw there.

What might be a flaw in the Swedish armor is the offense. Shure there is players like Forberg, Sundin, Näslund, Zätterberg and Alfredsson but I share would like to see two or tree more players like them in the line up. Will Jörgen Jönsson play instead of Andreas Johansson I mean it can be good to have the (c)apitano in the lineup.

And here are my predictions for the lines

Sundström, Sundin, Holmström

Zetterberg, Forsberg, Nilsson

Huselius, Nylander/Johansson or Jönsson, Näslund

Axelsson, Hagosh, Alfredsson

Sundin will demand to play with Holmström and Sundström and Hardy Nilsson will not say no corse he know what that trio can do.

Z:ta and Foppa plays great together but will need a bodyguard and there Marcus Nilsson will fit right in, unless Hardy Nilsson thinks it’s to risky to have mr: fight club in the second line.

Huselius, Nylander and Näslund are all offensive speedsters that can shock the other team, but they are all offensive players and it could be a good thing have a ultra defensive player like Jörgen Jönsson I a line like that.

Axelsson and Alfredsson will ad a good scoring touch to the potential star Yared Hagosh whom is an excellent play maker…

So there you have it… Thoughts?

*Note: Please don’t drag the name Henrik Lundqist in to this discussion. He is now on his first season as a starter and many beleafes where confirmed… He is a great backup goalie but he will never stand a 50 game season. He have bin lousy this season and many thinks that he was riding on the great streak that the great Förlunda had last season and the great starter Norena.

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  1. distance7 says:

    Sweden always has an amazing roster. But the goaltending is the question again. Don’t you think you’ll probably see Salo there again, his play is improving and maybe he’s finally not a headcase. And what about Forsberg? Are you sure he’ll play? He’s talking about retiring after this season…you never know I guess. Very good post.

  2. Wills says:

    Good article. Does anyone know where you can find stats on this goaltender Stefan Liv? I think I heard he was a Wings prospect.

  3. swedishvoice says:

    Liv is better than Salo and Salo was sacked by Hardy Nilsson and than sayed he’ll never play for him again…. Hell Liv is coached by the dominator himself and better than him at this time…. I think the only reson he is not the starter for the wings now is that the Wings have the Dominator and Cujoke in the line up… and that he will never play in northamerika unless it’s the NHL…

    Forberg will not retire… he will on the other hand move back to sweden and play for MODO together with Näslund… and Lidas probably on his last NHL seson aswell.

  4. jerzjayme says:

    Team Season GP GPI SOG GA GAA SVS% SO

    HV 71 99-00 27 12 309 25 2,09 91,91 0

    HV 71 00-01 49 46 1287 127 2,70 90,13 4

    HV 71 01-02 41 38 1008 95 2,61 90,58 4


  5. swedishvoice says:


    Prospect!!! his already in the top 10 in the world rankings (that includes all NHL goalis to)…

  6. Treva says:

    What about the Sedin’s, both of whom are having decent seasons, despite fan bitching. They play an excellent game down low and have a fair plus minus.

  7. swedishvoice says:

    This seson he have played 37 of 37 games and his stats are like this…

    GP 37

    GAG 2,02

    S% 92,93

    Minuts played 2225:50

    GA 75

    SO 4

    *The Goals aganst is VERY low for Sweden.

  8. swedishvoice says:

    I agree, but the other names is just better.. or?

  9. Habfanforever says:

    I really don’t see anything wrong with the offence. Ouch

  10. Treva says:

    I would say Hank (Henrik) would be a decent 4th line center who recently is on 6 game point streak. Against Anahiem he made giguere look stupid on a break away. Dan Sedin is as good Ekman, Arvedsson or Nilson or better.

    See how they do in the training camp.

  11. spazmainia13 says:

    Forsberg is talking about retiring but just from the NHL. He would then apparentley play in Sweden where he would make around the same amount of money he does here anyway.

    They were talking about this at the beginning of the season.

  12. spazmainia13 says:


    this is in reference to your post distance7

  13. SwiftLEAF says:

    If only Estonia had a hockey team…

  14. habs_punk says:

    sorry, i havent payed attention too much to the swedes in int’l play lately, do sundstrom, sundin, and holmstrom usually play on the same line? cuz personally i’d think sundin would more likely be wanting to play on the line of some players with higher end skills, like naslund, huselius, or zetterberg. sundstroms been somewhat of a defensive forward for the habs, hes only got 5 goals and 6 assists this year in 38 games

  15. Primis says:

    I’ve had Sweden penned in as my favorite for a while now.

    A quick look at the above roster really reminded me of why — European hockey has changed and the Swedes in particular are capable of playing a much-more-physical game. Without losing any skill to boot.

    Plus they’re a bit younger on avg. than most rosters. You’re right though, goaltending is in question (as it has been for a while now). And I’d agree that it may very well all fall on Liv (as a Wings fan I’d hope he does well though).

    Be afraid though Canada. Be very afraid.

    — Primis.

  16. rojoke says:

    I’m glad your roster got posted before mine did. There was a major mistake in it, which can now remain between me and them. If the admins got mine first and held it, thanks a bunch. I REALLY appreciate it.

    So here’s my roster. For the first time, officially.

    Naslund – Forsberg – Alfredsson

    Modin – Sundin – Holmstrom

    Axelsson – Zetterberg – Dackell

    Arvdeson – Nylander – Weinhandl

    Lidstrom – Johnsson

    Nortstrom – Ragnarsson

    Ohlund – Tjarnqvist

    Salo, backed up by Tellqvist and Hedberg

    under 22 – Freddie Sjostrom F; Martin Samuelsson F.

    I didn’t include the Sedins because I really don’t think they could handle not playing on the same team, and I’d hate to pick one over the other.

    I’m joking about the Sedins. Don’t start hating.

  17. swedishvoice says:

    Sundström, Sundin, and Holmström is usaly the mother line, the A-line for team Sweden. Sundström is a good defensiv forward but unforunatly he (and PJ Axelsson) are two sweeds that have bin used wrong in the NHL. They are boath good, speedy snipers whom can score alot…

    I rember the old A-line from JWC some years ago.

    Sundröm, Forsberg and Näslund… the highest scoring line in JWC history…

  18. swedishvoice says:

    Dakell and Weinhandl will not be in the line up, or as extras… Jörgen Jönsson on the other hand will be along with Huselius and Nilsson.

    Nilsson will be guarding Foppa but not play all the time on Foppas line… Nilsson is a real badass when is comes to international play, and I think Hardy Nilsson will use him with causion, corse he’ll probably pic a fight and gets a game missconduct… Last WC he played two games got two game missconducts and send one finn to the hospital…

    And oh yee…. The first line will be Sundin, Holmström and Sundström.

  19. swedishvoice says:

    Naaa we miss one more superstar to realy sweep with teams Canada or Slovaka. I see no problem for Sweden to beat teams like the US, Chech or Russia…. But Sweden, Canada and Slovakia are a good top of the cream.

  20. swedishvoice says:

    Well Liv is better than Salo… But his no Marty yet…

    Think it will be betewan Sweden, Canada or Slovakia..

  21. swedoman says:

    Get real. The fact is that Liv hasn’t shown enough brilliance to equal or surpass Salo yet. He might surely prove himself later on but for now, Salo is the greater of the two.

    That said, I do recognise the fact that we do not need a goaltender in goal that is slipping and that is “over the hill”. Hockey is not about what you have done in the past, it’s about performing here and now. And if Salo is not up to par when the time comes for selecting the team, leave him on the outside looking in. No pardon!

    And no – Liv can’t go from the swedish elitserie to be a starter for a stanleycup-budding-team. As it is in Detroit, all their 3 starters are better. Nothing else indicates otherwise at the present time. And no – with the strongest likeliness, he can’t mold directly into a No1-nhlgoalie right away. Every non-nhlgoalie has to learn the positioning, the angles, the shots and so on when they play the smaller rinks. There will be no exception for Liv.

    I interpret most of your thinking as predictions rather than fact.

    Nice main article though!

  22. swedoman says:

    His salary in the NHL right now is probably over 10 times bigger than he would make in Sweden in my estimates.

    He now makes 90 million swedish krona. I doubt that he would make more than 9 million swedish krona per year in sweden.

    best, swedoman

  23. Aetherial says:

    IMHO, only Canada has a scarier roster than Sweden. They are VERY solid and perhaps the most solid team at the center position, which is key.

    You only have to question the goaltending, which is also a key. Tellqvist may actually start and he *can* steal games, but he is still young.

    I really believe it is Canada, Sweden, USA, Russia in that order, with the Canada Sweden USA being prety much interchangeable.

    Should be fun!

  24. HabsNick says:

    The Swedes have an amazing roster and if they’re well seeded, could easily make it to the finals. Their only weakness could be goaltending, but that’s asking to just name a flaw on a seemingly perfect product.

    I’ll back swedishvoice on Nicklas Sundstrom being able to easily put up numbers and playing on a first line even on such a good team. He has such amazing hockey sense and positioning to make up for his pretty standard shooting ability.

    I’ll say though, that he is not misused in the NHL as his positioning makes him an extremely valuable defensive forward. I for one am very glad that he’s playing for the Habs as he’s a big part of our success, and the reason why our checking line works so well.

  25. swedishvoice says:

    No Canada, Sweden, Slovakia….. the Slovakian team is scary to…. especialy up front….

    I think Liv will be the starter not Tellan…

  26. swedishvoice says:

    I’ll be happyer if you trade him to the swamp…. Lou can give you Asmusson and Steavenson for him *lol*.

  27. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    As always Sweden will be a dominant force. I’m surprised that people seem to give up on Salo. I don’t know much about the other goalies you mention. I agree with your forward lines except for the defense where i think Kenny Jonsson of the Islanders could make it.

    Do you think Sweden will try to use that “torpedo” system on the smaller north american ice surface? They were kicking ass at the Olympics even outplaying Canada 5-2 in the opening with a clever offensive creativity….until the Belarus game which was a fluke really

  28. swedishvoice says:

    It’s caled “Big Ice Hockey” not torpedo… No they won’t corse they can’t… It builds on passing over ALL the ice so the sytem is useless with the redline offside… Don’t know what system they will use but they will play ultra ofensiv… spare no pwder on shooting.

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