World Cup Roster

As reported on the TSN website:

“Hopefully, he’ll be ready for the World Cup,” Brodeur tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “If I have a chance to play, I’d love to be able to play with him again.”

That’s MB talking about 66 of course. Which brings us to the question: If Team Canada was to select it’s roster today, just who’d be on it? Here’s my thoughts….


Martin Brodeur

Jose Theodore

Roberto Luongo


Rob Blake

Chris Pronger

Sheldon Souray

Bryan McCabe

Ed Jovonovski

Scott Niedermayer



Joe Sakic

Joe Thornton

Mike Ribeiro





Rick Nash




Glen Murray

Martin St. Louis

An injection of young blood mixed with greatness would make for a winning team. Gotta run. Feel free to criticize the picks. many things will change twixt now and the actual selection camp anyway.



should be a 7th D…

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  1. habs_punk says:

    i posted before, ribeiro is, i believe, tied for 4th among Canadian centres in scoring. he isnt that far off, a good second half of the season and he may end up getting the call.

    and souray, well considering half a season is all we have to go by right now….. and ‘overacheiving’ is not hte right word, he’s having a career year, but with that shot he has, its not a fluke, not to mention the guy is pretty darn big. so lets see, a big physical defenseman that is leading all defensemen in scoring…….. i can’t see why canada would even consider him

    if heatley can play, and if theres no lingering effects from the injury, he’ll definately be there

    francis….. pretty old….. i dont know, he wouldnt be a bad choice, i just think there’s better choices

  2. kovalev says:

    You would have Joseph or Theodore

    McCabe or Souray

    Gary Roberts???

  3. mojo19 says:

    ribeiro??? why?

  4. nocuphere says:

    Souray is a legitimate defenseman in this league, and selecting him shouldn’t be questioned, but Mike Ribiero is a long way yet from being one of the of the best 13 forwards in this country. He’s good but he has done nothing for an extended period of time. Couple of years of playing like he is and i’d agree.

  5. kovalev says:

    Foote has already been on the Canadian roster

  6. kovalev says:

    he’s having a good year, you gotta admit to that

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