Would Souray be a better forward than a defensman?

I am not optimistic that Bob can sign Souray…but if he did, I think he would make a better forward. If he could get 64 pts as a defender he may be able to put up even better numbers up front. He could still quarterback the PP and he wouldn’t be such a liability on D. (He would also and grit)

On the free agent topic, I think that the habs should try and pursue Hamerlik and/or Salo. These guys can be had for approximately 4.0M a piece…much better Dmen than Souray. They had a + 22 & + 21 respectively.

As for forwards… Ryan Smyth could be had for 6.0-6.5M. Maybe too much for a 65-70 pts player. A better option would be to trade for Marleau. Now before you guys kill the idea…keep in mind that trading Marleau would free up a lot of cap space for San Jose to go after other free agent centers. If Bob could trade Ryder & Halak for him… I say do it. San Jose gets another goal scorer to completent Jumbo Joe, a good backup if they trade one of there starters. and cap space. Montreal would finally get a true No.1 center. (thow in a draft pick if need be, we have 2 first rounders)

It’s my first time boys, so take it easy on me. Let me know what you think.