Would Crosby Look Good in the Big Apple? McKenzie Also Agrees with Me. And, Is a

New draft lottery system idea could send Crosby to Manhattan. How would Crosby look in a Rangers uniform?

McKenzie and I agree many times, and I like his work during the March Trade Deadline week. Guess what, we agree again!

And, a hockey site that says a “deal is done”. Am I going to blast the site or applaud it?Thank God it’s Friday and good Friday to all. Not that it really matters if it’s Friday for me. I am in Florida, sunny, breezie, and I am on vacation. It’s Friday everyday.

Anyway, so the latest on the draft is that much hyped Sydney Crosby may end up a Ranger. Here is the article explaining about the draft idea:


Here is the key point on the article: If you’ve missed the playoffs three times in the last three years, you get three balls in the bingo machine. That’s Columbus, Buffalo, Atlanta, Florida, Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers.

Now, where would Crosby fit best? Obviously I’d love to see the guy on the Rangers, but remember that I am not sold on this hot prospect yet. I’m quite interested in US born defenseman Jack Johnson, who the Rangers need.

But getting back to Crosby, I would think that (unbiased opinion) Crosby would look great with the Rangers. The reason? Not so much for the idea that the Rangers get an amazing youngster, I am talking about the idea that Crosby gets major attention and hockey will get major attention once again.

You see, all these great skilled players like Kovalchuk, Heatley, and even Rick Nash, don’t get the attention they deserve. I am not talking about “fame”, I am talking about capturing sports fans interest in the sport of hockey. No one will ever see Nash and Kovalchuk everyday. Atlanta and Columbus are new pro hockey cities, and quite unnoticed by the sport media.

So going back in 1994, the Rangers were a major factor for hockey’s great economical status. The NHL was even emerging as a real top sport in the USA. Every successful New York team will get the nation’s attention, and I believe this is exactly what the NHL needs.

I would not brag about the Rangers getting Crosby. I seriously am not sold on this guy yet, just like I have debated that Malkin will turn out better than Ovechkin.

I think talented hockey players deserve to get noticed, and all hockey stars in the past improved the state of hockey because they were making major headlines. If Crosby turns out to be the player he is expected to become, and he is with the Rangers, there is no doubt in my mind that it will make a huge difference fot the NHL.

Forget the “but the Rangers can’t produce prospects”. Leave that crap behind because thus far they’ve done good drafts and are currently rebuilding.

Would Crosby be greatly appreciated in Atlanta? I doubt he would end up there in the first place. Get real, how many all star players can Atlanta get? Kovalchuk, Heatley, soon Lehtinen, and now Crosby? Not gonna happen.

Columbus? Nash and Zherdev….they had their picks of Klesla and Leclaire as well.

Penguins got Fleury and Malkin in the past two years, and get real….as if they could really sign Crosby?

Florida would be a sweet deal as Crosby would thrive with the Panthers and coach Martins. But, he won’t make a difference to hockey there.

The Blackhawks? I could see it happen too, but where are they exactly going anyway? They have no bright future.

I say the Rangers will be a fine fit for Crosby, and Crosby as a Ranger would me an impact for the NHL, if he meets expectations.

McKenzie: “Marathon Meeting a Positive Sign”

Yes it is Bob! Thank you for finally catching that. Basically McKenzie shares similar opinions that I expressed in my previous article regarding the meetings. And for real, I truly believe this is all positive. It does make me wonder that something good is going on when two sides meet for long hours on consecutive days.

I’ll restate my message to all you hockey fans, which is…. keep you eyes open, and be optimist about these meetings. It’s bad enough that we all listen to the bad news in the world and ignore the good news, let’s not do it with the game we love.

I’m glad McKenzie and I agree, these meetings have been positive and a deal may happen quite soon…

……or is it already done?

Going around, and spotting this hockey link on wowhockey.com, HockeyNations.com reports that their sources say that a deal has been reached, and the next couple of weeks or so will be the “finalizing process”.

Now, would I blast this site for making such a risky report, or applaud it? I’m applauding it. I may be naive and taking my optimism to extremes here, but I’ve been saying that these meetings have been fishy and something is going on. I would NOT be surprised if a deal has actually been reached, or at least the basics of the deal.

I’ve already contacted HockeyNations.com’s main guy, and it looks to be quite possible that a deal is done, as his sources say. Sources are always risky, we know so, and yes…it’s not easy to trust websites for inside sources. But, I am willing to gamble here and accept the rumor, or fact, that a deal is done and soon it will be finalized.

It is just very hard for me to believe, as a matter of fact, that these two sides have been meeting for long extensive hours and come up with nada. It’s just not possible in my world. You do not stay in a room for about ten hours and come up with little or nothing. Now, I know today’s meeting has ended without any convincing information that a deal is done, but nothing specific has been said.

And again, no one is truly saying that it’s all 100% over. What HockeyNation.com believes is that their sources say that both the NHL and NHLPA have agreed on the main issues. And I think that is likely possible. Those “philosophical” differences are no more.

So….it is up to you, the reader, to feel optimistic about this, or to just ignore it and say “i’ll believe it when I see it”, which is what I expect. I am not believing in this 100%, but I do believe that HockeyNation’s sources have got the info that basically says “they got the basics right, now it’s just finishing up the details”. How long will that take? Who knows, but these guys are getting somewhere as they keep having these long hour meetings.

I am crossing my fingers and I have no fear of trusting the NHL and the NHLPA once again. And, I have no fear of showing it either.

Thank you all,

Micki Peroni


24 Responses to Would Crosby Look Good in the Big Apple? McKenzie Also Agrees with Me. And, Is a

  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I posted that link on Wowhockey, and as I said. I think it’s retarted.

  2. rojoke says:

    I like the Hockey News’ suggestion of a few weeks ago. They suggested that the record for each team over the past three seasons be the basis for ranking each team. The bottom five teams would get an equal chance at winning the lottery and earning the first overall selection. According to their numbers, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Columbus, Washington and Carolina would have a 6% chance of winning the lottery. It would only take into account regular season records, not playoffs.

    If you wanted to take the playoffs into account, there could be a way to do it. Here’s how you could do it.

    Combine the regular season records for each team over the last three years. This would be the ultimate draft order for the 2005 draft. In order to determine the order for the first round, each team would start with 13 chances to win the first round lottery. But first, teams would lose a chance for every round they had won over the last three playoffs. It would ensure that each team would have at least one chance in the lottery.

    Or, they could do as they’ve always done. Give everyone an equal chance at the lottery, but no team could move up more than three spots in the draft order.

  3. ranger_fan says:

    I will start of with this source. It is very possible they have agreed on a couple of concepts, but we wont see anything struck until early september or even further. I’ve heard there is a cap for a team by team basis.

    As far as Crosby, I think that there have to be more factors. Guys who have left because of this lockout. Steve Yzerman, Messier (hopefully) should all be taken into consideration and should be giving a little weight in all of this.

    I will say if Crosby goes to NY for hockey, I’ll dislike hockey. No one should get the “next Wayne” People’s careers end in NY. I think the kid will not even get 500 goals in his career if he is in NY. If you look at scorers in NY, their totals aren’t as high. Tom Renney is an inexperienced head coach, a DEFENSIVE COACH! I’d love Crosby in LA Chicago ( if Weirtz is forced to sell) or NY if its a random draw.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He should go to LA dammit. LA has a huge population, but California hasn’t been hockey crazy since…hm… oh ya.. THE LAST ONE!

  5. Flyers_01 says:

    An interesting point is made in this article .. http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/3629412


    They point to the fact that last week’s meetings — as well as those on Tuesday and Wednesday — focused, in part, on findings of a report by former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt.

    Released in February 2004, The Levitt Report said only 11 of 30 teams turned a profit in 2002-03.

    When I interviewed Levitt last winter on MSG Network’s SportsDesk, he made it clear that he had offered to sit down with NHLPA leaders and thoroughly explain his methods, conclusions and answer any questions.

    “They refused,” said Levitt.

    However, now the report is being studied in depth by the union.

    “What took them so long to get around to this?” an NHL negotiator asks out loud. “If they had done this when we had asked them, so much time would have been saved.”


    Basically what this tells me is that the NHLPA has basically been stalling and not entering into real negotiations at this point, not budging from their .. give us what we want or we’ll sink the league attitude fostered by Goodenow. It is just inconceivable that IT TOOK A LOST SEASON FOR THE NHLPA to FINALLY LOOK AT THE FINANCES.

    That just blows my mind along with the “it’s not our problem” stance the PA has had. Personally I don’t care if I see any of the current NHL “stars” again, they can play in europe to feed their dogs. I would pay to watch the Phantoms in Flyers jerseys. It ticks me off I can’t watch them in the AHL playoffs right now. One argument with that is .. why would I pay NHL money to see AHL games, probably because if Jeff Carter and Mike Richards are on the Flyers they won’t be at the AHL games, and frankly NHL games haven’t been that hot the last few years, I blame guaranteed contracts the most. Take away guaranteed contracts and you’ll take away guys who just go through the motions until their contract year.

    Regardless of what I think, we’ll probably be playing hockey again this fall with a horribly complicated cap system that the players can exploit so as to make it meaningless so that both sides can declare a win.

    While I support the Flyers, I can’t abide the players and their dogs who support Goodenow and believe the quality of hockey being played in the AHL this year has surpassed the quality of play in the NHL the last few years.

  6. mikster says:

    So what you’re saying, in regards to when you said “combine the reg-season records….” is that we take the average of the points, from each team, in the past three or four years, and create a draft list like that?

    I’d think that’s a fair way to do it. I’m actually going to compute that later today, see where the teams rank.

    I’d still say that the NHL would benefit with Crosby as a Rangers, also because any other team who has a chance of getting Crosby does not have a bright future as far as signing him to keep him on the team. Rangers at least have the resources to keep Crosby for years.

    I thikn the NHL just has to make a big comeback splash, and Crosby as a Ranger would do it.

  7. mikster says:

    I think they will struck a deal right before the scheduled Entry Draft.

    I also think that Yzerman, Messier, and others of that level have nothing to do with Crosby. They should have zero say.

    So basically what you are saying is if Crosby goes to your team, the Rangers, then you will dislike hockey?

    You’re not making any sense.

  8. ranger_fan says:

    If he is handed to the Rangers I wont. If there is some method in which the Rangers have the best chance, and get him, or even if they have the 2-6th best odds, Ill approve. But if Bettmans does it to save hockey, Ill hate it. A franchise player shouldnt be just given to a team. Does that make any sense?

    And Im saying teams that lost players that retired due to no season, should have a better odd, or compensation.

  9. Serdy says:

    There are both advantages and disadvantages of Crosby going to any of these teams. When Gretzky went to LA, that started a major hockey buzz down there. The reason for this is because of name recognition. Crosby will not have that, maybe up north hes basically a household name, but down south im sure almost nobody has heard of him. I say follow the formula that works, send him to a northern, successful team, and then ship him down south once he has made an impact in the league. But if he is nothin extraordinary, and by that i mean like 130 or so point a year guy, he will do nothing.

  10. mikster says:

    Well he won’t just give him to the Rangers, he can’t do that. But with that new system of a draft, i won’t be surprised if the Rangers get him.

  11. Flyers_01 says:

    I really think the extra bingo balls is not a really well thought out idea and i’ll tell you why. With the exception of the Rangers the plans of the teams are directly responsible for them missing the playoffs, not only that, many of these teams already get top 5 draft picks year after year. Let me explain. Take Atlanta, Columbus, and Pittsburgh, annual competitors for the first overall pick. What this means are all these teams are loaded with potential stars all of whom were taken 1st overall, 2nd overall, 3rd overall or 4th overall. These teams already have the sky is the limit potential players by virtue of tanking their seasons. Yes, they sabotage their seasons and I’ll tell you why, because it makes financial sense for them and the fans support it. As soon as a team says it is going to “build through the draft”, that means the team will field a young cheap team for a few years, and likely be in the running for the first overall pick while they do it, all the while telling the fans to support them. For the owners there’s no incentive to field a competitive team until the fans stop coming, only at that point do they try to figure out if they have the right “core” for their future. Nashville for instance, made no effort to field a competitive team until people stopped coming to the games. Columbus was content to pick high as long as the fan support was there. My point is, building through the draft is good if it’s a mean to an end and not just an end unto itself. Eventually fans will stop waiting to see if this year’s top 5 overall draft pick will be the next superstar the team’s PR department makes him out to be.

    My point is this does a team with Kovalchuk, Heatley, and Stefan (all #1 or #2 overall picks) among others deserve a better chance in this year’s draft than teams actually trying to win the cup every year? Under the old CBA the answer would be YES, this year is unique however. The perennial cellar dwellers weren’t allowed to jockey for the first overall pick as they normally do. This is the year that every team deserves and equal shot. Does anyone really think Atlanta deserves yet another #1 overall? I mean, how many top 2 picks does a team get before people stop feeling sorry for it?

    Many of these teams have their marketable stars for the future, multiple top 5 picks who will be the face of their teams. The teams that deserve the best chance at this chance, if their is any weighting going on, are the teams who haven’t had top 10 picks in recent years, to give them marketable faces for their teams for upcoming years. Other than the rangers, not a single cellar dweller can claim need.

    As far as the league is concerned, It would be best if Toronto or the Rangers got Crosby, mainly from a national media point of view not to mention their farm systems are relatively weak.

  12. mikster says:

    Rangers farm system is definitely not weak.

  13. nordiques100 says:

    whomever gets crosby should sign tyson nash and scott young so that they can put a line out there of:

    crosby, nash and young

    too bad there is no one named stills in the NHL LOL

  14. rojoke says:

    Not the average of the three seasons, but the total of the three seasons. You could even go back as far as five seasons, but you would have to adjust the chances at winning appropriately.

    The NHL would definitely benefit if Crosby was drafted by a large market US team, be it New York, LA, or Chicago even. The Blackhawks have been suffering under the Wirtz regime for the last few years, so much so that the AHL Wolves are giving them a run for the money. Getting Crosby could put the team back into the top three sports teams in that market.

  15. rojoke says:

    Sign Cory Stillman, lose Scott Young. Then you’d have the “Crosby, Stills and Nash” line.

  16. nordiques100 says:

    hey that is a great idea. neil young did leave the group anyway LOL

  17. rojoke says:

    It would be best if Toronto or the Rangers got Crosby, mainly from a national media point of view

    Are you kidding? The CBC already has its corporate nose firmly planted up the Leafs posterior. TSN is still at the hand-holding stage, as they are willing to at least acknowledge that there are two other teams in the Eastern time zone.

  18. hockeyhead says:

    chris bermans everywhere

  19. dlo44 says:

    forget about makenzie, you should write for tsn.

  20. nordiques100 says:

    Boomer is great. NFL primetime is the best highlight show around.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    i can see why youhave your doubts about sid. it has much to do with the refs in jr letting anyone get away with hooking, holding, hacking, slashing, tripping, punching you name it on crosby. it was a disgrace last night and it looks like crosby isnt that great. but when two guys are draped all over you or you are tripped or hit from behind and no penalty is called, any player would look bad. and sid didnt look great and still was on the ice for all 4 rimouski goals. he was still creating, producing, and being dangerous.

    rule changes will let players like crosby put up huge numbers. hopefully the NHL will toss out the traditionalists and make some good changes to the game.

    it gives all the more reason to reduce roster size to like 15 skaters rather than 18. nobody pays 100 bucks to sit in the premium seats to watch wade belak or clarke wilm or tom fitzgerald or garry valk play every 4th shift and waste 10-15 minutes of good hockey with them on the ice. we want to see sundin and more sundin.

    there is for sure enough talent to fill 20 man rosters for all 30 teams if you take into account the young players not in the nhl that all teams have. but considering the fringe player has great importance now to check other teams to death so that their own team can roll 4 lines they make it and a young kid with jagr like offensive skill but sergei berezin like defensive skill gets banished to the minors.

    the garry valks of the world hook, hold, slash, trip every shift. now really how can a ref call penalties every 2 minutes on the same players? this is why these guys get a million dollars because they do their job of getting away with penalties so well. nothing gets called, these players look good and all teams buy into it and restrict players to 25 second shifts and have almost equal ice time for everyone.

    do red sox fans come and see kevin youkulis play when he will probably hit about .240 with 5 homers and 26 RBI for the whole season or do they want to see manny ramirez every day rack up 50 homers and 100s of RBIs?

    do the packer fans want to see the guy holding the clip board throw incomplete passes every attempt and fumble even the simplest of plays or do they want to see brett favre dissect a defense with his laser beam passes?

    do the suns fans want to see their 12th man miss layups and double dribble/travel every play or do they want to see the MVP steve nash amaze us?

    we want to watch the forsbergs, sundins, sakics, corsbys play and play lots. back in the day coaches like imlach and blake were using 3 lines and 4 defensemen and goalies were playing without masks and real good backups. players were taking 2 minute shifts. there is absolutely no way a team could put out it’s checking line that cant score out against sundin every shift if sundin is playing 30-35 minutes a game and which would leave say a bunch of scorers like jagr and fedorov on the bench. all the stars before were playing all situations. now all teams have specialists and use them extensively.

    with a smaller roster we would see more tired players, resulting in more mistakes and many more chances. we would get our money’s worth seeing the stars for at least half the game.

    it is just a thought, but crosby or gretzky or anyone of that has been so highly touted in junior will never succeed in the check first clarke wilm favoured NHL.

    notice how in the olympics when canada’s best were up against america’s best. it was terrific hockey cause there was no inferior talent on either side. it was best on best and the talented ones got to show their stuff.

  22. Aetherial says:

    A toronto radio station had a broadcast describing why Crosby should be a Maple Leaf. They had all these reasons how a star like that is best served in the biggest hockey market.

    I totally disagree.

    Toronto will watch the leafs and support them, with or without Crosby.

    The Heydays of the NHL though were when Messier was in NY and they were on their way to becoming champions.

    So, while I hate the Rangers, Crosby going there is the best thing that can happen to the league.

    Get Los Angeles a top propect (is Corry Perry Drafted?) and you are all set.

    If the NHL ever wants a national TV deal it needs a real strong market and buzz in New York first and foremost!

  23. adambuffalo says:

    LA should have gotten someone like Gomez or Fernandez. Not to stereotype, but there is a large spanish community and having a few spanish players on their team may draw more fans. Look at their baseball team or MLS team. They have a very large number of people with spanish decent on those teams, and tend to draw large crowds. As much as I would hate to see it, I think Crosby should go to a team that has struggled the most financially (by this I mean one of the Canadien markets who have continued to struggle….Not TO!) If i’m not mistaken, teams like Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver continue to lose money and could use a big draw.

  24. Aetherial says:

    Teams like Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary are not suffering too badly in terms of who they are drawing.

    He needs to go to a U.S. city where the market is weaker.

    Edmonton Calgary and Vancouver will be stronger because of the healthier Canadian dollar and a more sensible CBA.

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