World Cup Selection.

Ok this is just for fun. It is a game for fun. Really to stop the constat hatred on the site and have a little fun.What happens is everyone picks there favourite international team, and chooses a team for them. The rules are, no one can turn you down and none of them are hurt. So this is basically to find out the ultimate international team.

My selection.



Iginla/ Sakic / Tanguay

St. Louis / Lecavalier / Richards

Heatley/ Thornton / Bertuzzi

Nash /Lemieux / Smyth

Nieuwendyk / Primeau / Murray

Pronger / Blake

Neidermayer / Jovanovski

MacInnis / Aucoin

Hannan / Souray



Cujo (he really has become under rated look at his playoff stats)

Critisize if you want. I am almost positive I left some one great out, and I really don’t think I should have left out Shanahan Kariya or Yzerman.