Would Souray be a better forward than a defensman?

I am not optimistic that Bob can sign Souray…but if he did, I think he would make a better forward. If he could get 64 pts as a defender he may be able to put up even better numbers up front. He could still quarterback the PP and he wouldn’t be such a liability on D. (He would also and grit)

On the free agent topic, I think that the habs should try and pursue Hamerlik and/or Salo. These guys can be had for approximately 4.0M a piece…much better Dmen than Souray. They had a + 22 & + 21 respectively.

As for forwards… Ryan Smyth could be had for 6.0-6.5M. Maybe too much for a 65-70 pts player. A better option would be to trade for Marleau. Now before you guys kill the idea…keep in mind that trading Marleau would free up a lot of cap space for San Jose to go after other free agent centers. If Bob could trade Ryder & Halak for him… I say do it. San Jose gets another goal scorer to completent Jumbo Joe, a good backup if they trade one of there starters. and cap space. Montreal would finally get a true No.1 center. (thow in a draft pick if need be, we have 2 first rounders)

It’s my first time boys, so take it easy on me. Let me know what you think.

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  1. CaptainAvery says:

    Good article, it all makes sense to me and would benefit the team, only one problem, Souray is gone and he ain't coming back, so hopefully we scoop up Salo, Hamrlik, or some proven defencemen to fill Souray's departure.

  2. Glucker says:

        People where saying the same about McCabe, me included, but these guys just take shots from the point, they dont go around the net, they don't fight in the corners, they try to get clear from traffic to take their shot, not what you want in a forward.
        Marleau is very talked about, especially to Montreal, and is rather likely to happen. Keep in mind though, Halak is not needed at all in SJS, they have Nabokov and Toskola… and Ryder doesn't compare to Marleau. With Rivet and Hannan getting ready for free agency, SJS would be looking for defensemen… maybe a sign and trade with Souray, although he isn't returning MTL's calls from what I've heard, maybe… (don't hurt me habs fans) Markov, maybe a package involving Komisarek… but in reality, SJS isn't looking for much more unless you send them Price, or 2009's first rounder, or something like that.

        Also, +/- is a bad stat to use… MTL was a horrible 5-on-5 team, by that logic, McCabe is better then Markov…WHICH we all know he isn't.

    I didn't take it really easy on you there, you got the right idea for Smyth, btw…
    Considering this is your first time, you did well, at least you didn't pull one of these:

  3. sakurulz says:

    hehehe it's a decent ANd funny post…..
    i always said throughout the season that Souray is in truth a forward who got transformed in a dman just because of his size..hehe!
    for the dmen, first of all,salo is already signed!
    2nd of all, instead of going after opld dmen, why not continue building with good young solid guys….so i'd try this…either go after rafalski at the big price,,….overpay him…somthing like 6M+…… if not,try to go with 2 guys like hannan/preissing who could still be a great 3/4 duo…..
    and with preissing, we continue building a solid andyoung core….

    also, if I was gainey, i'd try to unload kovy and dandenault….free up 6.225M cxombined ….if that could happen, mtl would have about 20M to sign 3 big players…2dmen and 1 forward(centerman)…….so it's worth it!

    concerning marleau, no thank you!
    paying the big price for a guy who could become UFA next summer isn't worth it……..

  4. Avim86 says:

    Ridiculous! Souray is long gone forget about him , he will test the free agent market. He is only good for quarterbacking the powerplay that is all and that is not worth over 4.5 million a year. We can get a 65 point scorer for less then 3 million , don't you find it ridiculous to sign this guy when he has a serious defensive problems. He is really slow at time and would not make a good forward.
    p.n : bonk johnson are not dead weight too all those that want them traded. They balance out our 3rd line. We can't let everyone from hamilton graduate , I dislike when people automaticly assume that a good player in the AHL , will dominate the NHL….

  5. Habs_to_the_top says:

    I totally agree.  I thought Johnson and Bonk played well last year.  Especially Bonk.  He should definetely be brought back.  Both played hard almost every shift.  AND, Bonk can start the game clean shaven and finish with a beard.  That's gotta be worth something…..

  6. Habs_to_the_top says:

    That's why you don't sign Marleau to a one year deal…………..

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